Malavit when warts: an effective drug with many useful components

Малавит при кондиломах: эффективный препарат с множеством полезных компонентовGood day to all who dedicated a minute for your health! Our topic will focus on the warts, in particular, methods of getting rid of them.

In the article a detailed look at the drug Malavit, which many recommend the use of the warts, citing a positive effect and feedback.

If it really does means a sufficient therapeutic effect, and we will tell next.

To explore the disease closer to assess the degree of danger, and also choose a treatment, read a new book «Treatment of warts folk methods», which collected useful information on the treatment of warts traditional methods.

About the drug

Малавит при кондиломах: эффективный препарат с множеством полезных компонентовMalavit has been developed as a drug with wide spectrum of action. It is designed for the treatment of skin and mucous membranes, due to its relatively high therapeutic effect, immediately gained popularity.

A large number of components and diverse range of properties of the drug provides: anti-bacterial, antipruritic, analgesic, deodorizing, anti-edema effect.

Often, of course, the Malavit prescribed to patients with purulent lesions of skin and mucous membranes.

The plus side to the components of the drug does not produce resistance. In addition, it can be administered in combination with traditional drugs that only have a positive effect on the dynamics of the process.

Malavit does not contain preservatives and dyes. It is based only on natural ingredients, and they are in it for 37, all of them environmentally friendly and safe.

Малавит при кондиломах: эффективный препарат с множеством полезных компонентовPatients who are faced with the methods of traditional medicine, will be able to truly appreciate the therapeutic composition: the mineral malachite, pine resin, gum larch tree, buds of birch and pine essential oils, active complexes of silver and copper, the extracts of many plants (chamomile, calendula, celandine, plantain, etc.), ionized water and many other components.

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Ions of silver and copper have an antiseptic effect, bactericide and astringent. Components of larch and cedar can reduce inflammation and stimulate healing.

And, of course, the famous mummy, which has not only local but also General tonic effect, helps improve the physical capabilities of the body.

The plant complexes have not only a bacteriostatic effect, but also a detrimental effect on viruses, fungal pathogens, reduce local swelling.

How to use the tool against disease?

Малавит при кондиломах: эффективный препарат с множеством полезных компонентовThe medicine is used only externally. This solution is applied with a cotton swab, and the top is fixed with plastic dressing and bandage.

To withstand a compress have from 20 to 180 minutes. The drug is sometimes recommended to plant. For example, to mucous 5-10 drops diluted in 100 ml water.

As Malavit affects pathogens of viral nature, it is widely used in gynecological practice for the treatment of genital warts.

This woman needs to raise funds in the amount of 20 ml. per 100 ml. of water and carry out vaginal douching or baths for external warts.

Also in the resulting solution is impregnated with a sterile swab of cotton wool and at night injected into the vagina, and remove in the morning. Sometimes it is enough for 10 treatments to get rid of annoying warts.

You should not without consultation with the specialist to use in pregnant women because its effect on the fetus has not been studied.

Малавит при кондиломах: эффективный препарат с множеством полезных компонентовImportant information for patients: Malavit has a selective action that may be linked with individual characteristics of the organism.

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Therefore, some patients it helps for a very short time, and for others is completely effective.

In time the use of drugs may be an allergic reaction, sensitivity to individual components of the tool.

In this case, Malavit is replaced by any drug. It is also worth withstand time interval between the application of Malavit and other topical agents for the treatment of warts.

It is necessary to store it in a dark place, at temperature not above 25 degrees. Over time, you may receive sediment, which is absolutely normal for drugs based on natural components.

In diluted form it is impossible to keep the drug longer than 24 hours.

How you can affect warts?

Малавит при кондиломах: эффективный препарат с множеством полезных компонентовWhen you see warts you should not rely solely on one product, especially designed for outdoor use.

As you know, the virus that causes the formation of growths on the skin and mucous membranes, have almost 80% of the population, get rid of it.

Therefore, to reduce the likelihood of recurrence or worsening of the disease, the need to strengthen the immune system, the body’s defenses.

This is achieved by non-pharmacological and pharmacological methods. The former include healthy lifestyle, proper diet, avoiding stress and excessive mental and physical stress, timely treatment of chronic diseases. vitamins.

From medical methods the most popular interferon. It is administered topically to the base of the growths.

Often have to conduct such therapy in patients who are not helped local methods of treatment: removal of warts by surgery, laser, nitrogen. It is also administered intramuscularly, to provide systemic effect.

Question about the method of treatment is decided individually by the doctor. The specialist takes into account many factors: the location of warts, their number, growth rate, presence of concomitant diseases.

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Pay more attention to their health, until we meet again!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)