Medical pedicure with fungus: how is and how much it costs?

Медицинский педикюр при грибке: как выполняется и сколько стоит?Hello, dear readers. Who doesn’t love beautiful, well-groomed nails? Alas, not always they are in good condition. Often the toenails affects the fungus. We’re just trying to get rid of it using various medications.

But how to make so that during treatment, the nails still look good? This helps a medical pedicure with fungus. I wonder what the procedure is? Then we read and remember!

What is this procedure?

A medical pedicure if nail fungus is a noninvasive treatment, after which your nails and feet will obtain a healthy, well-groomed appearance.

Медицинский педикюр при грибке: как выполняется и сколько стоит?The procedure is performed for medical or cosmetic office. At home to do it properly you will fail or you will simply not be able to achieve the desired effect.

The wizard will walk you pedicure, paint, trim nails, and if necessary, make the foot massage that will improve blood circulation. Finally, your skin and nails will suffer cosmetics, eliminating the fungus.

Someone else recommended the pedicure?

Hardware medical pedicure recommended for people with:

  • Corns;
  • Calluses;
  • Ingrown nails;
  • Diabetic foot;
  • Warts on the sole;
  • With weak, brittle nails.

Of course, anyone can make yourself a pedicure in the prevention of fungal infection, especially if he’s worried about his health. The procedure should carry out master with all of the rules of hygiene and sterilization.

As must be sterilized utensils wizard?

Each patient is provided an individual set intended for processing of nails.

You can not worry that someone before you used it. All accessories in a good clinic undergo surgical sterilization. And buffers files for processing disposed after each visitor.

Can you get fungus after a pedicure?

Many visitors to the beauty complained that after visiting the marigolds started to turn yellow and crumble. Yes, these are the first signs of mycosis. So what the master did?

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The fungus can get under the nail in the following cases:

  • Improper incision of the nail plate;
  • Inadequate sterilization of pedicure accessories;
  • With a weakened immune system.

Медицинский педикюр при грибке: как выполняется и сколько стоит?Notice that it is not always fungus can spread from tools on the visitor. If his immunity is strong, he is likely to remain healthy.

In addition, you could be infected with a fungal infection elsewhere, for example, in the fitness club, sauna, beach, pool or simply wearing on its feet someone else’s shoes. So does it make sense to blame the master?

Some doctors believe that the fungus on the skin is a consequence of internal fungal infection. The body, trying to get rid of the disease, excretes it, that is on the skin with the nails.

How is pedicure?

The session is only certified master, which have to be gloves on his hands, hat on his head.

First, they will ask you if there is any problem, ask wishes. After on your nails will be coated with oil, softening cuticles.

Notice that to steam the feet in ordinary water do not have. For this purpose a special solution.

Медицинский педикюр при грибке: как выполняется и сколько стоит?After that, the wizard will guide scrub the surface of the legs to get rid of possible corns, calluses, dry skin. Next, the legs are wiped dry with a clean towel.

Now move on to the pedicure: the nails are treated with a special apparatus using the grinding heads.

Further the nails will be applied varnish, with antifungicide action, and on the surface of the legs – treatment cream or gel that improves blood circulation.

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At the end of the procedure workspace of the master and all tools should be disinfected.

I want to say that all drugs that are used in the master contain exclusively natural ingredients, such as garlic extract, tea tree oil, vitamin E, wheat protein, anti-fungal ingredients.

What is the procedure?

The cost of the hardware pedicure in Moscow and SPB starts from 2000 rubles. Price depends on complexity of procedure (1st, 2nd and 3rd).

Also almost every salon you can do the Shellac or regular nail Polish. Fees antifungal treatment-and-prophylactic means (from 500 rubles).

And where to make such a pedicure?

Медицинский педикюр при грибке: как выполняется и сколько стоит?Do not select local beauty salons, and large medical clinics of the city that have the most positive reviews.

I do not recommend in this case to save. Them in the big cities are just a mass. It is advisable to read the recommendations with the reviews on the forums and learn from satisfied users ‘ need.

What are the benefits of this pedicure?

  • You gain peace of mind.

Nail polishes and treatments can’t guarantee you the beauty and attractiveness of the legs. When the therapeutic session all manipulations performs skilled master with higher medical education.

This is used in cosmetics and clean equipment. The patient after this treatment can be sure that the nails will not only become more beautiful, but healthier.

  • Timely and preventive care

Health worker (master) notice of the emerging problems that are not visible to you, and you will be immediately notified of them. In the end forewarned is forearmed.

  • The safety of the procedure
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If you are doing the pedicure in a good clinic, you can be sure that all instruments are fully cleaned and disinfected. All procedures there are performed in strict accordance with sanitary standards.


This is my story coming to an end. If you begin to notice the change in color and structure of the nail, dry skin and other signs of athlete’s foot, are advised not to delay treatment. A medical pedicure is only an auxiliary procedure, and the basic therapy prescribed by a doctor-mycologist or a dermatologist.

I recommend to watch helpful videos on the subject.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)