Medications from hives: a review of effective medicines for the treatment of

Hello, dear readers! Symptoms of hives often take us by surprise and they are very difficult to confuse with symptoms of other diseases. Urticaria is accompanied by severe itching and rashes, which prevent the patient to live a normal life and do the usual things.

Let’s get into today’s article, we will talk, what are the medications from hives and which ones are the most effective for treatment?

What drugs are prescribed?

Препараты от крапивницы: обзор эффективных медикаментов для леченияFor the treatment of acute hives doctors prescribe antihistamines. If an abnormal condition occurs in a complex form, then, is parenteral administration of antihistamines and corticosteroids.

It should be emphasized that patients with chronic urticaria require frequent medication. Unfortunately, they have some disadvantages.

This sedative effect, disturbance of psychomotor reactions, inability to drive and control mechanisms.

In this regard, many patients had earlier refused all of the treatment of urticaria, which is unacceptable.

Also observed dry mouth, urinary retention. Very significant drawback of first generation drugs is that they have a short-term effect, which increases the number of devices per day, and therefore the likelihood of undesirable side effects.

Decrease in therapeutic effects in the case of extended requires a change of medication every two weeks.

However, fortunately, there is a solution to all these problems. It antihistamines the second generation. They are generally safe, easy to use, no side action and given the reviews, their cost is justified.

They are taken once a day and do not affect the food intake, the therapeutic effect persists for a long time, so to change to another drug is not necessary.

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Препараты от крапивницы: обзор эффективных медикаментов для леченияThese medications can be prescribed to the patients, which means the first generation was not contraindicated.

Of course, a new generation of drugs are different. At the first symptoms, the patient immediately raises the question of how to quickly recover?

Lately there have been many studies to determine the most effective drugs.

Studied in more details in selective groups of patients, while not always used the same dose.

But still, the results of these studies suggests that new antihistamines, which do not have a sedative effect, more effective, comfortable and harmless to health.

In addition to the antihistamine effects they have anti-inflammatory activity. The majority of patients prefer to treat urticaria drugs of the second generation. Their frequent use helps to reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life of patients.

The Drug Reamberin

The drug Reamberin from urticaria is characterized by detoxifying, antioxidant, hepatoprotective effects.

The process of treatment improves microcirculation, is antioksidantnym effect that leads to the achievement of a positive result in patients with chronic urticaria.

The medicine is intended for intravenous administration at 400-800 ml per day. Given the form of the disease, the course of treatment is usually up to 10 days. While taking the medication not have serious side effects.

Treatment of urticaria medicine pregnant

Препараты от крапивницы: обзор эффективных медикаментов для леченияUnder no circumstances pregnant women should not treat hives with antihistamines without first visiting a doctor.

Many drugs during pregnancy provoke uterine contractions, and the administration of terfenadine can lead to failure of fetus weight.

Self-medication in this case is expressly excluded.

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To reduce intoxication and strengthen your immune system, your doctor may prescribe a pregnant woman the following medications:

  • activated charcoal for cleansing the body;
  • hepatoprotectors the liver;
  • vitamins and minerals;
  • beneficial bacteria, normalizerbase the digestive system.

If the disease is complicated, then the woman assigned to injections of corticosteroids. The expert carefully considered the need to use the same drugs.

Treatment is safer for baby than the antihistamines.

Urticaria is dangerous because in severe form may occur angioedema. If pregnant swelling of neck, face, throat, should immediately call an ambulance.

Drugs for nursing moms

Препараты от крапивницы: обзор эффективных медикаментов для леченияIf the rash causes discomfort during breastfeeding, may be required to reduce symptoms.

In this disease women should not take hormones, even outer. If we cannot do without them, then breast-feeding should stop.

Study of the effect of antihistamine drugs during lactation have not been conducted. Naturally, they all penetrate into the milk and accordingly, the body of the child.

While these medications can be given to children more than a year. Medications appropriate if the risk of complications of urticaria higher risk of adverse effects on the baby.

Usually after taking antihistamines breastfeeding stops. All these issues are decided by a doctor allergist.

In the treatment of urticaria is well proven homeopathic remedies. They have no contraindications during lactation. But these tools also needs to be prescribed by a doctor.

Medicines for children

Препараты от крапивницы: обзор эффективных медикаментов для леченияTreatment of the disease in children as in adults, antihistamines are carried out in compliance with the dosage specified in the instructions.

They resist the itch and rash. In the case of acute urticaria children prescribe Suprastin. You can take medicine to the children after the first month of life.

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If antihistamines do not help are corticosteroids.

Remember that the treatment of urticaria complex and implies not only taking medications but also adherence to hypoallergenic diet and excluding all precipitating factors. All the best, stay healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)