Ointment chicken pox: which is better and how to use it?

Мазь от ветрянки: какая лучше и сколько пользоваться?Good day, dear visitors of the site about beauty and health of the skin! Any ointment chicken pox need to begin to apply from the first day of the appearance of watery pimples. The effect of it will be at its maximum, and the cure more rapid.

Are you curious about what drugs are in the form of an ointment recommended for the treatment of the main symptom of chickenpox? If Yes, then read this article where I will list the most effective ointment watery pimples, itching, scars and scars.

Types of ointments that can treat chickenpox

In the past the pimples chickenpox treated only with green paint. But now, instead of green stuff you can use of highly effective creams and ointments that do not leave marks on the skin and cope with various skin defects. There are several types of ointments, are recommended for chicken pox. Offer to read them.

The main types of drugs in the form of ointments from the chicken pox for children and adults:

  • Products with zinc in the composition have a powerful drying effect and wound healing properties. In addition, they accelerate the process of maturation and self-purification of pimples.
  • Antiviral drugs stop the reproduction and spread of viruses in the body. Due to this, the disease progresses faster and easier.
  • Antihistamines — relieve itching, swelling, inflamed. Due to this pimples stop the annoying itch and become less noticeable.
  • Homeopathic drugs have strong anti-inflammatory effect. Quickly relieve redness and swelling. Prevent infection of the wound.
  • As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the ointment will be effective only if you begin to apply immediately after the onset of pimples. By the way, the price of drugs, which I will discuss in this article, you will be pleasantly surprised by the affordability.

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    Acyclovir is a highly efficient drug with antiviral action

    Мазь от ветрянки: какая лучше и сколько пользоваться?Acyclovir ointment has a unique active component, which composition is identical to the natural component of DNA thymidine. Due to this the above drug acts on the virus-the causative agent of chicken pox at the DNA level that provides a rapid onset of effect.

    The drug immediately stops the reproduction of the virus. In addition, its additional feature is the stimulation of the immune system.

    The drug is applied topically to six times a day. The sooner you start treatment, the faster you will achieve results. Perhaps this is the best ointment for chickenpox.

    Zinc — cheap and cheerful

    Мазь от ветрянки: какая лучше и сколько пользоваться?Zinc based ointment contains zinc oxide. Its principal properties are to eliminate inflammation, drying of the pimples, protection from pathogenic bacteria.

    This medicine is simply obliged to be present in every home medicine Cabinet. He has a wide list of indications and virtually no contraindications.

    This medicine should be used with the appearance of the first pimple until complete disappearance of the symptoms of chickenpox. But if you have an Allergy to zinc-containing medicines, it is better to give him.

    Calamine is a modern remedy for chicken pox

    Мазь от ветрянки: какая лучше и сколько пользоваться?The basis of Calamine is zinc carbonate, which effectively and quickly relieves itching. The drug is slightly cools, removes redness and irritation, making a watery pimples less start to itch.

    The long lasting effect that is important. With Calamine the skin heal faster.

    The itch can be used several times a day (as needed). In the course of applying you need to carefully ensure that it does not fall on mucous membranes.

    Viferon is a colourless comfortable ointment

    In the composition of the present Interferon the powerful antiviral substance interferon. This medicine not only heals pimples but also accelerates the process of detachment from them scabs. After this treatment, the skin will be smooth and clean. The medication is completely colorless, making it is easy to use and comfortable.

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    Analogues of Interferon in terms of comfort are:

    • Fenistil gel relieves itching, pain and swelling;
    • 5% Zovirax — destroys the varicella zoster virus;
    • Cendol — the modern equivalent of zinc ointment.

    Medications of scars

    Sometimes after pimples appear when the chickenpox scars. This «side effect» often observed in adults whose skin is not as quickly updated as children. Therefore, this article I highly recommend reading for all adults who contracted chickenpox.

    Мазь от ветрянки: какая лучше и сколько пользоваться?In it I will describe the most popular medications of scars. By the way, if you prefer traditional medicine, treat scars pharmacy white clay. On the website you can find a separate article on the use of different types of clay in dermatology.

    So, to get rid of scars after watery pimples will help Contractubex. It should be applied 3 times a day for 3 months. It is an analogue ointment Mederma, which is also used for at least 3 months.

    These medications literally resolves scar tissue and accelerate the regeneration of the skin. Which one is better is hard to say, because the principle is the same.

    Invisible scars can be removed using the popular cosmetic procedures — peeling. If you don’t want to see a specialist, you can spend a superficial peeling at home with scrubs (pharmacy or homemade).

    If the scarring is bad enough, without the help of a specialist you can not do. Contact your dermatologist, who, evaluating, your skin imperfections, prescribe effective treatments, for example, electrophoresis or phonophoresis.

    To accelerate the resorption of scar tissue able vitamins. They need to start taking immediately after recovery. Chickenpox lasts long. The sooner you start to drink vitamins, the faster you will get stronger your body.

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    Is it possible to smear watery pimples modern pharmaceutical drugs? The answer is obvious: not possible, but necessary! Without treatment, these skin blemishes will undergo long and uncomfortable.

    That’s the whole list of ointments that are prescribed for chickenpox. Share the information you just read with your friends in the social. networks. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to site updates not to miss new articles that come out regularly. All the best to you!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)