Kriofarma warts: detailed instructions for use

Криофарма от бородавок: подробная инструкция по применению средстваHello, dear guests of our website. We’ve already covered quite a lot of medications can help to deal with warts at home.

Yes, now the pharmacy shelves are full of different means of warts. They all have different properties, have their pros and cons.

I want to tell you about one drug. This spray Kriofarma. The medicine is very popular in the fight against skin growths.

What is a Kriofarma?

Криофарма от бородавок: подробная инструкция по применению средстваThis tool is of Japanese origin. It is a mixture of propane and DME alcohol. Sounds dangerous, you might think, because the propane is a gas.

Yes, that’s right, kriofarma is a liquid gas, which removes the warts by means of cryotherapy – freezing.

It is available in aerosol form. In the kit you will find a special sponge applicators for the safe conduct of all medical procedures.

How this drug works?

As mentioned above, warts are removed through freezing. Due to the low temperature kills the virus, after which the wart disappears.

It is worth noting that even some medical institutions use aerosol Kriofarma warts.

Of course, most of the clinics used for the treatment of liquid nitrogen, which operates at ultra-low temperatures of 196 degrees below zero, but the medication also copes with the task.

The benefits of this medication:

  • Skin lesions disappear for 10-15 days;
  • Due to the freezing of Cryothermal the skin does not remain scars and burns;
  • Use this medication even children from the age of 4;
  • Kriofarma will help to get rid of all types of growths, including plantar warts. Moreover, treatment are subject to the most inveterate of education.
  • The tool is quite simple to use. The set includes 12 applicators, so you can recover from a large number of growths.
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Usage instructions

Криофарма от бородавок: подробная инструкция по применению средстваOften enough to cause the Kriofarma once. Common warts will disappear in 10-15 days. If you have on the body are long-standing or large warts, they may require 2 to 4 sessions.

If after 15 days the wart still does not come down, the removal procedure can be repeated without any health risks.

After buying Cryothermy, be sure to read the instructions. The manipulation is very simple: remove from the packaging the drug inserted in the applicator holder to apply the medication to the affected area of the skin and to treat the wart.

Right after the procedure, just forget about the warts and soon she will disappear.

The effect of the drug on the tumors

Криофарма от бородавок: подробная инструкция по применению средстваAfter you attach the applicator to the wart, the tool immediately it will freeze, and before the Foundation. This might sting or tingle the skin is normally at a low temperature.

Also perhaps the skin a little white, but after loosening frozen, they will resume their former color.

Then, the treatment site will turn red and after a few days, under the knot is formed the blister. Under this blister will form healthy skin and the wart, after 2 weeks will disappear

The duration of treatment of warts of different sizes

Криофарма от бородавок: подробная инструкция по применению средстваOf course, for entities of different diameter and different exposure time.

Common and flat warts:

  • If you have a small narotic (to 2.5 mm), then process it takes about 10 seconds.
  • With medium-sized warts (from 2.5 to 5 mm) will be 15 seconds.
  • If you have large warts (5 mm), the procedure should be carried out within 20 seconds.
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As for the old, as well as plantar warts, for their complete removal takes at least 40 seconds.

Contraindications to the use of Cryothermy

  • Before the procedure, you should consult a dermatologist to rule out malignant tumor in place of skin growth.
  • Cannot be applied onto baby’s skin. This applies to children up to 4 years.
  • It is forbidden to use the drug to treat warts on the face, in the intimate area, in General, in those places where the skin is very sensitive and delicate.
  • You can’t freeze Cryothermal dark spots and birthmarks.
  • Extreme caution should be used drug of people, which is the diagnosis of diabetes. This is due to the fact that the disease can hinder the process of wound healing.
  • What are the disadvantages of the drug?

    Криофарма от бородавок: подробная инструкция по применению средстваIts main drawback is the price. A spray volume of only 35 ml, and to buy it will have around 750 rubles. Agree, the cost is not small.

    This is due to the fact that produces the Kriofarma major Japanese firm. But such a high price is also due to the high efficiency of this medication.

    As mentioned above, the official medicine has also actively used the drug for the treatment of patients.

    It is worth noting that the same medicine of «Cheap» is five times cheaper. The effects of both drugs are similar, however, Cheap and longer time in removing warts. So is it worth to save on the efficiency? You already know the answer.

    Special instructions for the application of the presented tools

    We said that complete aerosols are spongy applicators. So, you can use them only once. After the procedure, throw them out and when re-treatment open new.

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    If after 3-4 coats Cryothermy you do not feel improvement, you should seek help from a doctor.

    The reviews about the drug

    Криофарма от бородавок: подробная инструкция по применению средстваIn fact, reviews of patients are very diverse. Disappointed, as a rule, are those consumers who used the wrong spray (ignored contraindications, violated, processing time, etc.). All the rest is quite satisfied with the result.

    Of course, nobody can give you 100% guarantee that you will not have a recurrence or that you will be able to remove by this method the wart.

    Note only that before all the medical procedures go to the dermatologist to eliminate the development of serious diseases.

    The specialist will familiarize you with the prevention of the wart, which also should be followed.

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)