Nasonex Allergy: pros and cons of using

Назонекс от аллергии: плюсы и минусы примененияHello, dear readers! In allergic rhinitis the person suffers from constant nasal congestion, copious secretions of mucus, sneezing, excessive slezotechenii.

Scary to think that the above symptoms — it is mandatory companions for any allergies.

Surely they cannot be quick to get rid of? Fortunately, you can and will help as Nasonex for allergies. The drug in a convenient spray form has a comparatively low price, especially if we compare it with the effectiveness.

Are you interested to learn more about Nasonex? Then happy reading!

What is Nasonex?

This hormonal spray, the basic steps which:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • vasoconstrictor;
  • antihistamine.

Nasonex belongs to the popular anti-allergic group of corticosteroids. He was prescribed with allergic rhinitis of any complexity. Only this medication can prevent complications such as sinusitis and sinusitis.

Advantages before analogues Nasonex

Назонекс от аллергии: плюсы и минусы примененияThe medicine is available in a plastic bottle equipped with a special dispenser. The pump dispenser overdo the dosage is impossible. Nasal the drug has a strictly local effect, which enters the bloodstream and does not create systemic side effects.

Safety and high efficiency are main advantages. Nasonex price may seem high, as it varies from 700 to 1000. However, if you read the reviews and to evaluate its effectiveness, it becomes clear that the cost is no high.

The product really pays for itself, because allergies such as runny nose you can quickly cure them alone. To buy additional medications will not have.

Nasonex or lower blood pressure mother — what better to buy?

Назонекс от аллергии: плюсы и минусы примененияMost popular and closest part of the analogue Nasonex is to lower blood pressure mother. What to choose, the drug, described in the article, or to lower blood pressure mother? The price of the latter is more loyal. It is based on fluticasone furoate. It would seem, why buy the expensive original, if you can do cheaper alternatives?

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But in the case of nasal medications better to choose a more quick and efficient — Nasonex.

Composed of lower blood pressure mother no corticosteroids, which are present in the composition Nasonex. Therefore, he cannot effectively treat the symptoms.

In some cases, you need to use the Nasonex?

This medication is recommended for:

  • allergic nasal congestion;
  • different types complications of allergic rhinitis;
  • chronic rhinitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • of seasonal allergic rhinitis.

How to use nasal Allergy medication?

Nasonex can be used as antiallergic therapy for kids and adults. To treat allergic rhinitis with Nasonex the child can from the age of two.

Назонекс от аллергии: плюсы и минусы примененияBefore using nose drops, you must configure the dispenser. How is it done? A detailed description of this procedure can be easily found in the manual.

Before each subsequent use, the vial should be thoroughly shaken. Adults and children prescribed two injections of the medication in each nostril once in 24 hours.

This is enough to fully relieve nasal congestion and to ease the suffering. The effect occurs within the hour and a half, and maximum. The duration of anti-allergic therapy may be different. Often it does not exceed one month.

In some cases, for example, for the prevention and treatment of chronic rhinitis on the basis of intolerance, to be treated will have 2 months.

Children from two to 11 years of age it is recommended that one injection in each nostril every 24 hours.

To relieve the acute and severe symptoms of allergic rhinitis adults can increase dosage to a maximum of four injections in each nostril once a day. To exceed this dose is strictly prohibited, otherwise you may have side effects.

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What do you think, can a local drug used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis on the ground pregnant? The answer read below.

Nasonex for pregnant women — possible or not?

During pregnancy the above-described nasal drops are prescribed in some cases, if the positive effects exceed the possible risks. If you do not exceed the dose for a single application, then nothing bad will happen.

To appoint a self-Nasonex pregnant should not. Self to anything good in this position, does not! If you are tired of suffer from allergic rhinitis, contact your doctor, who consist on the account, and ask about the possibility of using Nasonex.

Spray corticosteroids are forbidden to accept people with:

  • individual intolerance of its components.
  • infectious rhinitis or sinusitis;
  • recent operational intervention in the nasal cavity;
  • open wounds in the nasal cavity;
  • runny nose due to tuberculosis.

Side effects after Nasonex

These include: pharyngitis, epistaxis, impairment of the function of the adrenal glands.

Назонекс от аллергии: плюсы и минусы примененияThese are the most common negative effects that can provoke a significant excess of the daily dose of nasal medication. If you avoid the overdose, then no impairment should arise.

If you have been prescribed Nasonex, then you should abandon any other hormonal therapies, as this medication is a corticosteroid hormone. Could it be an Allergy to nasal spray?

During clinical experiments, such meets very rarely. Intolerance to the components of nasal drops is an individual feature of the body of some Allergy sufferers.

How Nasonex is effective against the common cold on the basis of an allergic intolerance?

To answer this question will help the reviews left by Allergy sufferers who have tried the nasal spray. Review the most common review of Nasonex.

Marina writes:

Назонекс от аллергии: плюсы и минусы примененияWe were diagnosed with «allergic sinusitis on the basis of» and prescribed this drug. It was treated long, but effective. For two years running by Loram and all thanks to these miracle drops.

Victor writes:

Назонекс от аллергии: плюсы и минусы примененияFlying Nasonex seasonal rhinitis. I am completely satisfied with the speed of treatment, which, incidentally, is quite high. Before this medication was used by various vasoconstrictor, but to no avail. Not yet tried it, but nothing helped. Now spring and summer may feel a complete human being.

Igor writes:

Назонекс от аллергии: плюсы и минусы примененияAt first she was afraid to give Nasonex to the child, as it hormonal. But then I read on health forums that it is prescribed children around the world. Tried it and was pleasantly surprised with the result — from a rhinitis is not gone in two weeks. Since then, the allergic rhinitis on the soil my child did not happen.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)