Mikosan of nail fungus: how effective and how to use it?

Микозан от грибка ногтей: насколько эффективен и как им пользоваться?Dear readers, we are pleased to welcome you on the website about dermatology! In this article we will look at modern medicine — Mikosan from nail fungus. The drug is available in a convenient tube with a brush on the end, which is applied on the nails affected by fungal infection.

To use this tool a pleasure. To beat fungus it can be used for six months, and even faster. Are you curious about what’s so special about Likosane? Then happy reading!

Pharmacokinetic properties: how does Mikosan?

The drug is in the form of ointments are often called lacquer. Actually, this ointment, which tends to dry out, creating on the nail resistant protective coating.

Микозан от грибка ногтей: насколько эффективен и как им пользоваться?When applying the medicine penetrates deep into the layers of the nail plate, is fixed on the surface of the nail and has a fungicidal effect.

By reducing the porosity of the nail ceases to be vulnerable to additional infections. Mikosan for fungi creates unacceptable conditions, it destroys their cell membranes and prevents the spread of disease.

Release form comfortable medication

Why Mikosan call comfortable cure? The reason for this is its completeness.

In the package you will find: ointment for the treatment of nail plates in 5-mililitros tube with brush; nail files for single use 10 pieces; templates; diary, simplify the treatment; manual.

The diary will help you not to forget to carry out the procedure, and templates to track changes in the nail during treatment.

With the help of nail files you will be able to prepare nails for the application of the drug. Now let’s talk about how to use Micosana for the treatment of fungus on the feet and hands.

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How to use Micosana?

The antifungal agent is recommended for use only topically. Avoid getting the drug on mucous membranes. Proceed according to this scheme:

  • Wet hands or feet affected with fungus.
  • Carefully apply the nail plate. Thus it is necessary to remove the regrown nails, clean stratified tissue, to try to depart the affected uchastki.
  • Clean nails with nail files, which are included, once a week you need.
  • Then treat your nails with an alcohol solution for degreasing. This procedure is repeated each time before applying Micosana.
  • Apply onto the entire surface of the affected nail plate to the minimum layer. Do this action twice a day everyday.
  • The duration of treatment is 3-5 weeks. To continue to apply Mikosan to full recovery nails.
  • If you visit a public pool or bath and are worried about the state of their nails, you can apply Mikosan for prevention. Use it as a preventive measure shall be allowed not more often than once every 7 days.

    Price and analogues

    Drug fully justifies its price, which equates to 850-900 RUB you can Buy in any modern pharmacy.

    If Mikosan you did not, then pay attention to its analogues: Flail, Loceryl, Flamini Demican, lamisil.

    The above-mentioned drugs is similar to Mikosan composition, effect and application method. Treatment of nail mycoses with the help of such means is the most convenient option.

    By the way, why Mikosan may not fit? To answer the question, let us consider its contraindications.

    In some cases, to use Mikosan not recommended?

    The drug should not be used in the following cases:

    • for the treatment of children under 4 years;
    • intolerance (individual) individual components of the medication;
    • during pregnancy.
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    Микозан от грибка ногтей: насколько эффективен и как им пользоваться?Testimony, in turn, Micosana the following: fungal infection of the nail, prevention of fungal infections of the nail, strengthening of nail plate.

    Medication in a convenient tube can be combined with other antifungal agents. However, he is not going to affect their efficiency in any way.

    Side effects after this drug appear very rarely. In the instructions you can find a short list of these phenomena:

    • dermatitis;
    • burning;
    • itching.

    To cause side effect if you use Micosana wrong (to put it too often and in large quantities).

    Rules of application Micosana

    Any antifungal agent will cease to be effective if you use them incorrectly. The above remedy should be applied only on the nail.

    Микозан от грибка ногтей: насколько эффективен и как им пользоваться?It is recommended to give it to dry completely. Nail files, which were used for the treatment of nail plates must be thrown away, not washed and reused.

    In the treatment of the sick should be regularly disinfected the shoes, to keep your house clean and tidy, to use personal belongings and to protect limbs from contact with dangerous surfaces in public places.

    People’s opinions about Micosana

    Choosing an antifungal drug, we often climb into the Internet and looking for reviews about it. So you do not waste your time searching, read the most useful comments about the above medication.

    For example, the opinion of Eugene:

    Микозан от грибка ногтей: насколько эффективен и как им пользоваться?Only those who are faced with a fungus, you will understand how unpleasant this disease. I tried to ignore it for three years.


    And then one day I noticed that the nails began to quickly deteriorate. Could not resist, went to the doctor. Tried Mikosan and get rid of annoying problems for six months.

    And here is a comment by Olga:

    Микозан от грибка ногтей: насколько эффективен и как им пользоваться?Her husband has long suffered from nail fungus. At first I thought it was not contagious. But one day, I noticed a problem on her nails. Together passed the examination and were treated with tablets + Micosana.


    Three months later, my nails recovered. My husband is the recovery process lasted for a year. More fungus did not bother us. I advise everyone to this medicine.

    That’s about it. Hopefully, the article you found all the information about Mitotane, which was interested in. In gratitude, you can sign up for site updates and share the article with your friends in social networks. Up to new meetings!

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)