Latex Allergy: how to manifest and how is it treated?

Аллергия на латекс: как проявляется и чем лечится?Regular readers and visitors who have come to us for the first time, Hello! At the present time, we are constantly faced with latex products. As a trivial example, consider condoms.

Quality contraceptives are produced from latex, which is used else where.

Glove for cleaning, the rugs in the bathroom, medical gloves a short list of the products from the above material that we are in contact almost daily. Do you know that are allergic to latex?

It is often confused with other types of hypersensitivity, as from rubber product few people want to give up. How to understand what Allergy is it? How to deal with it and how to prevent. I propose to study this disease in detail.

Signs and symptoms

The main symptoms of the disease considered to be:

  • itching, irritation, redness and swelling of the epidermis in those areas of the body that was in contact with the allergen;
  • tearing, burning of eyes;
  • nasal congestion and secretions in abundant quantity from the nose.
  • shortness of breath, lack of air.

This is an Allergy in the standard form. But there is also a sharp (most dangerous) manifestation, which is aggressive:

  • a sharp increase or decline in the cardiac rhythm;
  • feeling short of breath;
  • nervous excitement or indifference;
  • swelling of the face, lips, tongue, neck;
  • the decline in blood pressure.

Аллергия на латекс: как проявляется и чем лечится?We can say with confidence that the latex Allergy in different age groups and genders. But the instigators of this disease can be and other diverse factors.

So I suggest to learn about how to determine the disorder provoked by latex products.

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The main distinguishing characteristics to help diagnose allergies

Аллергия на латекс: как проявляется и чем лечится?As the most popular and caseicolum rubber product is a condom, any allergic reactions that occur in the intimate organs, immediately is credited with latex. But such irritation can occur for other reasons.

To treat hypersensitivity quickly and correctly, need to know exactly what caused it. To find out whether the rubber was the cause of the Allergy, you will help these issues:

  • Does the dermis of the hands irritation rashes after use of gloves for cleaning?
  • There skin reaction at the points of contact of the epidermis with elastic bands of stockings, socks, gloves and similar items of clothing?
  • There be swelling and rashes after skin contact medical gloves?
  • Do you feel a scratchy or sore throat, itchy nose, and tearing after the cocktail tubes?
  • If the answers were positive, then most likely reaction there is on the rubber. By the way, the irritation may be only natural latex that is produced from the juice of the rubber tree.

    What happens after contact with the pathogen?

    After contact (any) with a natural rubber Allergy can occur:

  • A simple dermatitis is a harmless non-allergenic reaction. She appears mainly in medical due to frequent contact with gloves. Approximately 5-10 % of physicians have a rubber «Allergy».
  • «Contact» dermatitis is a serious reaction that is treated for a long time and covers large areas of the body. This is a disease.
  • Severe immediate reaction is the most serious disorder. It is accompanied by various complications, and its main symptom is a rash that you see in the photo.
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    Now you know how does rubber hypersensitivity. In women and in men it often attacks the intimate areas of the body.

    In children because it may appear a rash on the legs, if the child walk around a rubber Mat or swelling with pimples on other body areas, has interacted with the rubber toys or other products made from this material.

    Now let’s look at the principles of treatment of this unpleasant disease.

    Treatment: the most important and effective measures

    What to do if there are signs of the above diseases? First and foremost, you need to avoid all kinds of contacts with the allergen-irritant. It is a disease and to treat her medical need:

    • system drugs antiallergic action, Diazolin, Suprastin, Tavegilum and the like;
    • local antihistamine medicines — nose drops, eyes;
    • narrowing blood vessels drops (Naphazoline, Navision);
    • systemic hormonal medications (in severe cases) — Hydrocortisone, Prednisolone;
    • ointments with antihistaminic effect (dermatitis).

    If the illness proved to be acute and severe, you should call a doctor and treated in the hospital under his supervision. If the reaction occurred on a condom the girl or guy, you will have to replace this or other contraceptives choose condoms without natural latex.

    Preventive actions

    • always wear something that indicates illness (so the doctors will be to provide first aid in case of accident or if you get a serious injury);
    • carefully read the packaging of goods that may be dangerous, even if you think that the allergen in their composition can not be;
    • carry the drug Epinephrine, as reaction may be unpredictable and may require treatment with epinephrine;
    • tell dentists and other doctors that you do not contact with medical gloves;
    • don’t let the children, if they are available, rubber toys or other products.
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    That’s all the information about latex hypersensitivity. I hope I have helped and been interesting.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)