Lactofiltrum for allergies, and how they to be treated?

Лактофильтрум при аллергии: поможет ли и как правильно им лечиться?Greetings, dear readers! Food Allergy in children and adults is always accompanied by disorders of the digestive tract. Moreover, often bowel disorders it provoked.

Therefore, for the treatment of hypersensitivity adults and children are assigned additional drugs — absorbents. For example, Lactofiltrum Allergy food character is assigned almost always.

The advantages of this drug over the analogues is undeniable. Why Lactofiltrum? Read the article and find out.

Lactofiltrum — features and useful properties

In the part of the drug contains two active substances:

  • the sorbent of natural origin — lignin;
  • prebiotic — lactosa.

The first ingredient cleanses the intestines of toxins, toxins, bacteria. The second restores the natural microflora. The first without the second will not work fully. Taking of any other sorbent, you have to additionally drink probiotic, as the sorbent, the intestinal microflora is disturbed.

In the case of Lactofiltrum, drink additional medications required as a prebiotic is already present in its composition. Therefore, questions of the type: which is better, Lactofiltrum or Polisorb, the answer is always in favor of the first drug.

Than sorbent can help allergies?

Лактофильтрум при аллергии: поможет ли и как правильно им лечиться?The above medicine helps to cleanse the bowel and restores the microflora, and thus normalizes its condition and establishes functions.

With the toxins and slags, Lactofiltrum is removed from the body and allergens trapped in it along with food.

Restored balance in the gut positive effect on the immune system, which becomes more powerful and able to repel irritants-allergens.

In General, the useful properties of the sorbent for Allergy sufferers can be described as follows:

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  • facilitates the course of allergic attacks;
  • removes irritants-allergens from the body;
  • accelerates the healing process;
  • accelerates healing of skin rashes — hives and other allergic.

Method of production and the cost

Estimating the useful properties of the drug, you probably want to know how much it costs at the present time.

The cost depends on the release form. Lactofiltrum classic is available in the tablet form intended for adults as well as in the form of sachets with a pleasant taste for children of different ages.

The average price of a pack tablets (60 PCs) is equal to 400 rubles, and the cost of pediatric forms of the drug a little more.

Treated allergies with Lactofiltrum for adults right

Лактофильтрум при аллергии: поможет ли и как правильно им лечиться?Pill form prescribed to patients from 12 years and older. Tablets drink for an hour and a half before the meal, not mixing with other drugs, as the sorbent cancels their effect. Dosage: two or three pills at a time (the number of tricks per day equal to 3-m).

Antiallergic therapeutic course Lactofiltrum lasts from three weeks to a month. Is it possible to give the tablet form babies, you ask? My answer: it is better not to risk and to prefer the child’s form bags, sachets.

The treatment of children Laktofiltrum from hypersensitivity

How to make baby form of sorbent? Very simple, adhering to the schema:

  • one year old babies and children up to the age of three is assigned to 0.5 sachet three times a day;
  • from three to seven — one packet twice a day.
  • from seven to eleven — one packet three times a day;
  • eleven-year-old and older — two sachets three times a day.
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The contents of the sachet recommend to dilute with clean water (50-100 ml). The duration of antiallergic therapy in this case is equivalent to 10-14 days.

Can be a sorbent-prebiotic contraindications? Have Lactofiltrum they are minor, but there. Offer to read them.

Лактофильтрум при аллергии: поможет ли и как правильно им лечиться?Who can’t drink Lactofiltrum?

The above medication is forbidden for people with digestive tract obstruction, acute ulcer, individual hypersensitivity to lignin or lactose.

Side effects in patients receiving tablets and sachets, was not observed. Therefore, this sorbent can be considered safe and versatile.

Additional recommendations

In the treatment of hypersensitivity, namely symptoms of the disorder, Lactofiltrum is recommended to combine with other drugs: antihistamines, local ointments, systemic drugs.

In addition, to accelerate the recovery process will help proper diet Allergy diet.

Reviews and conclusion

To assess the full properties of the drug, offer feedback from Allergy sufferers who have experienced treatment them from food hypersensitivity. Some of the most common reviews.

Angela writes:

Лактофильтрум при аллергии: поможет ли и как правильно им лечиться?My child has prescribed this sorbent if you are allergic to milk. First of all, we gave up dairy, and Laktofiltrum eliminate the effects of allergies.


I liked this treatment is safe and effective. Allergy really was quick. In addition, the child disappeared digestive problems.

Denis writes:

Лактофильтрум при аллергии: поможет ли и как правильно им лечиться?Took sorbent for the treatment of food allergic attack. The medication is perfectly cleanses the intestines. After the course felt much better than before. The stomach began to work like clockwork. Allergic attacks in the future, proceeded less problematic and quickly passed.

Lisa writes:

Лактофильтрум при аллергии: поможет ли и как правильно им лечиться?I am 30 years old. Perennial allergic somewhere evaporated after treatment with this medicine. Another plus lost three pounds. Very happy with the result. Soon I plan to repeat the course for prevention.

Based on the foregoing, we can understand that opinions on Lactofiltrum mostly positive. This is because the drug actually cope with the task entrusted to it, and really helps to alleviate their condition allergies.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)