Malavit warts: effective product with natural composition

Малавит от бородавок: эффективный препарат с натуральным составомGreetings, dear readers. Warts or genital warts many people are disgusted. This is due to the fact that these skin lesions appear due to corruption and non-observance of rules of personal hygiene.

The appearance of tumors caused by a virus the human papilloma virus. Often, the infection occurs after contact with a sick person or with items which he used.

Warts are treated long enough, and after their falling off, the skin may form a scar. That’s why you should very seriously consider the choice of funds from warts.

Now in the pharmaceutical market, a lot of them, but I would like to tell you more about the drug Malavit, which has established itself as a popular remedy against warts.

Malavit differs from other drugs from warts

Малавит от бородавок: эффективный препарат с натуральным составомMalavit is a medical-hygienic solution that contains more than one hundred organic and natural components, among which are: Shilajit, oak bark, chaga, the resin of the Siberian cedar, birch and pine buds, gum, glycerin, extracts of many medicinal herbs and others.

There are no preservatives, dyes, and ethanol.

Against warts usually apply the cream-gel Malavit or directly the solution.

These funds possess antifungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Those who at least once tried their effect on me, only leave a positive feedback, because the cure of warts occurs very rapidly, but traces of them remains.

It is worth noting that the price of drugs, which includes drug low enough so afford Malavit can do everything.

How is the treatment?

As mentioned above, a means Malavit warts can be of different types – in the form of cream-gel or solution.

  • If the wart jumped on the area of the body where the skin is rough and thick, in the beginning it is necessary to steam, and then rubbing with a pumice stone. This is especially true of plantar warts. Do not neglect this rule, otherwise Malavit will not be able to penetrate deeply under the skin and have a positive effect. When removing warts in children, such manipulation could not be done because the skin is sensitive all over my body.
  • Take a piece of cotton pad, wetted in the solution or smeared with cream. Then apply it to the wart.
  • Glue on top of the plaster. If the warts have formed on your finger, then place the overlay medications zamatyvaem with a bandage or tape. If you want you can wear a fingertip.
  • You must leave this compress on all night. All manipulations should be carried out daily before bedtime. If after several treatments the wart will change its color to green and then to dark – you’re on your way to recovery.
  • As the warts will turn black, the use of the drug can be a bit slow, that is, to repeat the procedure once every few days. Gradually the wart will begin to dry up, and on the surface appear roots in the form of black dots. Remember, at this time warts can be a little inflamed. Compresses to do is not worth it, as it is the signs that the wart is dead.
  • If you want to facilitate the discharge of the roots, it is better to wet the wart.
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    Малавит от бородавок: эффективный препарат с натуральным составомFear not, initially, the location of the warts will scar. However, after a month the skin is completely renewed, and the scar will be gone.

    It is worth noting that if you have multiple warts, then usually they disappear after you destroy the mother wart, that is the one that was formed first.

    When buying a cream or solution in a pharmacy you will not find detailed instructions on the application. Remember – the cream can be applied topically.

    If you are in doubt about how and in what quantity to use the drug, contact your doctor or dermatologist.

    Means Malavit in the form of a solution is very effective in getting rid of genital warts, which are often jumped on the mucosa of the female genital organs.

  • First, you need to make a douche. Malavit solution is mixed with water in a ratio of 1:50 or 1:20 (depending on sensitivity).
  • Of cotton wool swab is formed by a wrapped layer of bandage or gauze. This swab moistened in solution or it is applied the cream.
  • The tampon inserted until the morning of the vagina.
  • Due to this treatment will vanish not only warts, but also restores the vaginal flora.

    Also, I attach the demo video, which describes in detail about the drug:

    Contraindications to the use of the drug

    Малавит от бородавок: эффективный препарат с натуральным составомThis means there is only one contraindication, namely, individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to the drug (very rare).

    All this is due to the fact that the drug of natural origin, without chemicals and harmful compounds. They can treat even skin lesions in children, not fear of burns, redness, itching.

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    The only caution, do not expose Malavit on the mucous membrane of the eye. If that happened, then thoroughly rinse eyes with water.

    Preventive measures with the help of miracle tools

    Малавит от бородавок: эффективный препарат с натуральным составомIf you are afraid of recurrence of warts, purchase store a series of medical cosmetics on the basis of the drug Malavit. She is available for women, men and children.

    It includes shower gels, nourishing, moisturizing, toning body cream, bath salts, creams for hands and feet, as well as soap.

    Specifically for the beautiful half of humanity have developed a series of intimate cosmetics, which in the bikini area will always maintain the optimal Ph balance that will protect from the formation of genital warts.

    If you will watch his health and use of these natural remedies, the problem of warts will certainly pass you by.

    So, to sum up. Among the many ways of removing skin lesions – drug Malavit has established itself as the ideal tool.

    Millions of patients leave only positive reviews about the drug and transmit knowledge of medicine to their children and grandchildren.

    And if you say that the treatment of condyloma only happens in medical clinics – believe it or not, since it is possible to do at home – using the miracle drug Malavit.

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)