Let I pox in the plane: feedback from doctors and parents

Пустят ли с ветрянкой в самолет: отзывы врачей и родителейGood day, dear visitors of the website on dermatology. Soon comes the holiday season and we all want to go to a warmer climate abroad. The children continue to learn and be in the company and, therefore, can be infected with chicken pox.

The same applies to adults who are susceptible to chickenpox if not had it in childhood. The question arises: whether will start up with chicken pox on the plane? What to do if you or your child is sick just before vacation?

Is it possible with chickenpox to fly in an airplane?

If you purchased the ticket and your documents in order, then you have no right not to let on Board. So the answer to the question: can I fly with chickenpox, everybody chooses for themselves. Before you decide, consider whether you want to risk life and health of others?

The fact that varicella is highly contagious disease. Children taking it relatively easy, but for adults it can be deadly! This viral disease is contagious is not constant:

  • 2 days before the first appearance of watery pimples;
  • for 5 days after the appearance of the last pimple.

What are the incubation periods are virus diseases?

They are few, but they all required:

  • the beginning of a period when there was an infection (the virus penetrated the body of the potential host);
  • development — the period of accumulation of infected cells in the human body (the virus is stronger and replicates, infecting the healthy cells);
  • the end — period the spread of the virus through the human body (after the typical watery pimples).

Incubation pox last in children 14 days and 16 adults (on average). Contracting chickenpox can be airborne and in contact with the contents of the pimples, which rarely happens.

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Пустят ли с ветрянкой в самолет: отзывы врачей и родителейThe ventilation system in air transport is closed. Thus, if the Board will be sick, he will infect all the others.

For comparison, if the patients you will meet in the open air, it’s likely that you’ll get sick only you, and not the fact. But in the confined space of the aircraft, the threat of infection increases significantly.

That is why the question of flights with chickenpox — this is your personal integrity. Treat others with respect and then you will feel the reciprocity of others. Think, will you allow yourself to risk a huge amount of strangers? I hope you will make the right decision.

What are the doctors saying about being in the air transport of a patient with chickenpox?

Doctors, as professionals, knowing all the details of varicella, adhere to the above opinions. Any specialist will recommend you not to fly in an airplane, if you or your child is sick with chicken pox. It is better to take all necessary measures to expedite recovery and only after the illness, go on a journey.

In some cases, to fly sick with chicken pox?

Child or adult can be safely put on the plane in that case, if he has a doctor’s note on nezaleznosti.

Пустят ли с ветрянкой в самолет: отзывы врачей и родителейNo one will forbid him to stay on Board in this case, even if he will have visible signs of chickenpox — green stains from the green stuff or red spots from healing pimples.

However, if a person are visible traces of chickenpox, can cause problems with other passengers.

Agree, no sane people would want to fly with your sick contagious viral disease.

One of my friends told me about this case: passengers flying from Egypt to Russia, rebelled due to the fact that in salon there was a child with green spots all over the body. In the end, it turned out that the child had a certificate of nezaleznosti.

Пустят ли с ветрянкой в самолет: отзывы врачей и родителейDespite this, many passengers began to calm down. The delay of the flight was approximately 5 hours. Now imagine what went through the kid and his parents? Such proceedings are very unpleasant and humiliating.

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Based on the foregoing, we can draw this conclusion: if you really need to fly, you can do it, even if traces of the windmill have not yet passed.

Importantly, the disease was non-contagious. But if you are worried, not only for physical but also for mental condition, the flight better be postponed until until the marks of chicken pox will not disappear completely.

What the law says about flying in airplanes patients with chicken pox?

Let in the plane of the patient chickenpox? Let’s look at this question from the point of view of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

In section 107 «of the Air Code of the Russian Federation» refers to the right that is given to the supplier, terminate the contract of carriage on his own initiative in cases, if:

  • the passenger’s health requires special conditions of air carriage;
  • a condition threatens the safety of sick or other people;
  • cases can create confusion and cause inconvenience to other passengers.

What to do if the disease came during a vacation?

Let’s say you went to Turkey and discovered the first symptoms of chickenpox and home you need to fly in a day or two. What to do in this case? How to get back home if you get sick abroad?

Пустят ли с ветрянкой в самолет: отзывы врачей и родителейIn such a situation, the outcome may be different. In some countries, you are strongly recommend to be treated, and only then to fly home.

In other countries, you calmly let on the plane. Rules regarding the measures taken to infectious and viral diseases abroad, very different. But most of all, the sick sent to the hospital.

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Here is all information about flights on airplanes patients with chickenpox. Most importantly, remember that this disease is very contagious. Do not risk the health and lives of strangers.

If you know that you will not be able to postpone the vacation for a couple weeks, and the threat of infection with chicken pox exists, it is better guide the prevention of viral disease: get tested for antibodies and make the vaccine.

I hope I answered all your questions. Share read with your friends in the social. networks and subscribe to the updates of this website. All the best to you!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)