Levomicetinom alcohol acne – its effect on the skin

The appearance of acne on the face is still no joy any one person. Small abscesses bring a cosmetic defect, and sometimes cause burning and soreness. Undoubtedly, the cause of inflamed rashes lies within the body, so the right therapy should begin after the diagnosis.

The content of the article

  • Properties of chloramphenicol
  • Recommendations for the use of the drug
  • Methods of use of chloramphenicol for acne
  • Spot treatment
  • Preparation of lotions
  • Preparation of masks
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Summary
  • However, the described cosmetic flaw needs to be treated and the outside and for this, doctors recommend to use a tool such as levomicetinom alcohol, which many perceive as available to cure acne.

    Properties of chloramphenicol

    Chloramphenicol (laevomycetinum) is a synthetic antibiotic, which is aimed at the destruction of gram-positive and gram-negative cocci, spirochaetes and some viruses.

    Harmful bacteria for a very long time to «crack» the drug, so she is slowly addictive. This situation of Affairs means that this tool can be used regularly and always get the expected effect.

    Levomicetinom alcohol freely without prescription, so to buy this «wonder drug» could each holder of pustules on the face. Also its availability is cost – it’s a very cheap tool, at least the price is much lower than other cosmetic products that we offer advertising.

    The medical preparation is sold in small glass bottles brown, closed protective tube and screwed down the lid. Means alcohol is stored at a temperature not above 25 degrees in the dark and inaccessible to children. Shelf life is one year.

    It is interesting to know! Chloramphenicol is the main active ingredient of many medicines, some of which are quite expensive. Essentially, they are all rescued from the same disease, and differ from each other only in price.

    Recommendations for the use of the drug

    Chloramphenicol is widely used in cosmetology and, judging by the reviews, is effective against acne and pimples on the face.

    For surface treatment of the dermis you need to apply a 1% solution levomicetinom alcohol. If the skin are inflamed acne, it is possible to complicate the procedure and make a special talker. To do this in the alcoholic liquid, add a few crushed pills «Trichopolum». Before wiping the resulting mixture should be thoroughly shaken!

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    Levomicetinom alcohol is recommended for the following skin manifestations:

  • pimples with purulent content;
  • acne rosacea.
  • The above types of acne provoking infection or internal violations (e.g., hormonal imbalance).

    Methods of use of chloramphenicol for acne

    Probably to each of us the question arises: «How to treat the surface of the skin levomicetinom alcohol?». Now we will look at some techniques that will help as soon as possible to get rid of the hated pimples.

    Левомицетиновый спирт от прыщей – его эффект на кожу

    Spot treatment

    The most simple and accessible method. The treatment consists in wetting a cotton pad or sticks medical solution. After the required actions from each zit to spend antiseptic processing.

    Preparation of lotions

    There are many recipes, as many prefer to add «your» ingredient.

    Two popular ways of preparation of lotions:

  • To combine in the same proportion of salicylic and boric acid (30 ml), then add a little alcohol and a few pounded into powder, tablets Chloramphenicol. All a good shake. Talker ready to use!
  • To connect to a receptacle 3% boric acid (30 ml), 2% solution of chloramphenicol (25 ml) and 30 ml salicylic acid. In the medicinal liquid, add one teaspoon of zinc ointment.
  • The above lotion should be used twice a day – morning and evening. Apply with caution since it is possible to overdry the skin.

    Preparation of masks

    If you have a tendency to dry skin, and pimples bother, you can make a special mask on the basis of the effective means. The composition must include moisturizing ingredients and emollients.

  • Three tablets of chloramphenicol (crumbled) mix with two teaspoons of cosmetic clay. In the mixture add a few tablespoons of fresh decoction of calendula. All carefully mix. Apply the mask daily during the week.
  • Mix the three thoroughly crushed tablets chloramphenicol and aspirin, and then add a teaspoon of zinc ointment. In order to concurrently provide care for the skin, you need to add a teaspoon of honey (you can melt it in a water bath). All carefully mix. Antimicrobial and softening mask is ready! Apply it on face and keep for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The mask should be done every day for 1-2 weeks.
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  • Mix in one bucket a few tablets of chloramphenicol, a teaspoon of liquid honey and the same amount of aloe Vera gel. The resulting mask will help to get rid of acne, and its components carefully soften and moisturize the skin.
  • Левомицетиновый спирт от прыщей – его эффект на кожу

    It is important to know! As we can see, chloramphenicol possible to conduct various experiments. The above methods are not the only thing they can adjust on their own, however, this issue must be approached intelligently, so as not to court disaster. For example, if you have an Allergy to honey, then ruthlessly to clean it up. In addition, as components I can use regular moisturizer for the face, of course, if it suits your skin type.

    Before carrying out treatments to achieve the best effect it is necessary to clean the face from dust, dirt and sweat by using cosmetics or soap.

    Contraindications and side effects

    Chloramphenicol, like other medical facilities, requires a doctor’s permission. It’s an antibiotic, so it can cause adverse or unexpected effect.

    Левомицетиновый спирт от прыщей – его эффект на кожу

    Contraindications to the use of levomicetinom alcohol tincture:

  • systemic skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis;
  • fungal infection of the skin;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • available on the face of wounds, scrapes and other apparent violations of the integrity of the skin;
  • age category up to 12 years.
  • However, there is a small probability that the applied means a larger area will cause an unexpected effect, therefore, the primary treatment must be made very carefully!It must be remembered that the drug can cause severe allergic reaction, which can lead to negative consequences. Prior to treatment, a medicine it must be tested. To do this, on a small patch of skin apply antibacterial drug. For local reaction to watch for hours. If the application does not have such negative symptoms, such as irritation, hyperemia (redness) and rash, it can be assumed that chloramphenicol no allergies.

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    Possible side of an allergic reaction:

  • redness of the treated lesions and even neighboring region, which has been applied to the medical tool;
  • itching of face and eyes, lacrimation;
  • sudden allergic rhinitis (selection clear mucus from the nasal passages);
  • angioedema – swelling of the face, especially of lips, tongue; the appearance of shortness of breath, barking cough and difficulty breathing;
  • anaphylactic shock – swelling of the face, swelling and redness at the site of application medicines, skin itching, drop in blood pressure, edema of the larynx.
  • If, during the application of antibacterial agents has any uncomfortable symptoms, you should immediately stop the procedure as soon as possible to flush with the face of the medical lotion or mask.

    As the use of levomicetinom alcohol is strictly outer, the drug does not pass through the digestive tract and therefore side effects in the gastrointestinal system will not. In other words, during the period of treatment will not have nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and framework.


    Levomicetinom alcohol is available and the necessary medicine, so it is very important that he was always present in the home medicine Cabinet. This is especially true for those people who have acne.

    In addition, this tool can safely treat an abrasion or a cut, if suddenly at hand was not another antiseptic.