Methods of preventing herpes from A to z

All kind time of day. Today I will tell you about the prevention of herpes. From the article, you will learn about the most effective traditional and folk methods of prevention of this disease, which is recommended known doctors from all over the world. Any disease is better to prevent than to cure. Do you agree? Then went!

General tips for prevention

Методы профилактики герпеса от А до Я

Here is a list of preventive measures that will allow you to avoid Contracting herpes.

  • You should limit close contact with a sick person. Highlight individual personal hygiene. In any case don’t kiss and don’t hug the sick person.
  • To eliminate the infection of genital herpes exclude casual sex.
  • Avoid hypothermia and overheating.
  • Strengthen and maintain the immune system in good shape.
  • Try to avoid viral illnesses.
  • Herpes take antiviral drugs that accelerate the healing process and reduce the risk of relapse.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle, take vitamins, give up bad habits.
  • Can use folk remedies prevention of cold sores.
  • So now I will elaborate on some points.

    Limiting contact with the sick person

    You should avoid direct contact with an infected person. It’s handshakes, hugs and kisses.

    Give him personal hygiene items (toothbrush, towel, washcloth). After he goes to the toilet, you should definitely disinfect the toilet seat, as the plastic the herpes virus can live for up to 4 hours. For this you can use a household disinfectant.

    Prevention of genital herpes

    Методы профилактики герпеса от А до ЯTo date, there is no way that would 100% protect you from a sexual herpes. The only measure of prevention of genital herpes is the rejection of sexual contact with an infected partner.

    Moreover, if you know that a person is sick, you can’t even admit to oral sex.

    If you think that will help a condom, then you are mistaken as cold sores can be in all the male reproductive organs.

    I would advise you to apply local anti-viral drugs that will reduce the risk of infection. A good way is sex Panavir gel .

    If it has happened sexual intercourse with patients with cold sores, you can use local antiseptics, for example, a spray synthesis or Betadine, which is available in the form of vaginal plugs for women and solution for men.

    Importantly, use of these drugs, not later than 2 hours after sexual contact. Only in this case they will help to inactivate the herpes virus.

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    You should avoid cooling and overheating

    Seasonal drop or increase in air temperature can lead to decreased immunity, colds. So you should always dress «for the weather».

    Development of herpes (only its location on the lips) is affected by excess sunlight. So, it is better on Sunny days, wear a wide-brimmed hat and use a lipstick with a high SPF.

    Strengthens the immune system!

    The herpes virus can be years to sit in the human body, does not prove itself. But if there is a decrease in immunity, the disease can begin to develop. To avoid this, you need to begin to strengthen your immunity. How to do it? Here’s 5 simple and effective ways:

    • The acceptance of adjuvants or other immunomodulators.

    Методы профилактики герпеса от А до ЯThis kind of training the immune system. There are drugs of bacterial origin, such as IRS-19, Broncho-munal, Ribomunyl, Biostim.

    Typically, they are prescribed for chronic diseases of ENT-organs and respiratory diseases. These diseases can lead to a strong decrease in immunity.

    You can also take pills — the artificial origin immunomodulators (Cycloferon, Anaferon, Alferon, Amiksin, Arbidol).

    They will stimulate the production of interferon against viruses. However, do not overdo it.

    Often after several courses of such «strengthening» the body will cease to independently fight off infections and viruses. The quality is very good, and most importantly, natural remedies against viruses I want to mention Immunal, on the basis of Echinacea.

    • Hardening.

    It is a way of strengthening the immune system is familiar to all these many years. It is best to start doing it from birth, so children did not have health problems. Believe me, a healthy child no herpes is not terrible.

    • Nutrition.

    If you are going to eat properly and adequately, drink plenty of fluids, your body will work like a clock, fighting yourself with any harmful bacteria.

    • Active lifestyle

    About sports – you life! This is the case. Life without diseases, including herpes.

