Lyapisny pencil from wart: the reviews of the people and our tips for use

Ляписный карандаш от бородавок: отзывы людей и наши советы по применению средстваWelcome, dear guests of our portal. As you know, warts are very unpleasant skin disease that causes negative emotions.

Warts is a viral growths caused by the activation of the human papillomavirus.

Often patients try to avoid going to the doctors for fear that they will find they have a few more ailments that also have to treat. Many try on their own to get rid of the unpleasant skin growths.

We would like to tell you about such a popular and public tool as lyapisny pencil. What is it? How to use it and whether he is able to relieve you of unpleasant knots? We will gladly answer all your questions in today’s article.

What is it?

Ляписный карандаш от бородавок: отзывы людей и наши советы по применению средстваLyapisny pencil from wart refers to a dermotropic funds. This silver-containing medication that has antiseptic properties.

As the active active substance here is dry nitrate of silver or, as they say – the silver nitrate and potassium nitrate.

This medicine is available in the form of a pencil of white or white-gray color in the form of a cone with a rounded top. Placed the tool in a plastic pencil case low or high pressure and Packed in a paper bag or cardboard box.

This pencil has a cauterizing, sterilizing, and even necrotic effect, causing burning of the tissues of the warts.

Silver nitrate inhibits all the processes of vital activity of the virus, which prevents its further development.

Indications for use of this tool

Most often they treat warts located on different parts of the body. In addition, the pencil is effective in treating blisters, bleeding of small wounds, skin cracks and ulcers.

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How to apply this medicine?

Ляписный карандаш от бородавок: отзывы людей и наши советы по применению средстваBefore you start treatment with this method, it is necessary to visit a doctor to exclude malignancy of the tumor. Lapis only applied topically, and is used after a careful review instruction.

With the drug remove the protective cap, then the pencil is dipped in cold water and treated the affected area of the body.

To remove from skin unpleasant warts, is enough to put the tool a couple of times a day. Duration of use depends on the degree and severity of the disease.

Most long-term treatment are considered as the plantar growths, as the skin on the foot rough and tough. As a result, prior to treatment heel better to steam and remove the Horny layer of the skin.

I enclose a video in which the man in the example shows removal of warts on fingers lyapisny pencil:

Side effects of silver nitrate

After applying the drug may cause allergic reactions, manifested as rash. If you strictly follow the instructions, the use of silver nitrate causes no side effects or pain.

Contraindications to the use of

Despite the fact that this medicine is effective, it is not recommended to apply it on the face or in the treatment of large growths. This is due to the fact that after applying medication on the skin can develop scars and burns.

The drug should not be used by those who suffer from increased sensitivity to components spinnogo pencil.

You should be very careful to treat this medication of children, because the skin of children is much more tender, resulting in the probability of occurrence of burns.

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Pregnant women and nursing mothers should refrain from this method of removal of skin growths, or to treat only under supervision of a physician.

Sells the drug?

Ляписный карандаш от бородавок: отзывы людей и наши советы по применению средстваLyapisny pencil may then be sold without prescription in any pharmacy. However, in recent times to buy a vehicle is problematic, because it sharply limited its delivery.

The price of the pencil varies from 120 to 170 rubles per pack.

Does the lapis in the fight against skin formations?

In fact, feedback about the effectiveness of the pencil is quite controversial. According to recent medical research, full freedom from growths occurred only in half of the patients tested.

Some (approximately 1/3 of people) warts only become a little less. The medication is applied to the skin once in 30 days within 10 days.

More positive feedback from those in parallel with the lapis had used other drugs, for example, such as the celandine. Some people complained of allergic reactions after application.

Is it possible to combine Lyapisny pencil with other drugs?

Ляписный карандаш от бородавок: отзывы людей и наши советы по применению средстваIt is not recommended to use the presented tool in conjunction with those medications which contain organic matter.

This can lead to the development of certain reactions in which the drug is decomposed to a chloride ion by precipitation.

How and where to store this medicine?

Must properly store a pencil so you can use it with other skin formations. It stored 36 months at a temperature of from 8 to 15 degrees.

And the necessary condition of storage is the lack of sunlight, so place the box with the pencil in a cool dark place.

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Ляписный карандаш от бородавок: отзывы людей и наши советы по применению средстваWe have tried to describe in this article all the pros and cons spinnogo pencil that helps to fight with various skin growths, including warts.

Of course, among a large number of modern medicines this medicine is not very popular, however, has a right to exist. Even our grandmothers tried to withdraw unsightly nodules with the help of silver nitrate.

The only thing we do not recommend self-medicate, and still to go before the treatments to a dermatologist, who will acquaint you with the risks, possible complications and side effects.

Do not forget that warts are similar in appearance with some other skin formations, which cannot be treated by using the presented tools.

Moreover, you will be informed by the doctor on preventive measures to further growths appearing on your body. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)