Kondilin when warts: does it use?

Кондилин при кондиломах: эффективно ли его применение?Hi friends. With you one of the authors of the website, the doctor-dermatolog Anna Derbeneva and today I will tell you about the drug called «Kondilin» and its effectiveness in combating warts.

Very often heard about this tool on the Internet, so let’s talk about it for more details.

Can medications to help in the fight against growths on the skin?

Is it as effective as surgical methods? Today we will learn the answers to these questions.

First, however, we advise you to pay attention to the wonderful book «the Treatment of warts folk methods» that will allow you to get rid of unpleasant entities for several months.

What is the drug

Kondilin when the warts is used widely and is a popular method. The active ingredient is represented purified alkaloid derived from the roots of wild plants, podofilla thyroid. Available in the form of an alcoholic solution of 0.5% concentration. Thanks to the standardized formula the amount of the substance in the product is always the same.

How is the therapeutic effect

Podofillotoksin penetrates education and exhibits cytotoxic activity. When the chromosomes in the nucleus must begin to share the manifested antimitotic effect of the alkaloid and the cell dies. Also inhibited the replication of the virus in the layers of the epithelium.

Because papillomas are prone to rapid increase in volume, the drug contributes to the necrosis of cells of the neoplasm, helping to remove it.

Rules for the use of

First of all, it is necessary to wash genitals with soap and water and dry them with a towel. Then apply the cream or vaseline on the healthy areas of the skin and mucosa, to avoid accidental damage. Hands also need a good wash. The preparatory phase is over.

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Кондилин при кондиломах: эффективно ли его применение?

In the kit the bottles included special adaptations for better application condyline. The applicators are manufactured with a recess on the end, which is filled with a solution that allows you to make application precise.

Dependent on the area affected may need to handle the proliferation of several tens of times in one application. In such cases it is impossible to exceed the daily dose which is 0.5 ml.

Use the medicine in the morning and evening three consecutive days. After that comes a break for four days. If necessary, the treatment is carried out up to five weeks in the same mode. Each time the applicator should be changed and hands thoroughly to handle with soap and water.

How safe is the method

By itself, the drug poses no threat. The main thing to observe rules that are stipulated in the instructions to the treatment condilion did not bring any harm.

Do not exceed the recommended dose because it can have systemic effects on the entire body. Possible manifestation of toxicity, and influence on organs, tissues which are prone to accelerated cell division.

If there is a random taking the drug orally, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Should wash out the stomach and to seek help from professionals.

The local application of a substance, the concentration of podophyllum in blood plasma is negligible. From the body it is excreted fairly quickly, has the properties to accumulate. This eliminates the risk of adverse reactions.

What’s the difference from the surgery

To deal with warts using the laser method, electrocoagulation can be difficult because of the cost of the procedure. Expensive equipment, the need for anesthesia makes priyanie not as available as chemical removal of the growths.

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Interference with the body through the use of high or low temperatures can leave behind scarring of the skin. Preparations for local application exclude this possibility.

Treatment growths using condyline often used for flat warts. Positive also believe the inability of the virus spreading to other parts of the body and in the environment.

The effective potential of the drug

Similarly, the action of the submitted drug has podophyllin. But there are distinctive signs. Analog in their properties inferior to the drug in such features:

  • Dependent on the used raw materials, the composition can vary.
  • Increased toxicity make it necessary to washout of the drug with water, a few hours after application.
  • The storage stability is low and after a couple of months, a decrease in medicinal properties.
  • Often there are side reactions.
  • Proven less efficient.
  • In some cases, indicated and contraindicated method

    Kondilin is used to treat genital warts located in the genital area, and the skin tumors is not used. It is effective when large volumes of tumors.

    You cannot apply this method to pregnant women, those who breast-feed, because of possible toxic effects on the body of the baby. Children also should not use the drug. If you are using any medications should consult with your doctor about the safe use of the solution.

    Contraindications include conditions after the application of surgical methods, because kondilin tends to be absorbed in increased amounts or cause an allergic reaction.

    Whether this treatment

    Getting rid of skin lesions by means of chemical methods is quite widespread because of their accessibility and good treatment advances. The drug is absolutely safe, if you follow all the rules for using has virtually no side effects.

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    The people who have tried kondilin for getting rid of growths on its experience in all its positive properties and leave only good reviews.

    Author: Anna Derbeneva