    • Folk remedies

    Is decoctions and infusions of a mixture of herbs (dandelion, young nettles, wormwood, calamus root), garlic and onions, tincture of St. John’s wort, Siberian ginseng, Echinacea. The nose can be instilled with a weak solution of salt (1 small spoon per 200 ml of water).

    To strengthen the immune system in children will approach such a delicious remedy: take 200 grams of dried apricots, raisins, prunes, 1 lemon (with peel), 200 ml of honey. Dried fruits and lemon grind in a blender and add the honey. A delicious and healthy treat is ready.

    A preventative vaccine

    All of the herpes virus (simple herpes, genital and other) lead to the destruction of the human immune system, due to the weakening of immunity and development of chronic diseases.

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    A vaccine against herpes is capable to activate and stimulate cellular mechanisms of resistance of human body to cold sores.

    Now apply the following vaccines:

    • Herpevac (previously known as Simplirix).
    • Herbolax;

    Want be noted that vaccination is possible only after two months after the acute stage of the disease. Also warn that the effectiveness of the vaccine against all types of herpes virus is not proven.

    Doctors have not found the formation of specific antibodies, but only the production of a nonspecific immunity, which is not a reliable protection against the virus. That is why I do not recommend the vaccination as a sole prevention method.

    Now research is being conducted to study the properties of the vaccine against herpes.

    Prevention of the virus in pregnant women

    Методы профилактики герпеса от А до Я

    In women, the disease is often asymptomatic. Consequently, certain types of herpes can lead to serious complications, including spontaneous abortions and infertility.

    During pregnancy the herpes virus is extremely dangerous because it can occur infection of the newborn or fetus.

    Alas, the female body can not protect against this infection women should be especially careful to observe all preventive measures, especially during menstruation.

    If there is the slightest change of a hormonal background, appeared diseases of the mucous membrane of the genital organs or other diseases, there can be a relapse of herpes, including genital. However, scientists still can not understand the relationship of these factors.

    In any case, women before pregnancy will have to follow the same preventive measures that are prescribed for other patients. In addition to them the female half avoid stress, emotional stress, which can also lead to recurrence of the disease.

    Prevention in immunodeficiency

    Методы профилактики герпеса от А до Я

    If your body has got the herpes virus, it is unfortunately, it will remain there for life. Preventive measures should be aimed at reducing the number of relapses and the severity of the leak.

    Important – to keep the virus as long as possible in a latent state especially in newborn babies and people with immune deficiency, as this category of citizens of the herpes disease is very difficult and can lead to death of the patient.

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    In people with HIV recurrences of herpes occur six times more often than people with normal immune systems.

    If relapses occur very often, it requires a long therapy including pills or ointment, like Valacyclovir, Acyclovir and other derivatives of acyclic nucleosides, which can suppress the active spread of the herpes virus.

    However, these medicines cannot guarantee the prevention of contamination of related species of the virus, or the emergence of relapses. As a consequence to take these drugs continuously need that will be considered a preventative measure.

    To maintain the overall antiviral resistance of the organism to prevent diseases, or the appearance of recurrences, especially in the case of the cytomegalovirus in pregnant women, newborns and patients with immunosuppression, is assigned interferometrically or immunogenetically therapy. It is medicine with a human immunoglobulin.

    Taking these medicines should be long enough and with caution, holding parallel to the desensitization of the body, as there may be side effects.

    Prevention of herpes in children

    You need to carefully watch that the child did not use other people’s things and toys. If you know that someone from your environment is sick with this disease, completely eliminate contact with him.

    In the spring and autumn I recommend vitamin therapy to maintain immunity, and always adhere to diet and nutrition.

    When there is an epidemic of colds and flu, twice a day put in the nose antiviral ointments (Levomekol, Oxolinic, tetracycline, boric and other).

    This, dear readers, everything. I hope you will comply with all prevention of sulfur not to get herpes. We advise you to subscribe to our site and to always be aware of effective methods of treatment of various diseases. Be healthy!

    Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)