Kolomak warts: how to use

Колломак от бородавок: способы применения средстваHello, dear readers. As you already know, warts is a skin disease caused by HPV.

To get rid of unpleasant growths need comprehensive treatment, including General health of the body and local use of various medications.

One such remedy is Colomac.

What this tool differs from the others and how they to be treated? This was and is our today’s article.

What is a drug?

Колломак от бородавок: способы применения средстваBefore using the drug Kolomak from warts you need to know it. So, it is a universal medicine which can dissolve the intercellular substance that holds epithelial tissue.

It is based on the action of salicylic acid, which has antimicrobial activity and has a keratolytic impact on the skin lesions.

In addition to salicylic acid in the composition Kolomaka include polidocanol and lactic acid. Thanks to the lactic acid the wart tissue are destroyed, and polidocanol relieve the affected area. Moreover, through its action prevents the recurrence of the disease.

Methods of application of medicine

Колломак от бородавок: способы применения средстваInstructions for use Kolomaka quite simple. It is used only externally. Enough to apply to the wart 1-2 drops of solution several times a day.

To continue such manipulation to completely get rid of build-up. Usually the result is visible already after 3-4 days.

The tool can be used to delete entities in children. Note that in this case, the daily dose of the solution should not exceed 1 ml.

If Kolomak is applied to the maximum dose (in children 1 ml daily, adults 10 ml), the duration of use should not be more than a week.

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In order to achieve faster result, you can before the procedure to steam the affected area in hot water to remove the Horny layer, and then apply the solution.

Preferably before beginning of the treatment to seek the advice of a specialist.

Special instructions

How to use Kolomaka to avoid unpleasant consequences?

  • Protect eyes and mucous membranes in the process of applying the medication. It is intended solely for external processing during the growths on the hands, feet and other parts of the body.
  • You can’t use the solution for the treatment of newborns and infants.
  • The tool can be applied to hairy warts, and birthmarks.
  • If you are expecting a baby, then the treated area by its area should not be more than 5 cm.
  • Try not to handle several plots and carry out the treatment gradually. If you will be able to identify and remove the mother wart, the subsequent papules can disappear after it.
  • If you treat education on the face or in the groin area, then lubricate healthy skin with petroleum jelly or fat cream, and then apply the drug. Because of this you will avoid burns and redness.
  • Side effects

    Колломак от бородавок: способы применения средстваAfter applying the medication you may feel a burning sensation, itching, redness in the area of localization of the entities. In addition, possible allergic rash.

    Contraindications to the use of Kolomaka

    You cannot use the solution in individuals with Allergy to salicylates, and children up to 1 year.

    The drug is contraindicated for those who suffer from renal insufficiency.

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    If you apply the medicine only externally, overdosing is impossible, even if you apply a large amount of fluid.

    In this case, may occur local reactions to eliminate that simply. It is enough to wash the skin, coated with the solution with plenty of water.

    If the drug is accidentally ingested, then you need to immediately rinse mouth and consult a doctor.

    Where to buy and how much is this tool?

    Represented the drug is sold in pharmacies. He is released without medical prescription. The price of it, for example, in Moscow starts from 281 rubles.

    Feedback after treatment

    Колломак от бородавок: способы применения средстваOf course, every body is different. Someone the medicine helped, but someone left them dissatisfied. However, according to the statistics on Kalamake left more positive reviews.

    Some after the first procedure, notice that the wart is white and like forks. Do not worry, this happens corrosion of the tissues.

    When re-applying the build-up will become increasingly smaller and will soon disappear. The spot remains a small spot, which soon will also pass.

    To someone enough one procedure to the wart disappeared completely. This occurs in the treatment of small papules. If you suffer from plantar or other extensive growths, the time you will need more.


    Now you know the principle of operation Kolomaka. To use it or not – you decide. Note that most other drugs have a sufficient number of contraindications and side effects.

    Moreover, there are few tools that can be used to treat warts in children. Even if you have opted for this medicine – contact the doctor who examines the build-up and will prompt how to be treated by Kolomaka. Be healthy!

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)