Malignant warts: symptoms and basic treatment methods

Злокачественные бородавки: симптомы и основные методы леченияHello dear guests of our website!

In our today’s post I would like to talk in detail about what is malignant warts and what are their major differences from the benign.

After all, diagnosed the disease has great chances of full healing.

Why is there malignant warts?

Small, dense growths on the skin called warts. Depending on the cause of the ailment, the warts might be of different type:

• youthful;
• flat;
• senile;
• pointed;
• the plantar.

The main reason for their occurrence on the skin of the body is the human papilloma virus (HPV). Today, microbiologists distinguish many different types of HPV, each of which can cause different types of lesions on the body.

You should not ignore the first symptoms of the disease, because HPV on the body is not as harmless as can seem at first glance. Among all strains of HPV, there are types that may provoke the development of cancer process not only on the surface of the dermis, but within the body.

So, it is proved that oncogenic strains of the virus can cause cervical cancer in women and the bladder and penis in men. In this regard, the world is more and more talk about vaccination against human papillomavirus. In our country this kind of specific prophylaxis have not yet found wide dissemination.

Злокачественные бородавки: симптомы и основные методы леченияHPV is a very resilient microorganism that once in the body of the patient may for a long time to lurk inside, causing no clinical manifestations and only when in the human body occur favorable conditions for its propagation, the disease escalates.

Infected with HPV can each person in close contact with an infected person. Virologists say that over 90% of the world’s population are carriers of this disease.

The main routes of transmission are contact-household and sexual transmission. As practice shows, often the virus is spread by poor personal hygiene and unprotected sexual intercourse.

Contribute to the development of the disease the following factors:

• weakened immune system;
• violation of hormonal background;
• frequent stressful situations;
• chronic diseases.

In most cases of papilloma on the human body are benign in nature, but with improper care and treatment possible their transformation into cancerous tumors.

Clinical differences between benign and malignant warts

Every person interested in the question of how to determine the nature of tumors and can it be done by the patient alone. Malignant warts are different from the benign elements with certain symptoms.

All warts are small in diameter and slightly raised above the skin surface. Depending on the cause of the growths, appearance of different types of formations may vary.

The skin at the site of the tumors may have normal color or more pigmented. In the absence of complications, the warts cause no physical discomfort.

At constant mechanical stress to the wart when wearing clothes or not properly treated, a benign wart can change the look, shape, color, bleed, itch, or hurt. All of these symptoms should alert the patient and cause an immediate visit to the doctor.

In the photo, you can see the appearance of malignant warts.

In severe situations, patients may note weakness, fatigue, slight increase in body temperature and an increase in regional lymph nodes.

Treatment and diagnosis of papillomatosis

At the first examination, the attending physician will make the diagnosis. For suspected malignant degeneration, the dermatologist must prescribe a consultation with an oncologist and additional laboratory tests:

• Dermoscopy, which allows the study of epithelial tumors under a microscope;
• a PAP test or cytological examination of material collected by scraping;
• polymerase chain reaction to determine the type of virus;
• histological study indicates the stage of oncogenic process.

When the accurate diagnosis of the disease and severity supplied the question about the adequate treatment. To talk about the effective therapy of papillomatosis is possible only with an integrated approach to treatment.

The removal of external growth does not mean healing from a disease, because the virus still remains inside the body and under favorable conditions will reappear multiple formations on the body of the patient.

Злокачественные бородавки: симптомы и основные методы леченияRemove the build-up, the competence of the attending physician to select the most effective and safe method. For this purpose, use electrocoagulation, laser, cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen.

In severe cases may need surgery. Given that malignant tumors can metastasize to nearby organs, treatment and removal of growths should engage only highly professional specialists.

To strengthen the body from the inside, it is advisable to take an antiviral, a vitamin and immunomodulatory drugs. If necessary, you may need chemotherapy treatment, which is carried out in the Oncology clinic under the close supervision of medical personnel.

Prevention of malignant skin tumors.

To prevent the formation of warts on the body, it is sufficient to regularly perform a series of simple procedures:

• rational feeding, with an emphasis on seasonal vegetables and fruits;
• exercise regularly;
• relaxation and sleep;
• avoid stressful situations or to neutralize their effect on the body;
• carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene.

I hope that our article is not only interesting, but useful. In conclusion, I want to focus on the value of human health, which cannot be purchased or changed. So take care of yourself and at the first sign of symptoms, please consult your doctor.

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