Ointment foot fungus: what is the most effective and affordable

Мазь от грибка стопы: какая наиболее эффективная и доступнаяGood day guests and regular readers! Mycosis of the foot threatens almost every adult and elderly person. Children, fortunately, face fungus is extremely rare.

But adults can catch it in any public place and even at home, if you do not observe hygiene and wear uncomfortable shoes (or don’t wear shoes in public places).

Are you curious about what cream foot fungus can quickly cope with the disease? Below you can see a brief description of the most popular antifungal local media of our time.

Salicylic ointment is the most inexpensive means, which correct to assume auxiliary

The most inexpensive antifungal agent is considered to be salicylic ointment. Its value varies from 20 to 25 rubles. Agree to such treatment. Salicylici (in common) has a lot of advantages:

  • a broad spectrum of action;
  • low cost;
  • versatility (suitable for nearly all);
  • a relatively simple method of use.

The only drawback of the drug is the need of combining it with a stronger and more focused means. If this is not done, the cure to stop fungal growth will be problematic. Salicilico don’t end up killing the fungi.

Salicilico removes keratinized epidermis. For this purpose it is enough to apply every 24 hours. The rate of application of ointments is approximately 5 days. During this time, the feet will be moisturized and supple for further treatment of the fungus.

Мазь от грибка стопы: какая наиболее эффективная и доступнаяGiven the above, it should be noted that salicilico is not the ointment for athlete’s foot, and a supporting tool that facilitates treatment ointments narrow spectrum of activity, which will be discussed further.

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When using salicylici need to make sure that the medication in no case did not get on mucous membranes. These sensitive tissues of the body can significantly be affected, as calicella acts very aggressively.

It is also not recommended to use in all periods of carrying the baby and during breast feeding.

Clotrimazole is an effective antifungal drug

Before using Clotrimazole, you must read the instructions. It is written that the drug is only effective against yeast.

Мазь от грибка стопы: какая наиболее эффективная и доступнаяWith the rest of it, too, to cope, but not so fast. Therefore, in the Internet you can often find negative reviews about Clotrimazole.

The price of the drug is not much higher than the previous. It is equivalent to 50-60 rubles at the present time. A tube stop almost all treatment. Thanks to the affordability Clotrimazole became popular.

Use of the drug is quite easy:

  • before handling wash your foot;
  • then dry with a towel;
  • apply ointment to the affected areas by the fungus 2-3 times a day.

The duration of application is 4-6 weeks on average. Some ill with managed to cure athlete’s foot with this remedy for two weeks. This can happen only if the form of fungal infection was not running.

Lamisil is a classic antifungal agent

Мазь от грибка стопы: какая наиболее эффективная и доступнаяReviews about Lamisile almost always positive. All noted its high effectiveness and quick result.

A reliable drug struggling with almost all types of fungi that cause athlete’s foot stop. Perhaps this is the most effective against different types of fungal infections.

The drug has virtually no contraindications. However, it should be noted that it should be applied with caution in:

  • renal and hepatic nedostatochnosti;
  • occlusive vascular diseases;
  • chronic alcoholism;
  • tumors;
  • lactation;
  • pregnancy.

Apply lamisil need in the following way: prepare the legs (wash and dry); apply a thin layer; massage until fully absorbed.

To completely get rid of the fungal infection stop using Lamizila require 2-4 weeks. Agree, it is a little, especially when compared with the previous medication.

Мазь от грибка стопы: какая наиболее эффективная и доступнаяThe epidermis may improve after a week of use, but despite this, stop not worth it. Lamisil is the best ointment for mycotic lesions of the feet and nails.

The price of such a highly effective means can not be too low. It varies from 500 to 600 rubles in different pharmacies. You can find the eponymous cream.

It is less concentrated and worth less. List effective antifungal creams you will find in a separate article.

Some General information about the treatment of athlete’s foot ointment

Now you know what ointments to use from a fungal infection of the feet is advisable. Drugs on the list are time-tested, which had to prove its efficiency. The main thing is to use them.

Using antifungal agent in a form, follow the rules:

  • before applying carefully visivite legs, trying to remove rough skin;
  • apply the medication daily, do not interrupt the course of treatment;
  • do not apply ointment too thick layer;
  • please note that the duration of treatment can be high.

Мазь от грибка стопы: какая наиболее эффективная и доступнаяThe ointment should be smeared only on a thoroughly cleansed and dried skin. Otherwise, the result you get, because the components of the medication can’t get to the focus of inflammation.

Before using any tool, make sure to consult your doctor.

Topical antifungal medications should be combined with the system, for example, tablets against fungal infections or corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory).

To get rid of the disease quickly with only one local medicines is impossible.

Traditional treatment can be combined with traditional. Traditional medicine offers many antifungal agents, is no less effective than medication.

That’s about it. Read information you can share with friends, if you wish, via social networks. If you subscribe to the updates site, then do not miss new interesting articles. I wish you good health, until we meet again!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)