Ointment for acne: sulfur ointment as an effective antiseptic for skin

Sulfur ointment refers to medicinal products with antiseptic effect and is widely used in the treatment of acne. Sulphur, part of the healing ointment has antimicrobial and antiparasitic effect, dries the skin and heals wounds and is also widely used as an ointment for acne. Sulphur ointment, in spite of the modern technology in cosmetology, is still used by many specialists in the treatment of skin diseases.

The content of the article

  • The effect of the ointment on the pimples
  • Benefits for the skin
  • Indications ointment
  • Applications
  • The mash out of the ointment
  • For sensitive skin
  • Tips for use
  • Manual
  • Dosage
  • The combination with other agents
  • Contraindications
  • The effect of the ointment on the pimples

    Sulfur when applied to the skin and contact with it makes Pantothenic acid, which treats acne, dries up and removes inflammation. Even after two or three uses of sulfuric ointment’ve ever seen. Acne is formed under the influence of sulphides and acid are rapidly disappearing, and with them the Shine.

    The affected skin under the influence of ointments are updated, it is smaller flakes. The active ingredient of the ointment irritates the receptors and improves blood circulation, and quickly acts directly on the germs that cause rashes. For minor skin problems, use a 10% ointment, for psoriasis, deep scars will need 33.3% of the tool that penetrates deep into the skin.

    Benefits for the skin

    Sulfur has shown its useful properties long before the advent of other cosmetics. It has creatologist action, heals minor cuts and cracks. The ointment softens and then removes the layer of dead skin cells on the skin that accumulate on the skin’s surface and clog pores.

    Less pronounced in sulfuric ointment antifungal effect. The main feature of the drug has a strong antibacterial action. Sulfur inhibits the proliferation of any bacteria on the skin surface and in deeper layers.

    The inflammatory process under the effect of the ointment is stopped. Another useful property of a medicine is tissue regeneration, because they use it against traces of pimples, blemishes and scars. The drying effect sulfur suitable for oily skin type. Skin problems can be cured with ointments with proper use.

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    Мазь от прыщей: серная мазь как действенное антисептическое средство для кожи

    Indications ointment

    Despite its positive qualities, the drug has a list of indications and can not be used thoughtlessly as any other medicinal substance. Sulphur ointment is administered in the following cases:

  • acne caused by Demodex mite;
  • seborrhea;
  • sycosis a pustular or process on the face;
  • fungal disease;
  • psoriasis;
  • the marks and spots from pimples;
  • acne.
  • The right choice ointment can solve many skin problems. Because it is produced in two forms with different concentration, different from her testimony. Sulfur ointment 10% is appropriate to apply in the following cases:

  • regeneration and intensive cell repair the damaged area;
  • the wound heals much faster when applying ointment;
  • small pimples and blackheads disappear.
  • For 33% ointment there are the following indications:

  • it greatly improves blood circulation, thus accelerating healing of scars;
  • are traces of the rash on the face;
  • valid for various serious skin diseases.
  • Applications

    The application of sulphuric ointment depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the extent of the disease. When the cause of acne is a subcutaneous mite, the tool is applied in a thin layer on the affected skin for at least three hours. Better to do the procedure before bedtime because of the smell it is impossible appear in public places. Before applying the ointment with skin, wash thoroughly using water and soap. Other inflammatory processes in the form of pimples grease spot twice a day.

    The mash out of the ointment

    Often the sulphur ointment is used as a component for the magmas. This means the point to smear the pimples with a cotton swab. For the mash you will need one bottle of salicyl alcohol and boric acid 3%, which should be purchased at the pharmacy, then these two components to connect. The resulting mixture must be divided in half and one liquids add a gray, and secondly to attach zinc-salicylic ointment. You will need a 0.5 teaspoon of the ointment, 30 ml, previously connected fluid. The talker of sulfur applied at bedtime, and another mixture to use in the morning.

    For sensitive skin

    The sulphur ointment is a bit diluted with water to reduce its impact on sensitive skin. To do this, in a Cup of boiled or mineral water add two tablespoons of the medicine. Mix a little beat up and put on the face two or three times a day. After removing ointments skin in need of moisture.

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    Tips for use

    To enhance the effect of the application of ointment is necessary during treatment to eat right and take vitamins. Should give up bad habits, not to eat fatty and sweet food. A comprehensive approach to the treatment of acne will help much faster and easier to get rid of rashes. If the skin appeared red spots or points, you should cancel the therapy based on the sulphuric ointment.

    Мазь от прыщей: серная мазь как действенное антисептическое средство для кожи


    Adhering to the rules on the application of the ointment with sulfur, it is possible to achieve positive results in the treatment of acne in a short time.


    The product is applied to clean and dry skin except for the scalp and mucous membranes, and its dosage depends on the disease. The deposited layer must be very thin so as not to overdry the sensitive skin or cause burns. The course of treatment lasts on average about 7 or 12 days. To remove the sulphur ointment from the surface of the skin with a cotton swab dipped in warm vegetable oil, pre-boiled.

    The combination with other agents

    Compliance with the instructions and the dosage does not allow the active substance sulfur ointment to penetrate the blood, therefore did not prohibit other means for intravenous or intramuscular injection as well as tablets. When treating acne, you need to use other creams it is better to apply them at different times, e.g., morning and evening.

    Мазь от прыщей: серная мазь как действенное антисептическое средство для кожи


    Among the contraindications sulfuric ointment release:

  • an allergic reaction to the main component;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • children up to age 3 years.
  • To prevent allergies, you must do the test for sensitivity to the active substance of the ointment. For this small amount of drug is applied to the sensitive area of the skin for at least 3 hours, for example, in the crook of the elbow. Then check for itching and burning. If the response to sulfur is missing, you can safely use it in the treatment of skin rashes.

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    Мазь от прыщей: серная мазь как действенное антисептическое средство для кожи

    Cons of the drug

    Each drug has its drawbacks. From sulfuric ointment the first drawback is its unpleasant smell, from-for which it is better to apply at home. Sulfur leaves greasy marks behind, which are hard to wash off, so bedding can get dirty if you use it at night. These stains can be eliminated with boiling.

    In any species of ointment?

    Sulfur itself is not antibacterial and other properties. In connection with other substances, it becomes active in the human body. Sulfur, as a component, is included in various drugs against skin rashes. For example, it is in the composition of the sulfur-tar ointment, which has long been used in the treatment of scabies and herpes. To eliminate seborrhea or psoriasis used of the sulfur-salicylic ointment, known for its antibacterial properties. Also sulfur is used as an additional component in corn plasters.

    Regular and proper application of the ointment to the problem areas of the skin allows you to quickly and efficiently remove acne and other rashes. Following the instructions on the application of useful tools you can avoid side effects such as peeling or irritation of the skin. Sulfur ointment has long been known for its healing properties, because so far it is prescribed by many estheticians.