Mask for allergies: the best traditional recipes and the advice of dermatologists

Маски от аллергии: лучшие народные рецепты и советы дерматологовGood day, dear readers. In the pursuit of beauty we are ready for more. We smear a mask and other beauty products, do not hesitate, unfortunately, about what is in their composition.

Because of the poor quality makeup often Allergy, the main manifestation which are skin rashes. What to do if that happened? Some masks may cause allergies? Help mask Allergy?

In this article I want to acquaint you with efficient recipes that can get rid of allergic rashes on face and body and also tell that in the composition of cosmetic masks can provoke a hypersensitivity reaction and how to treat it later. Happy reading!

Which masks really help to get rid of allergies?

Let’s say you are faced with an allergic rash. What to do with it, as it looks skin disorder frankly unsympathetic. Of course, you will want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

This will help simple folk masks recipes that you will learn after reading the article. They are effective against local Allergy symptoms:

  • redness;
  • dermatitis;
  • peeling;
  • excessive dryness of the epidermis;
  • rashes;
  • urticaria.

So I present to you the best masks against local symptoms of hypersensitivity.

  • Potato — to cope with the rash quickly and healthier skinМаски от аллергии: лучшие народные рецепты и советы дерматологов

In order to prepare such a wonderful tool, grate on the finest grater one potato (raw), add raw egg protein (if not allergic to eggs), then whisk the mixture into the blender.

A mask can be applied all over the face and on large areas of the body, if sprinkled on the body, like the skin it will only benefit. To keep her need at least fifteen minutes.

  • Potato No. 2 — from boiled potatoes
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Boil one medium sized potato, mash it, add a tablespoon of thick cream and a tsp of olive oil. After half-hour stay on the epidermis, this mask will remove the redness and dryness, reduce discomfort and help to speed up the healing process of allergic pimples.

  • Moroccan clay is a miraculous remedy against local allergies

Clay can be purchased online or in pharmacies. It is available in the form of dry powder. Dilute the powder with water to a state of mashed potatoes.

Then put on the problem areas with allergic rashes for ten minutes. The procedure can be repeated every couple of days, but not often.

  • Cucumber — soothe any inflammation

Маски от аллергии: лучшие народные рецепты и советы дерматологовFrom cucumber masks might be allergic! So use it carefully pre-test on the elbow fold (the area with the most sensitive dermis).

To prepare this anti-inflammatory mixture, grate the cucumber on the finest grater, add a teaspoon of cream, the juice of one aloe leaf. The resulting mixture should be immediately applied, as with time it loses its effectiveness.

After a fifteen minute procedure, the redness almost completely disappears. A couple of procedures will help to normalize the condition of the epidermis.

  • Of aloe Vera, a plant which is in every house

Aloe is the best assistant for dermatological problems. It can be used to treat not only allergic, but also any other rash.

To prepare the masks need a teaspoon of juice, which must be mixed with egg yolk and two drops of lavender oil. The mixture is applied on the skin for twenty minutes maximum.

Now you know what the mask can relieve the symptoms of Allergy to local character. Use body skin gently and carefully read the composition, as they may be not only useful, but also dangerous.

Allergy mask (purchased or homemade) happens often enough. What to do if the skin has reacted negatively to the mask? Read about it further.

What kind of mask can trigger allergies?

Hypersensitivity can cause both purchased and homemade skincare, for example, masks for hair, face and body scrubs, creams, etc.

Маски от аллергии: лучшие народные рецепты и советы дерматологовBy the way, recently the Internet extensively touted homemade masochki based on oatmeal, which supposedly eliminates all skin problems, even allergic acne. It will help if this means in reality?

The versatility of oat maschek is not a myth. They are really effective and useful for problem skin, but not for Allergy sufferers.

Hypersensitive people after applying oatmeal masks are almost always confronted with allergic attacks. So if you have an allergic predisposition, do not use such folk remedies.

In medical and cosmetic purchase masks also may contain various hazardous substances for people with allergies. Therefore, before the purchase means carefully read the composition. Discard mask if its composition is:

  • preservatives (benzoic, salicylic, citric acids) that are present in any cosmetics, including in bio-cosmetics;
  • dyes, not only synthetic but also natural;
  • bleach — peroxide, hydroquinone;
  • flavors and fragrances, and synthetic cause hypersensitivity more frequently than natural;
  • different types of biological additives;
  • resin formaldehyde (even such toxic substance manufacturers pour into their products to extend shelf life), especially in lacquers and hair masks.

Actions in case of reactions to a mask or other cosmetic product

After applying it to the epidermis or of the hair of allergies can occur:

  • burning;
  • itching;
  • the redness and swelling;
  • strong tightness;
  • pain.

The above deterioration are the main signs of local allergic reactions. What to do if that happened? First of all, you need not panic and try to properly help yourself. In case of intolerance after applying the cosmetic product, follow the steps below:

  • rinse with cold boiled water without soap (water from the tap has lots of impurities that can worsen the situation);
  • if you are not hypersensitive to herbs, then make a chamomile decoction, and wash them often, as this will stop the progression of the reaction;
  • if the symptoms disappeared after a day, contact your doctor who will prescribe antihistamines;
  • to remove the swelling of the external tissues (skin, for example) will help the ice;
  • to eliminate swelling of the nasopharynx will help vasoconstrictors nose;
  • in severe manifestations of Allergy, such as Quincke edema or shock, immediately call an ambulance.

That’s all the information about beneficial and harmful masks for Allergy sufferers. Be sure to tell us about what you read to your friends on social networks and don’t forget to subscribe to website updates, if you liked the article. Up to new meetings!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)