Itchy dermatitis: reviews and photos of people after treatment

Зудящий дерматит: отзывы и фото людей после леченияDear readers, welcome you! Today we are discussing the most painful subject — pruritic dermatosis. I will try to tell the essence of the disease, how to be treated and to live a life.

Briefly about the diseases in this group

Itchy dermatitis is not one disease. Experts have identified this group several dermatoses, which are accompanied by persistent itching. Often have to meet with eczema and neurodermatitis.


Зудящий дерматит: отзывы и фото людей после леченияEczema is one of the most common pathologies of the skin, it is diagnosed in 40% of cases.

In a smaller number of examples, it is classified as a chronic disease, in the majority of patients it occurs as an acute inflammatory process.

This disease is multifactorial. Among the endogenous causes can be called the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, neurogenic processes, metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders.

From external specialists give a large role of household chemicals, food, biological and bacterial factors.

But with all the interaction of factors in the first place is an allergic component. Eczema is divided into several types: true, microbic, children’s, professional.

Acute process is characterized by the presence of redness and the appearance of vesicles, pustules. The disease is accompanied by itching, scratching, formation on the ground scratching the oozing and crusts.

If the disease becomes chronic or subacute form, the patient even during remission there is itching, dry skin, erythema.

Over time you may notice discoloration of the skin, they become more rough, changes the pattern of the skin.

Occupies a special place children’s eczema. It is formed in place of atopic dermatitis, sometimes on their own.

You can often notice a combination of eczema bronchospasm, allergic conjunctivitis and hay fever.

How to get rid of itching?

Treatment of eczema depends on the stage form of the disease and its severity.

  • A systemic treatment. This therapy aims to Hypo — or desensitization. Necessarily appoint preparations of calcium, both parenteral and oral. These include calcium gluconate and calcium chloride. Also, patients are required to take sorbents: polifepan, enteros gel, smectite;
  • H-1 histamine blockers. From the first generation: promethazine, diphenhydramine, chloropyramine. 2 and 3 generation astemizole, loratadine, terfenadine. You can replace blockers H-1 histamine receptors with antiserotoninova activity, as well as stabilizers of membranes of mast cells: cyproheptadine, totapen;
  • Topical means. Local treatment will depend on the clinical picture. In the presence of moisture: a lotion of drugs such as silver nitrate, tannin, furatsilin, methylene blue and manganese, 2% boric acid and 0.5% resorcinol. The crust is applied aniline dyes: basic brilliant green and fukortsin. The presence of exsudate is shown such preparations: aerosol percolation, aekol, panthenol, levovinizol. For the formation of crusts use: 5% of ASD, zinc paste, with the addition of antibiotics, Ichthyol (2-5%), sulfur (2-5%), salicylic acid;
  • Steroid local. Specialist may prescribe one component of the ointment, and combined. For example, containing the antifungal agent and antimicrobial (when microbial eczema). Ointments are divided on the severity of the action. Examples: Cutivate, Lokoid, Elokom, Dermovate, Locacorten, Triderm and so on.
  • Atopic dermatitis

    Зудящий дерматит: отзывы и фото людей после леченияAtopic dermatitis is often called atopic dermatitis. Occurs in persons with atopy, a hereditary predisposition to the development of sensitization to a low dose of the allergen.

    Recent years indicate increased incidence, especially among women. This is attributed to the change of environment, type of food, shortening of lactation, vaccination.

    Form of atopic dermatitis: limited and diffuse. The lesions are covered with plaques, dry skin, the night itching becomes unbearable.

    Localization: posterior and lateral surface of the neck, the popliteal fossa and the elbow, face. Often, the process of inflammation becomes continuous, then talk about a diffuse form, or generalized neurodermatitis (shown in photo).

    Зудящий дерматит: отзывы и фото людей после лечения

    Patients present symptom of «polished nails» when the constant scratching nails become smooth with dull edges.

    What is the effectiveness of the treatment?

    The important role played by General activities:

  • Diet: elimination of spicy foods, smoked meats, chocolate, citrus fruits, eggs, broth, cocoa, whole cow’s milk;
  • The room where most often the patient is cleaned every day (wet cleaning), air. Unacceptable things: carpets, aquariums, pet dander, flowering plants;
  • Clothing comfortable, spacious, made of natural materials;
  • To stabilize the resting state, sleep, avoid stress;
  • Sanitize the foci of chronic infection.
  • Offer to watch a video where a woman talks about how she had been treated for the disease in your child:

    Therapy drugs

    In the first place are desencibilizirutee and psychotropic drugs.

    To eliminate the Allergy is prescribed blockers of the H-1 histamine receptors. It is best to use representatives of the 2nd generation (cethrin).

    If the worsening is accompanied by suppuration, prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics. According to the latest data in the treatment of atopic dermatitis successfully used immune drugs.

    Of importance are vitamins a and E. They are used in creams for the care of dry skin (Radovic).

    Topical drugs: tannin, resorcinol, boric lotion. Pasta is often prescribed on the basis of tar, naphthalene, ASD-3 fractions ihtiola.

    Sparingly used hormonal ointments. For the treatment of young children the recommended ointment on the basis of hormones. First and foremost, it is Advantan.

    Remember that the disease cannot be run, otherwise the subsequent treatment will take longer, and forecasts worse.

    At the end of the article also offers an interesting video where a doctor talks in detail about the disease:

    Take care, until next time!

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