Lumbar zoster: how to treat this dangerous disease?

Поясничный лишай: как правильно лечить этот опасный вид болезни?Hello dear readers! Perhaps every doctor at least once, faced with the fact that he was taking shingles for a completely different disease and it is not surprising.

Because this disease has many different symptoms that either appear simultaneously or in turn, and this is especially true of lichen, occurring on the lower back.

A variation of this difficult pathology is replete with various manifestations and is very dangerous.

Lumbar ringworm is a common disease that is an outbreak in the body in a latent condition for years to come.

It affects the nervous system, and the rash occurs on the skin. Susceptible to the disease especially the elderly, who had childhood chickenpox.


Поясничный лишай: как правильно лечить этот опасный вид болезни?Waist pathogen infection is the herpes virus type III. He first appears in person in childhood, during chickenpox and a refresher of it, a child acquires immunity.

This is because the entire life of the virus sleeps in the nerve cells and for re-flash need some prerequisites. Aktiviziruyutsya he was under the influence of the following factors:

  • drugs that reduce the immune system;
  • emotional stress;
  • exhausting work;
  • bone marrow transplant;
  • oncological diseases;
  • radiation therapy;
  • HIV / AIDS infection.

What other preconditions of depriving we observed, in principle, all they are caused by abnormal immune system.


Поясничный лишай: как правильно лечить этот опасный вид болезни?They can appear suddenly, and often it happens that the symptoms manifest themselves one after the other:

  • pain skin;
  • a burning sensation and then numbness of the skin;
  • asymmetrical red rash similar to watery blisters;
  • severe itching;
  • fever and fever;
  • body aches, weakness;
  • headache;
  • lethargy, fatigue.

Поясничный лишай: как правильно лечить этот опасный вид болезни?As you can understand, all the classic symptoms viral nature of the pathology is obvious.

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When is about a week, the bubbles burst, forming a crust, which subsequently dries up. After complete healing of the spots and crusts they leave darkish spots.

Waist herpes also can be divided into several irregular forms:

  • abortive – no pain and a rash;
  • hemorrhagic content bubbles are not serous, but bloody;
  • gangrene is characterized by necrosis of the affected areas;
  • vesico – pomalca watery bubbles merge into one large, fluid-filled.

Localization of the rash, as the name implies mainly in the lower back, chest and abdomen. We are in a separate article described in detail how can manifest a similar disease on the chest. The full article can be found here.

In the photo above we have provided you with the classic view of this disease.


Поясничный лишай: как правильно лечить этот опасный вид болезни?In major cases, the definition of pathology by Dr. there is no difficulty. Difficulties can occur when the disease passes without a rash, which happens in very rare cases.

The differential diagnosis includes the difference of herpes zoster from herpes simplex, and chicken pox, and erysipelas, which occurs only in diabetes.


An important aspect in the appearance of the first symptoms to immediately consult the doctor. The fact that this is the only form of lichen, so has dangerous consequences.

Therefore, the antivirals should begin within the first three days. Although, of course, does not exclude the moments easy form when such treatment may not be necessary, but it is also important that this was confirmed by the doctor.

Classical scheme of treatment lumbar lichen following:

  • antiviral drugstore;
  • painkillers;
  • immunomodulators;
  • vitamins;
  • antihistamine tablets;
  • tools for external machining.

Поясничный лишай: как правильно лечить этот опасный вид болезни?A special role here is given to the dress and hygiene of the patient. Clothing should be loose, in no case do not RUB and do not have synthetic fibers in the composition.

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Take a shower, but no bathroom, need two or three times a day, and avoid excessive sweating. This is done in order to prevent the wound bacteria.

If a prerequisite for outbreaks of Herpes has been taking immunosuppressive agents, they definitely should be abolished.

Make an interesting video about folk methods of treatment of such disease:


Lap shingles is considered contagious disease, but with one deviation: only for those who in childhood had chickenpox and therefore has immunity to Herpes.

Those adults who did not suffer childhood disease have all chances to get it in the form of herpes zoster.

Therefore, the patient during the acute phase of disease, when lesions on the skin have not healed, it is advisable to appear in public places, not to inflict harm to others.


Поясничный лишай: как правильно лечить этот опасный вид болезни?The disease is dangerous for its consequences when not treated. Doctors have identified the most common ones:

  • postherpetic neuralgia – severe pain along the nerve may accompany the patient months or even years;
  • blepharitis, keratitis and other disorders of the eye, appear with the defeat of herpes facial nerve and can cause blindness;
  • scars on the skin for large and deep lesions of the epidermis;
  • transverse myelitis – peripheral paralysis;
  • meningoencephalitis is a rare but most dangerous of the known complications, it is manifested by headache, vomiting, photophobia, hallucinations and loss of consciousness.


To prevent such a problem as the shingles may only support immunity at the proper level.

It is necessary to adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition, enough sleep, cold, drinking a set amount of fluid and try in General to live a healthy lifestyle.

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You should also review your habits and eliminate alcohol and nicotine. When the body resistance is high, not only shingles, but other dangerous viruses and infections of any kind will not be able to strike your body.


Поясничный лишай: как правильно лечить этот опасный вид болезни?So, we’ll examine the disease lumbar ringworm. He appears suddenly, but compared to earlier factors.

The first symptoms are caused by the ache and pain of the skin. Specifying the diagnosis, the doctor prescribes antiviral therapy in the first three days.

It is important not to delay starting treatment, because there is a risk of serious complications. In General, in compliance with all recommendations of the recovery occurs in a few weeks and usually without consequences. Health to you!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)