Ointment for acne: Yam ointment as an effective remedy for skin diseases

Skin diseases bring a lot of troubles in the lives of many people, but fortunately, today there are available for each means to get rid of them. For treatment of pustular rash, fungal infections and other serious skin diseases ointment is used for acne. Yam ointment is easy to use and effective tool that not only successfully fights with a variety of pimples, but with scabies, eczema and also with the mite Demodex.

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  • The beneficial properties of the drug
  • Indications ointment
  • An ointment composition
  • Usage instructions
  • Advantages of ointment
  • Contraindications of the drug
  • Acne treatment ointment Yam
  • Rules of application of the ointment
  • The duration of treatment
  • Where to find the ointment
  • The beneficial properties of the drug

    Yam ointment is used to treat animals, but it has found its application for people. A feature of the tool is that it has two therapeutic effect. Acaricidal action helps to fight parasitic organisms on our skin, among which the mites. The second action is a fungicide and fights fungus on the skin.

    The ointment has good antiseptic properties, it helps to easily remove the Horny layer and helps the skin to regenerate. Dermatologists widely used drug to combat the mite Demodex. The drug has anti-inflammatory properties and soothing effect on the skin. Components of the ointment does not cause intoxication and irritation.

    Indications ointment

    Antifungal and antiparasitic effects ointment Yam can be used in the following cases:

  • scabies;
  • the acne and acne that is associated with it;
  • eczema;
  • rosacea;
  • dermatitis;
  • trichophytosis.
  • Most often experts use the Yam ointment in the complex treatment of demodicosis. This disease causes a large number of lesions on the face, acne. It features:

  • acne near nose and lips, on the chin;
  • redness of the eyelids;
  • itching;
  • sometimes there is swelling of the face;
  • the scales on the eyelashes.
  • An ointment composition

    Yam ointment is intended for external use and contains zinc oxide, salicylic, carbolic acid, sulphur, tar, turpentine, and petrolatum. It has a thick consistency and is grey with a pronounced characteristic odor. The vehicle is in glass or plastic containers of 200 and 400 grams. The shelf life of the drug two years. Thanks to the bactericidal and fungicidal properties have been used for the treatment of skin diseases.

    Мазь от прыщей: мазь ям как эффективное средство от кожных болезней

    Usage instructions

    The shelf life of the drug just two weeks, so you need to be careful when buying it. Ointments have a very unpleasant smell, but the result is worth a little patience. After one month of treatment, the dermatologist must prescribe a scraping to verify the presence of subcutaneous mite.

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    Since the composition of the drug, no antibiotics, no tolerance to the drug that allows you to drink his courses. If the cause of the rash becomes rosacea, the technique remains the same, but the factors in the development of the disease are somewhat different, so a topical application of ointment will be enough.

    Мазь от прыщей: мазь ям как эффективное средство от кожных болезней

    Advantages of ointment

    Despite the fact that the ointment made for animals, its effectiveness is very high, because it is widely used in the treatment of serious skin diseases in humans. For getting rid of demodecosis and rosacea ointment is the best remedy that will provide quick results. Subcutaneous mite may be a long time to make itself felt, and then abruptly manifest itself in the form of numerous pimples and blackheads, so it is hard to fight.

    Among other advantages of the ointment are:

  • low cost;
  • natural composition;
  • quick results;
  • few side-effects.
  • It is important in any case before beginning treatment, consult a physician to determine the cause of the rash because this may be the Demodex mite.

    Contraindications of the drug

    Yam ointment should not be applied to the skin in the following cases:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • individual hypersensitivity to the ointment;
  • skin damage in the form of scratches, small wounds;
  • burns;
  • allergic rashes.
  • Before applying the ointment must be examined by a dermatologist, blood tests and scrapings. A drug intended for the treatment of complicated skin diseases, pimples caused by Demodex mites or fungi, but not suitable for the removal of blackheads, pore cleansing and other cosmetic problems.

    It is impossible to prescribe the drug, if the cause of the rash on the face is not detected. Yam ointment is not just a cosmetic, a drug with a complex composition.

    From ointments, there are only two side effects, among which allergic reaction to the active substances and skin burns. In order to prevent allergies before using in a small amount is applied to the inner bend of the elbow or wrist, leaving it for 5 minutes. A burn is possible if the break instruction for use and keep the Yam ointment on the affected acne areas more than 15 minutes.

    In case of unexpected allergies on the skin should immediately wash the medication and never apply it without a doctor’s advice. Treatment will also terminate if a patient appears dizziness, nausea due to absorption of drugs in the blood.

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    Мазь от прыщей: мазь ям как эффективное средство от кожных болезней

    Acne treatment ointment Yam

    If tried all the expensive tools don’t get rid of acne, people often resort to more affordable and simple methods. Do not be afraid of the fact that the original ointment is intended for treatment of animals, because its composition is completely safe, low toxicity, and positive feedback after full recovery speak for themselves. Dermatologists with more experience prescribed this ointment for skin diseases.

    With ointments are destroyed fungi and eliminated all the impurities in the deep layers of the skin. After the first application some people have positive results, redness reduced in size, is itching, swelling. After two or three days of applying the ointment to the affected skin dies a large part of the fungi and bacteria that become culprit lesions.

    The main components of the ointment to help eliminate oily Shine on the face, normalize the work of sebaceous glands, have an antiseptic effect on the skin. Accelerates cell renewal for cleansing dead skin particles. Vaseline and lanolin are present in almost all cosmetic products. Salicylic acid is in many remedies for the treatment of acne, and tar used for the preparation of the ointment Vishnevsky.

    Rules of application of the ointment

    Yam ointment is well stirred before you apply it on the skin, as components with a long storage exfoliate. A special scheme will help to derive maximum benefit from the drug.

    1. You must first apply a thin layer to cleansed only 5 minutes on the first day of treatment.
    2. The second and third day the ointment is applied as well, lightly rubbing it into the skin.
    3. After three days the substance is left on the affected area for 10 minutes.
    4. Next, increase the time to 15 minutes.

    This scheme is due to the fact that mites quickly adapt to new substances ointment. Be washed off from the face you need a cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil, and then rinse the skin with warm water. To apply the ointment that you morning and evening. Many experts recommend the use of antifungal medication after cleansing the problem areas lye soap. Together, these two tools are much better and faster. For these reasons, you need to wash at least two times a day with the use of tar soap.

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    At the time of treatment with the ointment should abandon cosmetics, among which Foundation, powder and others. A moisturizing or nourishing cream is also not recommended to apply immediately after the procedure, and only after two or three hours. The product contains lanolin and vaseline, after he will never have the sensation of dryness and tightening.

    The duration of treatment

    For complete recovery it will take one or two months. The ointment is not addictive, because the treatment can be repeated if necessary. Despite the fact that the first successful results appear on the fourth or fifth day, you can’t interrupt therapy. At the initial stage, acne hiding, but the cause of the skin diseases does not pass, because you have to follow the course designated by the doctor, until the end.

    Where to find the ointment

    The drug has a low cost for such a broad spectrum of approximately 50 to 100 rubles depending on the method of production of ointments. It can be packaged in the container 90, 200 or 400 grams. In order to purchase the tool, you need to go to the veterinary pharmacy.

    Yam ointment is proven to be an effective tool in modern dermatology. Its excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties eliminate the main culprits of acne, acting directly on the causes of the disease. The absence of significant side effects makes available the means for many people. Applying this simple and effective medicine in the difficult struggle with acne, you need to carefully study the instructions and confer with your doctor so the result was a healthy and beautiful skin.