Mycosis of smooth skin: how it manifests itself and by what methods is it treated?

Микоз гладкой кожи: как он проявляется и какими методами лечится?Good day, dear readers! Do you think what is the mycosis of a smooth skin? It is a common infectious disease that provoke anthropophile fungi and opportunistic organisms.

The most common causative agent of athlete’s foot smooth epidermis is a fungal genus «Candida». Let’s take a closer look at this disease and learn to deal with it through traditional and non-traditional medicine.

Who is susceptible to the fungus, smooth skin and why?

The causative agents of mycoses have increased survivability thanks to which can long remain viable outside the body of the carrier. The disease is very contagious. For infection enough contact with the affected skin. What are the causes of mycosis sick, not all?

The fact that the human immune system serves as a reliable protection from athlete’s foot and other skin infections. If its protective properties are reduced, the body resistance decreases. Because of this, the fungi easier to settle on the skin and begin to reproduce.

At risk of Contracting fungal infection are those who:

  • long meds, especially antibiotics that are harmful for the immune system;
  • living in polluted environment;
  • does not comply with the rules of personal hygiene;
  • has a hidden infection that weaken the immune system, including venereal.

Микоз гладкой кожи: как он проявляется и какими методами лечится?The who statistics shows that only 5% of cases are primary mycosis. The rest are found in already poor condition.

This is because we did not immediately run to the dermatologist when we see on the skin scaly spot. In ICD mycoses are in the classroom (B35-B49).

The clinical picture

Symptoms or a clinical picture of fungal infection may be different. It depends on the species of the causative agent. Listed below are the most common types of mycosis of a smooth skin.

  • Microsporia
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The common people this type of fungal infection called «ringworm». The infection occurs through contact with sick animals, their fur or skin. The disease can develop not only in adults but also in children, as they are more often in contact with stray animals.

Микоз гладкой кожи: как он проявляется и какими методами лечится?The first signs appear on the epidermis about a week after infection. On the skin up spots rounded (more oval) shape with a clear outline.

The color of the affected epidermis within the spots: red or pink.

Can jump Valderice, which are gradually burst and form a weeping sore. But sometimes shingles leak without folderico, being accompanied by the peeling and slight itching.

  • Trichophytosis

This disease often only affects humans, but some members of its pathogens can live on animals. Skin defects trihofitii almost the same as in microscopy. However, these defects may gradually grow and grow.

Often fungal infections associated bacterial infection. In this situation, skin blemishes become inflamed and begin to fester.

  • .

This disease may attack any part of the smooth dermis, as is shown in the photo in this article. It occurs in three different forms:

  • erythematous-squamous lesions, red-blue color with scalloped edges;
  • follicular nodular — lesions appear on the thighs, shoulders, forearms, legs in the form of pustules and papules;
  • infiltrative-suppurative is the most rare form, accompanied by a bright inflammatory process.

See how many varieties of fungus exist in our world. Therefore, the detection of such lesions do consult your dermatologist, who will direct the tests and determine the true cause of the disease. Only then treatment.

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The traditional method of dealing with a mycosis of a smooth skin

Микоз гладкой кожи: как он проявляется и какими методами лечится?Relatively well, if the fungus will appear on subtle feet. But if on the abdomen or arms, then it is not so tolerable.

The data part of the body visible, so ill committed as soon as possible to get rid of the disease. How to treat fungus smooth epidermis offers traditional, proven medicine?

If the disease is complicated, then the treatment will be comprehensive. It consists of:

  • antifungal oral medications;
  • corticosteroids;
  • external antifungal medicines.
  • Mild forms of athlete’s foot can be cured with modern ointments: Ketoconazole, Terbinafine, Clotrimazole, Econazole.

    Ointments are applied twice a day, morning and before bedtime. Before the treatment the affected skin should be clean, wash and steam. The above drugs are popular. On the forums, speak about them good enough.

    If a smooth epidermis is affected by the fungus, there is «fluff», there shall be a method of sealing. Affected areas after processing are Packed with plaster. After 5 days of treatment the hair is removed by razor or wax.

    Folk medicine against fungus smooth leather

    At home, the mycosis of a smooth epidermis can be cured with folk remedies:

  • Decoctions of herbs: plantain, tysyacelistnik, burdock, wormwood. All you need it to dry, grind, and brew in a Cup of boiling water 1 tsp. Broth insist night, and then administered orally on an empty stomach.
  • Herbal water (with the addition of decoctions) can be used for washing or steaming the affected skin. Steam is allowed but not all fungal skin defects. For example, weeping sores it is better not to wet. Therefore, it becomes clear the answer to the question: can I swim suffering from fungus.
  • Novocaine lotions to relieve inflammation and itching. If pockets of fungus itch and become inflamed, then they must attach a cotton wool soaked in Novocaine, all night.
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    Prevention of mycosis of a smooth epidermis is quite simple. It is in compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. It is not recommended to wear other people’s things, to use other people’s bath accessories and footwear. Periodically, you need to thoroughly wash the surfaces in your home. All things should be ironed sure.

    That’s about it. More folk antifungal recipes you will find on this useful and interesting website. Share read with your friends in the social. networks, if you liked the article, and subscribe to site updates. Up to new meetings!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)