Marine urticaria: effective ways of treatment

Аквагенная крапивница: эффективные способы леченияHello, dear readers. Our body in some situations behaving very oddly. This is especially true of allergic reactions.

Allergies can occur to anything, and sometimes even on such important human things like water. In this article we look at a very rare Allergy — water (marine) hives.

Till today this form of urticaria is extremely rare, but now the disease takes on a new, more common. People initially confuse water hives with any other, which complicates treatment.

The causes of the disease

Аквагенная крапивница: эффективные способы леченияIntolerance a major factor in our lives — water is often seen in adults but can occur in children of different ages.

An allergic reaction, in this case, causes any water — melt, snow, ordinary tap and even human sweat.

Sometimes marine urticaria is manifested as a reaction to separate the liquid and sometimes the liquid that prevents the normal life.

Doctors have identified three main causes of the above allergies:

  • The weakened immune system, caused by taking drugs such as antibiotics. In addition, the disease may occur as complications of serious illness, which wears out the immune system;
  • Inflammation of the kidneys and liver;
  • Inadequate intake of a particular immunoglobulin class E.
  • This form of urticaria not subside, and intensified. The reaction to the allergen begins to become more noticeable and unpleasant.

    Treatment of urticaria — the process is laborious, costly and time consuming. It marine Allergy-prone development and progression, which to overcome it is difficult.

    The first signs of this disease

    Аквагенная крапивница: эффективные способы леченияMarine hives difficult to discern, especially to the ordinary person. He could easily confuse her with another kind of Allergy.

    The doctor, in turn, can determine such a reaction within minutes. That is why it is so important to turn to professional doctors.

    Online-the Internet has plenty of pictures showing provoked by water hives. Some of them you can see below.

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    The most common signs:

    • First and foremost, a symptom of hives, and not only marine, are rashes on the skin. They can be compared with the stimuli appearing on the body after contact with the nettle, but more visible;
    • The disease is always accompanied by severe itching, especially when the rash becomes inflamed;
    • Eruptions appear on the abdomen, extremities, neck, and face (areas with sensitive skin);
    • The skin often becomes dry and starts to peel off;
    • The allergic person may experience constant headaches;
    • Often the disease is accompanied by dry cough;
    • The mucosa of the eyes become inflamed — red, itchy, sometimes sore;
    • The affected individual may experience frequent bowel disorders;
    • Breathing becomes heavy, sometimes there is shortness of breath.

    Аквагенная крапивница: эффективные способы леченияFortunately, the hives did not lead to death (except anaphylactic shock), but enough that it breaks a way of life. A person has to limit themselves in many ways.

    Sometimes in the acute phase of inflammation is caused angioedema, which is considered the most severe consequence of such an Allergy.

    Causes of the above disease can be different, so difficult to determine what provoked it. But the symptoms of urticaria in children and adults are no different. Children are more sensitive and prone to allergic reactions.

    What to do if you suspect water urticaria?

    As soon as a man notices that he is similar to allergies, it is recommended to immediately consult a dermatologist.

    The doctor initially tries to determine the kind of hives available to the patient. The patient must be very honest, describe in detail your daily routine and experience.

    Аквагенная крапивница: эффективные способы леченияIt should be noted that the symptoms water urticaria can occur due to the flow of water, and because of shampoo or other means.

    Then the patient will have to pass the blood and urine tests, to rule out the possibility of having another disease. For example, an Allergy to contact with water in children can occur due to worm infestation. In addition, irritate the skin after contact with water can the tumor.

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    The last analysis is able to accurately determine marine urticaria, is a specific test. Five days before the meeting is necessary to stop taking antihistamine medication.

    During the test the patient for 30 minutes apply water compress. If, after this his skin is the typical reaction, then the diagnosis is confirmed.

    The treatment of the disease

    Аквагенная крапивница: эффективные способы леченияThe first thing that interested in allergies when he finds out that he had water urticaria is the treatment of this disease.

    Should immediately say that urticaria is so rare type to this day continue to study, so the fastest possible method of dealing with it does not exist yet. To the question: how to treat water urticaria can be answered as follows:

    To unsubscribe from contaminated water. Install water filters modern, which are able to quickly and efficiently remove from the water different types of allergens.

    Some doctors believe that to cure hives, you can use «living» water taken from the source (speakers, well, well).

    It is necessary to limit the duration of water treatments and shorten the shower to three minutes (maximum) per day.

    One should bathe and wash with pre-boiled water. After boiling, the water becomes soft, it is almost no chlorine. Especially this rule will be suitable for small children who need to frequently wash and bathe.

    Cosmetics shower and skincare need to replace the usual baby hypoallergenic soap.

    Аквагенная крапивница: эффективные способы леченияInstead of washings in a standard way, you can perform skin cleansing wipes, cosmetic milk or similar means. The main thing that they did not cause allergies. For this purpose they must be hypoallergenic components.

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    You need to regularly take antihistamine medications (after consultation with a dermatologist).

    If marine urticaria was provoked by poor quality water, from which it is impossible to get rid of, or poor environment, the patient may have to radically change their residence.

    These measures are solved not all. Also an important tip for people with marine hives, is the following rule: any work around the house, especially if it is combined with water or household chemical detergents, you must do the special gloves.

    Fortunately, modern cleaning gloves have a hypoallergenic coating.

    People’s councils to resolve inflammation

    Аквагенная крапивница: эффективные способы леченияSkin irritation caused by marine urticaria, can soothe lotions from chamomile pharmacy.

    To do this, 1 tbsp. of the above dried plants must be scalded in a Cup of boiling water. The liquid can be drained and the pulp is wrapped in cheesecloth and apply to the inflammation.

    If a person does not have allergies to honey, he was advised to spread it over the inflamed areas. The water for bathing, you can add the broth Bay leaf or violet tricolor (20 g product/0.5 l water).

    As marine urticaria is a very difficult disease, you should strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations.

    Only in this case the symptoms will be minimal, without risk to health. Be healthy!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)