Ointment bonafton from warts: what method of treatment will give the best effect?

Мазь бонафтон от кондилом: какой способ применения средства даст наилучший эффект?Good day, dear readers of a blog about the warts! Today we will talk about how to use the ointment bonafton from warts and effective it is, but first and foremost, please pay your attention to this book for the treatment of diseases of folk remedies.

First of all, we need to influence the virus, which they have been summoned to he moved to the passive stage.

You should work hard on strengthening the body, because otherwise the therapy will not be effective.

And the book is devoted to cleansing the body and enhancing the immune system, and it provides a comprehensive set of measures of treatment of genital warts, which you can get rid of the growths on the body just a couple of months.

Bonafton when warts are characterized by antiviral effect, it focuses on papillomavirus.

The remedy prescribed for the treatment of genital warts. The application of the ointment is carried out for medical purposes.

How to apply?

Мазь бонафтон от кондилом: какой способ применения средства даст наилучший эффект?Technician prepare a special regimen. Often, the substance should be applied to lesions several times a day for two weeks.

If there are growths on the mucous membranes, the treatment is extended to the acquisition of the desired therapeutic result.

Sometimes can provoke allergic reactions, which usually disappear after interruption in use of the tool.

Bonafton contraindicated in high susceptibility to components of the preparation at the time of pregnancy.

Any local impact should be used with great care only on areas of the lesions, so as not to harm the healthy parts.

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At the time of pregnancy the drug is used only on medical advice.

A qualified specialist is chosen the most reliable and quality product through which you will be able to eliminate the tumors without harming the patient.

Мазь бонафтон от кондилом: какой способ применения средства даст наилучший эффект?When a woman becomes on the account, be sure to get tested for HPV. If the result was positive, the doctor’s task is to conduct a diagnosis and the right treatment, which can be done later, after the birth of a child, or in the process of pregnancy.

Education are not a serious threat to the fetus, however, therapy can lead to big problems. Therefore, many doctors postpone it for the future.

If growths bring the pain, then the woman requires special medicines. This happens in the first trimester, at least at a later period.

Education on the genitals are a strong threat to the pregnant woman and the baby. In some cases, they may be so much spread that can strongly interfere with the natural birth course.

In the absence of appropriate treatment, in childbirth, at the time of opening the cervix of education will reveal and will contribute to severe pain, bleeding and possible infection of the baby. In this case required a caesarean section.

Мазь бонафтон от кондилом: какой способ применения средства даст наилучший эффект?Dosage begging is strictly personal to each patient after a diagnostic survey and identification information about HPV.

The tool is applied several times directly on warts. If the patient was prescribed several ointments, then it is necessary to comply with a temporary break in order that each substance has had time to exert its therapeutic effect.

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In the preparation of therapeutic techniques, the dermatologist selected the most reliable drugs.

The main contraindications of bonafton:

  • At high sensitivity to components of the medication;
  • Persons under the age of 18 years;
  • Lactation;
  • During pregnancy.

Special precautions

Мазь бонафтон от кондилом: какой способ применения средства даст наилучший эффект?In order to improve the effect of the application of the ointment, it should combine together with tablets bonafton.

Judicious use in small doses, mostly not cause an overdose. Bonafton is an antiviral medication that is available by medical prescription.

Its shelf life is 2 years, the temperature must be not above 15 degrees. After the autopsy of the ointment, should not use more than three months.

It is worth remembering that bonafton fighting in formations, but it does not affect the virus itself. Therefore, after local treatment, frequent relapses of the disease.

It is not necessary to self-medicate, as it is very dangerous to health. When making hazardous activities that require a lot of attention (driving a car), the application of bonafton, you need to be careful.

Patients who are sick from HPV, it is necessary to inform that the virus enters the number of sexually transmitted diseases.

Therefore, the examination and treatment requires from two sexual partners. During therapy and for six months after it, should use a barrier method of contraception.

Numerous reviews of patients with HPV regarding the drug bonafton speak about its high efficiency.

The tool has a positive effect on clinical manifestations of the disease and successfully eliminate them.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)