Mechanical urticaria: causes diseases and treatments

Good day, dear readers! Today we look at a mechanical form of hives.

This kind of allergic pathology that occurs in connection with influence skin.

The main treatment methods

Механическая крапивница: причины заболевания и способы леченияThis kind of allergic pathology that occurs in connection with influence skin. It makes itself known appearances of the linear formations.

But unfortunately, mechanical urticaria is difficult to treat. The specific drug with which it would be possible to forget about the disease, unfortunately, does not exist.

However, early diagnosis and visits to the doctor will help to rule out complications of disease and to eliminate unpleasant symptoms. The first thing you should establish the cause of the disease and to get rid of it.

As therapeutic agents used antihistamines 1st generation. In chronic stages of the disease the doctor prescribes drugs such as loratadine, cetirizine and others.

Urticaria is not contagious, so it is not transmitted from person to person. In solar urticaria prescribe anti-allergic long-acting.

Cholinergic urticaria can be treated only when signs of illness appeared after physical exertion or under the influence of emotional factors. Similarly treated cold and heat urticaria.

If you know the cause of the disease, it can be treated at home. This should eliminate the provoking factor and take antihistamines.

In severe cases, and if mechanical urticaria occurs in a child, you should always consult a doctor.

First aid

Механическая крапивница: причины заболевания и способы леченияWhen the first signs of the disease, it is imperative to provide first aid to the patient. For that he needs to give antihistamines and corticosteroids.

The last resort should be taken if the disease is passed into the serious stage. In this case, you should call an ambulance, as the disease is dangerous the appearance of complications such as angioedema and even anaphylactic shock.

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It is possible that the patient must be immediately hospitalized.

Many people wonder how to treat urticaria during pregnancy and lactation. The group of most dangerous drugs are the most effective.

The main therapeutic method for women during pregnancy is diet. You should exclude the allergenic food from the diet and the cause of the disease.

Therapy of folk remedies

Механическая крапивница: причины заболевания и способы леченияGet rid of hives will help treatment of folk remedies:

  • instead of the usual morning tea or coffee, drink an infusion of succession. To brew the herb you need in the kettle and drink throughout the day;
  • to make lotions, you can make a tincture of nettle. Add a little lemon juice to relieve itching;
  • prevention experts advise every day to drink an infusion of yarrow, leaf of black currant, mint and raspberry;
  • peel the celeriac, grate it on grater and squeeze the juice out of it. Take the medicine one spoon twice a day.

It is important to observe preventive measures such as choosing loose clothing made from natural materials, the rejection of close things and accessories, uncomfortable and compressing shoes.

Before going out on the street in the summer, lubricate the skin sunscreen, but in winter, wear gloves, use special creams.

The types of the disease

Considering the reasons, which may develop urticaria, klassificeret the following types of pathology:

  • Механическая крапивница: причины заболевания и способы леченияred dermographism, which is accompanied by the appearance of bubbles due to pressure or impact. The disease is divided into two categories: delayed and immediate. Propolene rashes are felt for several minutes after the mechanical impact. Slow form seen in a few hours;
  • the sun appears in the background of UV exposure;
  • the most rare pathology is marine urticaria. The disease is accompanied by the appearance of bubbles, swelling and itching;
  • heat urticaria is the body’s response to high temperature or hot thing;
  • the cold form of hives appears as a consequence of exposure to cold or drinking cold drinks. Pathology is manifested in a few minutes in cold air;
  • papular urticaria is caused by insect bites. This condition is very dangerous, as may occur with swelling of the mucous membranes, which in turn will lead to death;
  • cholinergic urticaria appears in the background of heavy sweating due to strong emotional experiences.
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The clinical picture of the disease

The main symptoms of any kind of hives is a rash formation on the skin, can be bubbles as shown in the photo below. Rash can occur on any part of the body, as in a chaotic and symmetric order.

When mechanical urticaria is changing overall health of the patient, sometimes you may feel weakness, fever.

As the disease is diagnosed?

Механическая крапивница: причины заболевания и способы леченияDiagnosis of the disease is simple. To confirm the diagnosis is not necessary to conduct laboratory research. The diagnosis is based on clinical picture of the disease.

The chronic course of the pathology it is necessary to do Allergy tests and skin tests, and conduct research to identify comorbidities.

Swipe your finger nail over the surface of the skin in the normal state will see a white bar that disappears.

In the case of mechanical urticaria in the affected area will arise a red stripe, which is slightly swollen and raised above the skin. This track can be accompanied by very severe itching.

To the treatment of urticaria was successful in professional clinics qualified doctors prescribe additional tests to determine the cause of the pathology. With this aim are shown techniques such as ultrasound and MRI.

The causes of pathology

Механическая крапивница: причины заболевания и способы леченияFactors that can lead to the development of pathology very much. However, to date the exact cause of the disease is not established. Below are the individual moments that contribute to the appearance of the disease:

  • the exposure to various allergens.
  • the usage of medical preparations;
  • a blood transfusion;
  • the presence entities;
  • diseases of infectious origin;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • also pathology develops in the nervous system.
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So, the disease is allergic in origin or is a consequence of other pathology.


Most people who have this disease, I can’t let her completely get rid of.

Effective treatment and the recovery was not long in coming, you need to seriously think about illness and to pass the examination in a professional medical clinic, to correctly determine the cause of the disease and to begin treatment.

Remember that self-medication can lead to disastrous complications.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)