Nappy rash: what if not immediately eliminate the annoying factor?

Пеленочный дерматит: что будет, если сразу не устранить раздражающий фактор?Greetings to all our readers! Decided in today’s article to talk about the aspects of skin care of the child about problems faced by young parents, doctors, how to take care of the baby, how to treat nappy rash.

The skin is the newborn has anatomical and functional characteristics: thin, richly vascularized, very delicate, and local factors of immune protection are still out in full force.

On the background of such factors in the skin of children perform improved respiratory and resorbtion functions, so it is not only harmful factors (lack of hygiene, sweating, not like in hot weather), but the irrational use of hygiene products (powder, powder, unsuitable cream) can lead to disturbance of their physiological state.

About diaper dermatitis

This is a common phenomenon that you can see half of the children in the first year of life. Most susceptible to this disease, children with atopy, which can be explained by the phenomena of dyspepsia and exudation from them.

A number of studies have allowed to draw conclusions about the nature of the dermatitis:

  • Mechanical (diaper, clothes);
  • Physical factors (temperature and humidity);
  • The chemicals (salts of bile, digestive enzymes, ammonia);
  • Microbial factor.
  • Nappy rash occurs in three stages. In the first stage reduces the protective function of the Horny layer of the epidermis, this can occur due to exposure to urine, enzymes contained in the feces.

    Bacteria from the intestine to secrete the enzyme urease, which when mixed with urea, forming ammonia.

    Talked about this famous children’s doctor Komarovskiy E. O. how about the root cause of the disease.

    Пеленочный дерматит: что будет, если сразу не устранить раздражающий фактор?The second stage, the actual diaper dermatitis, is characterized by the appearance of symptoms: redness, mild slightly pronounced scaling and papular rash.

    Affected skin of the genitals, buttocks, lower abdomen and thighs. If you are not able to eliminate the irritating factor, the inflammation goes into the average degree of gravity.

    Children have the following elements: papules, erosions, pustules, moms notice that the folds are formed by sealing-infiltration (see photo).

    Very often on this background, joins with a fungal component, then nappy rash is getting Candida.

    A long period leads to the formation of extensive lesions: deep erosion, pustules, papules, ulcerations, vesicles, and oozing. The area of inflammation is greatly increased.

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    Activities to care for baby’s skin

    The basic rule of skin care — to prevent pollution and time to wash the baby, especially the genital area and perineum.

    Пеленочный дерматит: что будет, если сразу не устранить раздражающий фактор?After each bowel movement need to wash the baby, using special tools with a neutral pH. Most types of soap and synthetic shampoos for children are not suitable, they deprive the skin lipid layer, dried and irritate it.

    To apply detergents for bathing only 2-3 times a week, then blot with a towel from a soft natural fabric the child’s body.

    After hygienic procedures in infants the skin grease with oil, baby soap, cream. You can lightly powder my powder, but an excess of it will lead to dryness, formation of lumps and irritation of the perineal region.

    Quick signs of nappy rash talks about the need to change maintenance: replace gauze disposable diapers, in the hot season not be used at all of the diapers, frequently changing clothes to skin breathing.

    If you notice redness, use medicines: cream Acres, Sudocrem, Bepanthen.

    They will quickly reduce inflammation, don’t let it spread further. They prevent the flow of mucus on the skin, create a protective barrier for the epidermis.

    Than it is possible to disinfect skin? Good Draplin. The components have antiseptic and disinfectant action.

    And soften, protect the skin and forms on its surface lipid film paraffin and lanolin included in the composition of the cream.

    Treatment of dermatitis complicated by Candida infection takes place by means of diflucan (2 to 5 mg. per kg. weight, for 5-7 days), topical remedies are: ointments, powders, creams with antifungal compounds ketoconazole, clotrimazole, miconazole, batrafen.

    I suggest to watch the video where the mom tells how they treated a child against the disease:

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    Proper treatment

    A basic rule for the treatment of diaper dermatitis is to create a permanent air supply to the affected areas of the skin. This is not only a frequent change of diapers, but also carrying out air baths.

    If you notice that your baby does not pass the inflammation, try changing the diapers as inflammation is often caused by intolerance to the fillers in baby diapers.

    When changing the diaper, carefully treat the area of the perineum. The so-called diaper cream should not be applied in a thick layer, they do not allow the skin to breathe.

    After applying wait a few minutes until the desired amount is absorbed, then remove any excess with a tissue (dry).

    Apply the starch and powder with him is not necessary, as it is often rolled into lumps, and is a favorable environment for the growth of bacterial flora.

    Therapy dermatitis should include ointments, creams that contain such ingredients: mineral oil, castor oil, beeswax, glycerin, zinc oxide, panthenol, complex of vitamins A, D, E, C. you can Also use folk remedies with chamomile, calendula, aloe and chamomile.

    The possibility of folk medicine

    Main folk remedies to eliminate the signs of inflammation are decoctions and infusions of herbs. First and foremost, it’s oats, chamomile, oak bark, succession.

    For detailed information on how to get rid of nappy rash using herbs.

    These herbs have anti-inflammatory and drying effect.

  • Unpleasant itching and inflammation will help relieve a decoction of oats. For this purpose, two tablespoons of dry herb brewed Cup of boiling water. After 30 min strain the infusion and add to the tub before bathing. Broth can be used as a means to wipe the skin when changing diapers, only on clean, dry skin;
  • Regenerating effect has a pasta made from celery root and potatoes. Products taken in the ratio 1: 1 and pulverized in a blender. Applied during holding air baths for 10 minutes, then wipe with a cotton swab dipped in the broth of one of the herbs (chamomile, succession, oak bark). Not pre-cook a lot of this money because every time you need to apply only fresher.
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    Treatment of inflammation is carried out in stages, this also applies to normal skin care that should be performed daily:

  • Remove the child wet clothes or diapers;
  • Wash under running water with soap, pH neutral (5,5), provided that it does not cause irritation;
  • Skin babies are prone to dermatitis or already have such displays do not wipe, and gently wet a clean diaper made from natural fabrics. Do not RUB the area with the irritation and disturbance of the skin;
  • Put the baby on the diaper (it is convenient to use a disposable), soak the swab in the decoction and rinse all areas where you see signs of the disease;
  • Leave it for 15 minutes the baby without diapers and diaper, he received aerial treatments. It is recommended to treat the skin and make the air bath at each change of diapers and diapers.
  • If there are no symptoms of inflammation simply apply the cream under a diaper. In the presence of redness or elements dermatitis, first treat the skin with antiseptic or tanning substance, then use medicated cream.

    We hope that our article will give you lots of useful information, to new meetings!