Labialis herpes: what is it and how does it manifest itself?

Dear friends, Hello! And you know what labially herpes? If you are diagnosed and you don’t know what the disease is, then read the article carefully, because in it I talk about this type of herpes everything.

Layalina herpes infection – what is this disease?

Лабиальный герпес: что это такое и как он проявляется?Remember, you have to appear vesicular rash on the lip? You may have seen it from their friends, children or parents? This is labialis herpes, examples of which are presented in the photo.

Consider it carefully and remember what he looks like. Why? But because it is one of the most common infections in the world. It is 90% of the population of the planet, though not everyone develops symptoms.

Labeling have herpes, there is even a code in the ICD-10 – 00 «of infection caused by the herpes simplex virus». Why virus is called simple? Let’s deal!

Labiales pathogen infection: why is it simple?

The causative agent is the first type of herpesvirus, which is called simple due to the fact that he long ago discovered and have already learned quite well.

By the way, to the common herpes viruses and the type 2, which causes a similar genital infection, but it will not be considered in this article.

If you want to know more about genital herpes, then read some articles on the website.

After infection virus-the pathogen starts to proliferate in epithelial tissues. These structures are best suited for his life.

Our immune system, in turn, begins to fight it and creates antibodies, special substances that inhibit the activity of viral particles.

Лабиальный герпес: что это такое и как он проявляется?Because of this, we are recovering gradually, but have you a little upset, cold sores is not eliminated from the body completely. He will forever remain inside of the body, namely in particular departments of nerves, and will periodically Wake up.

The re-awakening of the virus causes the recurrence labiales infection and, as a consequence, the re-emergence of symptoms.

Important information: usually we catch labialis cold sore in childhood, the symptoms may occur immediately or may not occur.

In this case the person for many years will know that he is sick, but sooner or later the infection will manifest.

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Symptoms of herpes labiales

Everyone should know what she looks like, because the symptoms can appear at any time from this infection no one is safe.

I, for example, because of the profession’s common to see people with oral herpes, so I know what it is externally. Did you know? If not, then check out the symptoms:

  • it all starts with the inflammatory process – affected area (in our case, the lips) and becomes itchy, swollen, worried about discomfort, maybe even burn;
  • after a couple of days on the uncomfortable area appear small transparent blisters, are close to each other;
  • after 2-3 days the blisters grow turbid, they are white or yellowish, reveal;
  • about a day holds an open sore, and then it formed a crust, like any other wound;
  • in a day or two, the crust disappears and the affected area heals.

If an outbreak first, then, in addition to the above symptoms, there may be additional:

  • temperature spikes;
  • nausea and dizziness;
  • mood swings and pressure.

Relapses (repetitions) infection occur as well as the first outbreak. This disease is considered the standard and most harmless.

In children and in adults layalina infectious disease will develop in the same way, but it should be noted that the child she can go to the herpetic stomatitis or spread to other areas of the face and hands.

Herpes viruses spread easily by dirty hands and well adapted in other parts of the body.

How is labially herpes?

Often through saliva during kissing, use of common utensils and common things that come into contact with saliva.

Experts believe that the above infection is transmitted by all known ways and occurs in the place through which an infection has taken place.

Therefore, if the sore has jumped on the lip or on the mucous membranes in the mouth, it means that the infection occurred through the mouth.

And layalina well the infection is transmitted by airborne droplets. That’s why she’s so popular among the people.

Layalina viral disease in pregnancy: could it be?

Лабиальный герпес: что это такое и как он проявляется?What do you think, could there be a herpes on the lip in a woman during pregnancy? Of course, like any other person. Why is this happening, did you guess?

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But because pregnancy is a big reason for the decrease in protective properties of the immune system. The immune system is weakened in order not to hurt the baby and maintain the pregnancy.

This is why pregnant women so often face labiales viral disease.

Why labially herpes appears again and again?

The main reason is the weakening of the immune system, and it can occur for various reasons, namely because:

  • stress;
  • pregnancy;
  • exacerbation of chronic infections;
  • hypothermia;
  • overheating, etc.

In fact, weaken the immune system can be virtually any adverse influence. The weaker the system of the person, the more frequent will be labially herpes and all the more dangerous for the media.

Hence, the most feared herpes on the lip is for people with immunodeficiency.

What to do if symptoms who to go to and how to treat?

If you have the symptoms described in the article, then immediately go to the hospital to see a physician or dermatologist.

Your doctor will refer you for tests, probably on ELISA analysis, which looks for antibodies to herpes viruses in human blood. If the antibodies are there, then you put the appropriate diagnosis.

Treatment of herpes labiales required not all and not always. Why do I think so? Just this infection is not treated, as was mentioned in the article, so much to try to cure her senseless. Serious treatment is required only individuals with immunodeficiency who have an increased risk of developing complications.

Лабиальный герпес: что это такое и как он проявляется?Even if you miss the time when you need to go to the doctor, sore you will still be held completely and quickly (approximately 1-2 weeks), but only if you do not belong to a risk group (if you are not immunocompromised) and if you have no complications.

By the way, if you have a normal immune system, then the recurrence will appear rarely – 3 times a year max.

I think you do not agree to be sick 1-2 weeks. At least my patients are always asking us to give them something that will speed up the healing process.

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Treatment labiale infection is carried out using special drugs – antiviral, inhibit the activity of viruses in the body, so the immune system will be easier to deal with them. The most popular antiviral include:

  • Acyclovir;
  • Valacyclovir;
  • Famvir.

This tablet medication, which, by the way, quite a lot of contraindications and side effects.

Therefore, in any case, do not use them unnecessarily without consulting a doctor. If jumped a relapse labiale cold, then it’s better to use antiviral ointments:

  • The zovirax;
  • With Panavir;
  • Denviron;
  • Fenistilom.

In addition, you can smear rash drugs based on toconsole – a substance that produces an antiseptic effect and accelerates the healing of the rash. You need to smear every 2-3 hours (about 5 times a day).

To ease the symptoms of the infection, the rash can be treated with local anesthetics on the basis of lidocaine, as well as emollient ointments are based on petrolatum and allantoin.

These drugs can affect the virus-provocateur, therefore, are used only as auxiliary means.

Now you know what is labialis herpes, and that it is necessary to do and how to behave in case he appeared. I hope I answered all your questions.

If so, then subscribe to the site and share the read with your friends on social networks. I wish you rarely see relapses labiales herpes infection! All the best to you!

Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)