Itch of genital warts: what to do if they badly scratched?

Зуд при кондиломах: что делать, если они сильно чешутся?When experiencing unbearable irritation from what is itching in any region of the body becomes not to jokes.

However, before I advise you to pay attention to the book «the Treatment of warts folk methods», which describes proven, traditional recipes against the disease.

Especially when it comes to intimate area. You can’t quietly go about their business, and in my head spinning one thought – how to get rid of this feeling. Today we will tell you why there is itching in the warts and how to cope with it.

What are the causes extreme discomfort

By themselves, the tumors do not cause any subjective complaints. Another thing, when they are damaged, which happens almost always.

The presence of different kinds of injuries leads to increased sensitivity of the mucous membranes. Against this background, there are often accompanying infection, such as candidiasis, gonorrhea, or trichomoniasis.

Which leads to damage

Sexual contact during the disease is usually painful and cause injury in the form of cracks or sores. They are formed on the surface of the genital organs and papillomas.

If there are growths of large size, they can interfere with even when walking. Constantly in contact with each other, neoplasms can cause inflammation.

Wrong underwear made of synthetic materials or are not of appropriate size, can be constantly rubbing. At first there is a redness, slight swelling, and then violated the integrity of the tissues.

Self-medicate with the use of chemical substances to burn. Then felt severe burning that caused surface damage.

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Why growths itchy

The presence of warts in the genital area often causes itching due to irritation of a different kind of biological discharge. Urine and feces that fall on tissue with impaired integrity that are sufficiently aggressive environment. Discharge from the urethra are acidic, which is very traumatic for the already damaged areas.

Зуд при кондиломах: что делать, если они сильно чешутся?The secret, which is produced by sebaceous and sweat glands, vagina, create the perfect conditions for the development of secondary infection. May occur as a specific disease caused by a gonococcus or Trichomonas and nonspecific, such as staph. In such a case are the causative agents of the disease cause a burning sensation.

Since the period of the disease there is increased local sensitivity, the use of the usual soap or gel for intimate hygiene may cause irritation. Possibly even the development of local allergic reactions.

If unpleasant growths on the skin occur in systemic diseases of the body, for example diabetes, it exacerbates the symptoms and complicate treatment. This disease is characterized by a high content of sugar in the blood. In this case, the slightest abrasion and damage accompanied by intolerable irritation of the skin.

The obstacle of the intimate life

But what do papillomas create an obstacle to sexual relations, they can cause more problems. Often women complain of itching in the vagina. Why does it occur?

The reasons are many. If flat warts detected at the surface of the vagina, the mechanical friction during sexual intercourse or sperm itself becomes the irritant. In addition, the natural acidic environment can corrode the open sores.

What should give pleasure not only brings positive feelings, but often causes negative feelings. Women nervous that violates the General condition of the body, often causing emotional distress.

What actions can be taken

One of the most important things that it is important to observe the presence of warts, you can call the need for careful personal hygiene products for getting rid of itching. Morning and evening it is important to wash the genitals with boiled water.

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You can also use decoctions of herbs, such as succession or elasticity. If necessary, a hygiene procedure can be performed several times a day. The towel should be soft, to dry the surface of the organs is gently absorbent movements.

Зуд при кондиломах: что делать, если они сильно чешутся?You should avoid everything that can damage education. Underwear should be made of quality materials, better natural origin, which is well breathable. It is important that she too was a tight fit, squeezing education.

In the days of menstruation, you need to change pads or tampons every four hours. This is necessary in order to avoid the development of infection. Because blood is a favorable environment for reproduction of microorganisms.

To relieve the symptoms of itching and burning can be applied ointment with soothing properties, treating their genital warts. On prescription used means of plant origin, which promote healing and relieve inflammation.

In the case of concomitant infection is serious about her treatment. Unpleasant symptoms will help to remove glucocorticosteroid money. Ingestion of sedatives to help relieve nervous tension.

But to get back to normal life and completely get rid of the undesired effects of entities you must remove them. Any method of treatment of warts can help to eliminate the cause of growths that unbearable itch.

If everything went smoothly after deleting

Almost any procedure immediately after. All the methods that involve cauterization of the tumor, left in place the impact of thin crust.

At first from it can go to the selection, as in the healing process actively involved the lymphatic system. Therefore, itching after will remove the warts, is the norm. These sensations indicate the normal healing process.

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If in addition to discomfort appear symptoms of redness, rash or bloody discharge abundant nature, you should seek the advice of. Timely taken measures will help to avoid serious complications in the treatment.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)