Lamisil fungus nails: the rules application and feedback of patients

Ламизил от грибка ногтей: правила применения и отзывы пациентовGood day, my dear readers! In our time, became increasingly applied from lamisil nail fungus. This drug comes in various forms.

Today we will look at all options antifungal Lamizila. Are you curious about why the drug became popular, how to use it and how fast it helps? Then you have come to the right place.

Features Lamizila

Lamizila feature is its active substance — terbinafine. This substance inhibits the synthesis of sterols of fungal cells in the early stages.

Because of this, the causative agents of mycosis gradually perish, as their cell membranes are destroyed. Indications for the use of the above medication are:

  • infectious fungal nails, fleecy part of the head, smooth skin;
  • infection triggered by yeast fungi and dermatophytes.

The duration of treatment of nail mycosis with Lamizila varies from two to six weeks. The drug is effective against most species of fungi, and has a pleasant price, which depends on the release form.

Method of issuance Lamizila and methods of use

Ламизил от грибка ногтей: правила применения и отзывы пациентовI propose to study from all dose forms of this medication at the same time and learn how to use them. In modern pharmacies, you’ll find lamisil in:

Ointment or cream. This form is used twice a day (if the fungus started, and if not, then once a day). First, the area to be treated, thoroughly cleaned, rasp, washed out.

Then apply a thin layer gently on all the affected surface and beyond. If the infection is accompanied by a diaper rash, on top of the ointment should be to put a piece of gauze.

Mild forms of athlete’s foot can be treated with the cream a week, and the heavy — 2-3 weeks. To apply this form is useful if the fungus spread to the skin.

Pills, which is recommended to drink throughout the month. Tablets help to get rid of the disease forever, creating fungi to adverse conditions. The fungal infections on hands be treated faster than in the legs. The tablet form is recommended to combine with cream, solution, or varnish.

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Ламизил от грибка ногтей: правила применения и отзывы пациентовFilm-forming solution lamisil UNO. This form is convenient and special the fact that forms a stable film that will protect your feet or handle throughout the day. The solution should be treating the affected areas of the skin or the nail plate.

A film of the causative agents of mycosis are unable to multiply and begin to die. In addition, it provides protection against secondary bacterial infections. Lamisil UNO is not prohibited to use in children.

Gel for external use once a day. This form appeals to many, as it is applied only once a day.

To use the gel is recommended as long as from athlete’s foot will not remain and a trace. Some patients interrupt the course due to the fact that you feel almost instant relief. To do so is strictly prohibited.

Nail Polish. Lamizila this form appeared relatively recently, but has already become popular. The varnish is applied only to the nail plates by using a convenient applicator. Dries, it creates a transparent medical-protective coating. Means almost no smell and is not sticky.

Lamizila what form to choose? The question doctors often ask. You need to choose based on their personal needs. For example, if you need to cure a fungal infection of the nails, it is better to use varnish or solution. But if the fungus has settled on the skin, it will help the ointment or gel lamisil.

Side effects and contraindications

Ламизил от грибка ногтей: правила применения и отзывы пациентовSome who have used the drug, had the following side effects: burning and itching; redness of the epidermis; allergic dermatoses.

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These phenomena took place quickly on their own. So it’s safe to say that lamisil is a safe drug against the fungus. If for some reason it does not suit you, then pay attention to his counterparts:

  • Aflamil, Loceryl, Mikosan — lucky;
  • and other forms of antifungals — Lamicel, Binafin, ABICOR, Atifin, Lumican.

Ламизил от грибка ногтей: правила применения и отзывы пациентовContraindications Lamizila have almost none. The only thing to note is the use in pregnancy. Pregnant women can use external forms of medication, but the pill is not recommended.

Special instructions

In the instructions you can find a list of special instructions, following which you will protect yourself or someone you treat with Lamisil. Here these instructions:

  • Avoid getting medication in the eye. If this happens, immediately flush the eye with running water. On mucous the drug is extremely irritating, as is the fungicide.
  • Do not interrupt the course of treatment without good reason. If you cancel it just like that, the fungal infection can recover. If medication has not helped in 15-17 days, then change it to a more suitable individual.
  • Before the use of oral formulations Lamizila pass hepatic tests. The drug can affect the liver during removal. If during treatment there is a feeling of nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, the pill stops.
  • Lamisil does not affect psychomotor reactions.
  • In the course of treatment do not drink alcoholic beverages.
  • ReviewsЛамизил от грибка ногтей: правила применения и отзывы пациентов

    People who got rid of the fungus with Lamizila, leave it mostly positive reviews. Many say that lacquer to use the most convenient at the nail mycosis.

    Of course, there are negative reviews. Some are not satisfied with what he heard, when they find out how much a drug. By the way, the price Lamizila depends on the form of the issue:

    • gel — 480 rubles;
    • cream 450-700 rubles;
    • solution — 430-650 rubles;
    • pills — 1200-2500 rubles.
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    That’s all the information about one of the most popular antifungals. I hope the article was interesting and useful. Read what you can share with your friends in the social. networks. Subscribe to site updates and visit us often. Up to new meetings!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)