Lamp from vitiligo: what helps and where to buy it?

Лампа от витилиго: какая помогает и где ее купить?Dear friends, welcome to the website about dermatology! You may have already heard that the most effective treatment of vitiligo is carried out using a special irradiating apparatus.

That lamp is from vitiligo should be used? If you are interested in this question, be sure to read an article that described the most effective, affordable and popular options for medical UV lamps.

What is the secret of the successful treatment of vitiligo UV lamps?

Depigmentation of the skin caused due to the cessation of melanin production of skin cells melanocytes. To restore the data cells, it is necessary to increase the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet light.

The UV light produced by the sun and special light bulbs. Few of us have the opportunity to visit the resorts to enjoy the powerful sunlight.

Therefore, it is more convenient and cheaper to purchase a special ultraviolet light bulb and have a healthy tan at home.

Лампа от витилиго: какая помогает и где ее купить?The UV devices described in this article, reduce the resistance of the immune system at the cellular level, so skin becomes more sensitive to UV light tans and more intense.

This effect helps to paint the discolored pigmented spots natural and safest way possible.

The result obtained after UV irradiation from vitiligo maintained over the years. Ultraviolet light is able to get rid of the disease for six months or a year. Agree, no one cure of depigmentation at home can not give more rapid effect.

How to use a bulb from vitiligo: a multiple instruction

To get the desired result, you need to know how to Shine stains. General recommendations regarding operation of the ultraviolet irradiating devices look like this:

  • the duration of skin exposure is determined on the basis of the type (4);
  • the first session is held for no longer than 1-2 minutes;
  • with each subsequent session, the exposure time is increased;
  • because of the lamp may be irritation and if this occurs, then you need to consult a dermatologist and stop treatment.
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What instruments are used for the treatment of vitiligo? There are three most popular options:

Лампа от витилиго: какая помогает и где ее купить?

  • wood lamp;
  • set Provit;
  • set Dermalight.

All these devices work with 311 nm lamps (length of ultraviolet rays). If treatments do not help, then add their local medicines — ointments and creams that increase your skin’s sensitivity to UV light.

Instead of pharmaceutical drugs you can use essential oil of St. John’s wort or black cumin, and coconut.

Set the wood against vitiligo: a positive properties and application

Лампа от витилиго: какая помогает и где ее купить?Machine wood used for diagnosis of fungal and other dermatological diseases. The second name of lamp black, as it does not give visible light.

To use the kit wood for the treatment of vitiligo is useless, but it is advisable to diagnose. Using the apparatus, you can quickly determine the diagnosis with 100% accuracy.

Before diagnosing discolored skin thoroughly cleansed. Eyes need to be protected from ultraviolet radiation special glasses.

Examination of the epidermal cover is held in complete darkness. The device should not be closer to the skin more than 20 cm Diagnosis is based on the color of the glow spots. Vitiligo gives a slight bluish glow.

The cost of the kit wood is equivalent to 1800-2000 RUB. Replacement UV lamps are 200-250 RUB.

Set Provit: effective medical device

Set Provit has a high price, but it is completely justified by quality and efficiency. You can buy it over the Internet for 7000-8000 rubles.

The device can be used not only against the disease but also for treating other dermatological afflictions associated with pigmentation.

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Лампа от витилиго: какая помогает и где ее купить?

Provit has many advantages: compact dimensions, low weight, safety for the owner, easy maintenance.

Before energizing the lamp should wear safety glasses. The device operates from a network and is prepared to work 30 seconds after switching on.

The duration of treatment of white spots is determined for each patient individually (depending on skin type). Recommendations for the use of Provita for standard types can be found in the instructions.

Device Provit contraindicated in special cases:

  • pregnant;
  • when hyperhidrosis;
  • when lupus;
  • when skin cancer;
  • hypersensitive people;
  • when disturbed integrity of the skin.

Set Dermalight: the most popular option

Лампа от витилиго: какая помогает и где ее купить?Set Dermalight is the most popular option for the treatment of vitiligo. It has been repeatedly described in the medical forums.

Reviews of doctors and suffering from predominantly positive. If you want to know who helped this treatment, read the forums. You will sure Dermalight really works.

Buy Dermalight via the Internet at the price of 9000-10000 rubles. This device is more expensive than the previous, as it has a more convenient design, it is more efficient and faster, but also because of what is produced in Germany.

The probability of success in the treatment with Dermalight is equal to 75%. Best lamp shade spots on the face, upper and lower limbs. Application method described in the instructions. Dermalight is used in the same way as the previous device.

In addition to vitiligo, with the help of a set Dermalight can be cured:

  • psoriasis;
  • eczema;
  • acne, acne, adolescence rashes;
  • atopic and other dermatitis;
  • hives and other allergic dermatitis.
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That’s about it. I hope this article answered all questions about lamps against vitiligo. Now you know what it is necessary to irradiate depigmented patches to return them to a healthy and natural color.

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Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)