Miramistin when the chickenpox: treatment of skin and mucous membranes

Мирамистин при ветрянке: лечение кожи и слизистыхHello, dear readers! We all know that the main symptom of chickenpox is an unpleasant watery itchy rash. You can deal with it with the help of the drug, which I will detail in this article.

Miramistin when the chickenpox can be used to handle not only the skin, but mucous membranes. Want to learn about the properties and possible applications of this drug? Then happy reading!

What is Miramistin?Мирамистин при ветрянке: лечение кожи и слизистых

It is a potent antiseptic agent, has antibacterial and antiviral effects. It copes with different types of pathogenic microorganisms, including virus that provokes chickenpox.

The effect occurs very quickly — in a few minutes after application.

The drug doesn’t penetrate through cellular membranes. When applied to the epidermal and mucous cover, it is practically not absorbed, which can harm the body.

The medication has no contraindications related to age. It is often prescribed for the treatment of chickenpox in children-infants.

There are two forms Miramistina:

  • The 0.01 percent solution;
  • ointment (not as popular as the previous form).

Side effects from the medication also not available. Sometimes after application, there is a slight burning sensation, but it passes quickly without auxiliary means and actions.

As mentioned above, Miramistina possible to treat the rash of chickenpox not only on the skin but also to mucous membranes. I propose to study more the uses of medicines.

Treatment of a rash on the mucous membranes: mouth, throat, and groin

Мирамистин при ветрянке: лечение кожи и слизистыхOften in adults, the rash of chickenpox spreading to mucous. First, it appears in the mouth and in the groin (on the surface of the genitals). Then may spread to the throat and even internal organs.

Smear of slimy green paint or similar antiseptic is not recommended. But Miramistina!

For the treatment of mucous membranes it is better to take the solution. Its concentration is weak so treatment should be done 3-4 times a day. If the rash appeared in the mouth, simply rinse your mouth with solution. If pimples in mouth in infants, lubricate Miramistina pacifier before giving it to the baby.

If lesions on the mucous membranes too much and they are very itchy, take cotton wool and soaked it with a solution, apply to the affected area for a few minutes. In some drugstores, you can find stolen Miramistin, but the costs are much higher than the price of the lotion.

Drug in a form convenient to use: spray on inflamed surface on the body several times a day.

Treatment of watery bumps on the skin

Мирамистин при ветрянке: лечение кожи и слизистыхMost notably, the above-described medicine quickly relieves itching, albeit briefly. But even temporary relief for a patient with chickenpox will be a real treat.

If you have a solution Miramistina can do with it using a compress to the problem areas of the body.

If you are going to use the ointment, apply it with a thin layer 3 times a day for the whole watery pimples affected skin surface.

This drug can treat not only children but also adults. Perfectly bearable smell, absorbs quickly, leaves no residue on the skin and clothing.

Side effects of its use may arise only in the case if you have individual intolerance to components. By the way, what part of this drug? It is detailed in the instructions.

Composition and indications Miramistina — generic medication

The main component of the drug is the same substance. An additional component is the usual distilled water. Other substances in the no, perhaps that is why medicine has become so safe.

What evidence, besides the windmill, are available from Miramistina? Their list is quite broad:

  • abscesses on the skin and mucous membranes;
  • inflammatory processes of any complexity;
  • infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (preventable if you apply the medicine no later than 2 hours after sex);
  • skin irritation in the form of watery or any other rash;
  • candidiasis;
  • infectious-inflammatory processes in the oral cavity;
  • sinusitis, otitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, and similar ailments;
  • deep and superficial burns of varying severity and much more.

Reviews of antiseptic

On the forums people speak positively about Miramistine. The drug has earned huge positive reviews due to its high efficiency. Especially often is noted the comparative ease and affordability of medicines.

You can buy it at any pharmacy without a prescription for 400-500 rubles. To evaluate the merits of the drug, read the reviews about it.

Angela writes:

Мирамистин при ветрянке: лечение кожи и слизистыхTreated this medicine for chicken pox, which I have to serve in adulthood. Of course, the acne appears not only on the skin but also to mucous membranes. Could not find a drug that can be safely applied to the mucosa.


I thought that such medicine does not exist. Fortunately, I accidentally found Miramistin. Itching after application do subside, but only slightly. The pimples start to shrink in size and eventually take place. The redness subsides a little. Overall, I like the effect.

Sergey writes:

Мирамистин при ветрянке: лечение кожи и слизистыхThis drug fully justifies its price. Was treating chickenpox in a child 5 years of age. Discomfort when applying the absolutely no. I also really liked the absence of contraindications and only one side effect — slight burning sensation that may occur as described in the instructions. Drug completely satisfied.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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