Lichen planus in the mouth: the form of the disease and their treatment

Красный плоский лишай в полости рта: формы заболевания и их лечениеWelcome, dear readers! Suspicious lesions in the oral mucosa is always alarming. And if it’s ringworm – even a little scary!

Lichen planus usually belong to the group of skin dermatoses. It occurs in a chronic form, and looks like a rash on the body and on mucous membranes. Often it occurs in the mouth, making it quite dangerous.

Causes of disease

Pathology can appear suddenly or a large number of bumps cover the body gradually. The disease is yourself, but unpleasant frequent relapses.

The rash is characterized by red raised pimples with nodules that appear on the whole body or some its parts.

This form of lichen is always accompanied by severe itching. Pimples can merge, grow in size and become round plaques. As you heal they can be covered with scales and flaking.

Mucosa nodules are slightly convex and have a grayish color. On lips pimples merge into a uniform light stripe with uneven edges.

Красный плоский лишай в полости рта: формы заболевания и их лечение

Typically symmetrical rash on the body and formed at the creases of the hands, underarms, legs and other places.

The soles and palms red flat deprive practically unaffected. But the nail plate can easily be infected: the nail becomes dull and covered with streaks.

Atypical forms

Красный плоский лишай в полости рта: формы заболевания и их лечениеThis disease is rich in unusual manifestations, for example, when red knots covered the entire body is generalized oral lichen planus. Other forms will be discussed below.

Erosive-ulcerative form is ulcers on the mucosa red. They are few, they do not bring much discomfort, but treated this pathology is quite long.

Linear – only appears on the chest and back.

Warty form – crimson warts, along with the typical for this disease, acne.

Bubble – as you know, blisters filled with fluid or blood, usually appear on the shins and feet.

Molinara form of the lesion in the form of necklaces with very large pockets. Sometimes this disease is seen as independent.

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There are several atypical manifestations of lichen planus, occurring very rarely and vaguely similar to each other.

Looks like this disease in your mouth?

Красный плоский лишай в полости рта: формы заболевания и их лечениеThe epithelium in the result of keratinization has a bizarre manifestation. Mouth ulcers can purchase patterns in the form of snowflakes, twigs, lace and other drawings.

The skin surface becomes rough and smokers symptoms bigger and brighter. Localized stains on her cheeks at the molars, the lateral surface of the tongue, root of tongue, less commonly affects the lips, gums and palate.

But the difficulty lies in the fact that lichen planus in the mouth may manifest in completely different ways.

The typical form. Ringworm is with the classic signs – white mother of pearl education, which appeared separately or pattern.

Often the other symptoms are absent. But the patient may complain of dry mouth, burning and tightness.

Exudative-hyperemic form. Patterns and white spots arise on the inflamed areas, which generates significant discomfort to the patient during eating and talking.

The erosive form. This is a complicated zoster in the mouth, and usually it happens in the background running the lighter variants.

The affected areas are inflamed, covered with white papules and ulcers. Also this picture can take place by mechanical injury to more simple forms.

The ulcer is covered with bloom, and if removed, the wound begins to bleed. The disease is lichen treated for a long time and often recurs in the same place.

The risk is that a prolonged unsuccessful treatment can turn into malignant form.

Gipertroficescoy form. Very rarely in the mouth and is characterized by the convex configuration with bright outlines, which are located on the back of the tongue and on the buccal mucosa.

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Bullous form. It bubbles with a dense shell, inside them is a liquid or blood. They can occur along with the usual red papules of lichen.

The difficulty of diagnosis is that one kind can go into the other several times. Malignant are only some of them and this becomes evident compaction and the futility of any classical therapy.

In the photo we selected different manifestations of the disease.


Красный плоский лишай в полости рта: формы заболевания и их лечениеIt begins with a doctor first and foremost from a qualitative examination of a patient. Special attention is paid to the gastrointestinal tract and the status of the endocrine and nervous system.

The treatment is carried out during an exacerbation, and includes treatment of wounds, administration of drugs and physical therapy. The latter is most efficient, so it can not be neglected.

Upon detection of lichen planus in the oral cavity be sure to visit the dentist. His task is to carry out the full rehabilitation of the teeth, removing features, e.g., damaged roots, and correction of the dentition so that not to injure the mucous membrane.

Prostheses must be adjusted so as to eliminate sharp edges, and damaged replace with new.

Even with the defeat of the mouth of the mandatory diet that eliminates spicy, salty, hot and sweet foods and after each meal should rinse mouth.

No less attention is paid to the drinks: excluded all sweet «soda» due to the detrimental of their sugar, as we know sugar is a great medium for bacteria to grow.

Assigned to rinsing with sage, eucalyptus or soda solution. The pharmacy also apply rinse to remove pathogenic environment of the mucosal surface.

The complex of vitamins with similar diseases will greatly speed up the recovery and strengthen the immune system.

If symptoms healed, vitamins should continue to take a few months to reduce the risk of recurrence to a minimum.

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In the form of tablets means can be prescribed more antidepressants and antihistamines for a General calming process.

Getting pills antiseptics, which are subject to resorption, they due to its antimicrobial action of creating unwanted environment for bacteria.

Physical therapy are well demonstrated in the treatment of the mucous membrane, is applied, as a rule, electrophoresis, laser therapy and electro.

I recommend to watch an interesting video how is the treatment similar disease of the mucous membrane with a laser:


Thus we see that the treatment of lichen planus, it is important not to skip the disease correctly and in time diagnosis.

For this purpose, by the appearance of strange changes in the oral cavity, it is important to immediately consult a doctor.

Assigned treatment regimen may consist of vitamins, antihistamines and rinsing. At this time, it is important to follow the diet and drink so as not to cause mucosal more harmful salty, sour and spicy food.

In conclusion, I make another video, where the dermatologist tells in detail about the disease:

Be healthy!