Ointment for herpes on lips: TOP 10 best drugs

With joy we greet you, my friends! Many familiar with this problem: on the lip up cold sores and you need to quickly get rid of it. What do you use to treat this problem? Surely folk remedies or purchased cold sore cream on the lips.

And do you know what ointments are most effective and act instantly? Don’t know? Then read this article where you will find the list of the most popular antiherpetic drugs for external use.

Why is an ointment, not any-more?

Мази от герпеса на губах: ТОП-10 самых лучших препаратов

This dosage form is convenient because virtually no contraindications. Therefore, the ointment can be used for the treatment of herpes simplex infection in pregnancy and in children.

By the way, for children are designed the same drugs as for adults. So you can smear them herpes on skin of children, without fear of consequences.

The ointment we can use in any place and at any time. To take a pill, we need drinking water, which is not always at hand.

For applying ointment us almost nothing, except that cosmetic wand or cloth, which will not occupy much space in your pocket or purse. In addition to convenience, it is possible to note the comparative safety of these drugs. They do not have to eat inside, and so they can greatly harm the body.

Ointments are and point directly to the problem area, as plotted on it. All modern antiherpetic drugs for external use has a double action:

  • first, they inhibit the activity of herpes viruses;
  • second, protect the wound from pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria that can get into it from the outside, thereby accelerating the healing process.

At the present time, the range of antiherpetic ointments striking diversity. Everyone can find the perfect solution. Don’t know which ointment to choose to quickly heal a cold sore? Then read the list of the most effective and therefore popular preparations for external use.

Zovirax ointment No. 1 vs cold sore

Мази от герпеса на губах: ТОП-10 самых лучших препаратовAccording to many people, this is the best ointment against herpesviruses. Zovirax was created on the basis of the drug Acyclovir, which we will examine later. The ointment has improved in terms of composition, so faster and more effectively blocks the virus.

Composed of Zovirax as excipients propylene glycol acts. It is a powerful antiseptic that prevents bacterial infection and accelerates healing.

Few people know that Zovirax can be used for prevention. Apply it on the place, which felt itching and swelling preceding the appearance of the rash. Repeat procedure up until the feeling disappears completely (5-6 times a day).

The only drawback of the drug is ineffective against modern strains of herpes viruses type 1 and 2. Modern strains have already appeared, when Acyclovir (Zovirax predecessor) has been actively used, so you have developed immunity to the drug.

The main advantage of the ointment is the price — 200-250 rubles. Given the fact that the modern drug, its cost does not seem excessive. Even the minimum package of Zovirax will be enough to full recovery.

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Acyclovir is the least effective remedy for herpes rash

Мази от герпеса на губах: ТОП-10 самых лучших препаратовThe drug Acyclovir is used against herpes viruses for many years. He created numerous modern ointments, including previous.

Composed of Acyclovir is present in the main substance of the same name, and vaseline, the wound creates an invisible film that protects from harmful external factors.

Acyclovir is not recommended for pregnant women (it is possible, if the risk is less good). In addition, it cannot be applied to the Breasts if a woman feeds her.

Some may be individual hypersensitivity to the ointment, which will manifest as allergies. Cost of Acyclovir cheap — 40-50 rubles per 10-gram tube. This is enough not at once.

Acyclovir-acre — improved and more modern Acyclovir

This drug is manufactured by the Russian company, and is created from ingredients produced in Spain.

It is more modern than the namesake predecessor, and therefore more effective. The principle application is the same as Acyclovir. Contraindication is pregnancy and breast-feeding.

The drug is available in 5-gram tubes. The cost of Aciclovir-akri is 20-30 rubles for a tube. Agree, this is very cheap, especially when compared to other ointments that have recently appeared.

Vivorax — ointment overseas against modern strains of herpes viruses

Мази от герпеса на губах: ТОП-10 самых лучших препаратовThis tool is made in India and is recommended for those who have any individual hypersensitivity to the previous two ointments.

Sivaraksa virtually no contraindications, the active ingredient in its composition is the same List, but in the bound state.

This ointment apply 4 times a day a thin layer on the affected area. Try to keep your mouth as possible food poisoning. The price of drugs varies from 50 to 70 rubles in the pharmacies of different cities.

Oksolina — safe and easy to use tool

Oxolinic ointment can have 1% or 2% of the active substance in the composition. If herpes is light, enough 1% ointment, and in severe cases will need more potent 2%.

Apply it on the affected area at least three times a day, before bedtime this should not be done. The cost of the drug varies from 68 to 90 rubles.

Panavir gel and its advantages over other drugs

The main advantage of Panavir-gel is a herbal composition. The plant-based medicine may be applied for treating herpes infection children and pregnant women.

The main ingredient in the composition is an extract of sprouted potatoes. This substance quickly and effectively lulls the herpes virus, and additional components of the gel promote rapid healing.

The cost of a 30-gram tube of gel is equivalent to 880-900 rubles. If you want to save, then take a 3-gram tube, which price is 160-170 rubles.

Used Panavir gel as well as other ointments. Detailed instructions regarding the use of antiherpetic ointments you will find in the end of the article.

Viferon — like not only for skin but also for sensitive mucous membranes

Ointment Viferon attracted by the fact that is suitable not only for the skin but also to mucous membranes. It effectively reduces virus and further accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues.

It will have to use more often than others, namely every 2 hours. It is recommended for use during the week, but if precipitation during this time will not pass, it is possible.

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The price of Viferon almost comes to 200 rubles (in this embodiment, the maximum content of active substances). The drug is not sticky, absorbs quickly and doesn’t bother the flavor.

Fenistil penciler — analogue of Famvir, which comes in a form of ointment

Мази от герпеса на губах: ТОП-10 самых лучших препаратовThe above ointment should be used on early stages of herpes. It significantly reduces the duration of the presence of lesions on the lips.

Such a drug is permitted to treat herpes in children 12 years of age. Pregnant and lactating women, it is contraindicated.

Fenistil penciler are comparatively cheap, since its cost varies from 300 to 400 rubles. The price is completely justified by the efficiency, therefore let her you do not mind.

Zinc ointment, not antiviral, but effective wound healing agent

Let’s say you have been treated antiherpetic ointment, but the rash never heal. What to do in this case? To speed healing will help the zinc ointment, which frankly penny — 50-60 rubles per bottle.

To use such a tool to gently. It dries and tightens the wound, which may experience mild discomfort. More ointment effectively protects against bacteria that can penetrate the herpes sore and cause suppuration.

To get rid of herpes on lip with zinc ointment it is possible for 3-5 days. Most importantly, apply it regularly and properly. If after applying you will feel a burning or itching, immediately wash the drug and do not use it, as it is the symptoms of hypersensitive.

Zinc ointment is safe for pregnant women and for children. This is its main advantage.

Tetracycline in the form of ointments: is it worth to use?

Мази от герпеса на губах: ТОП-10 самых лучших препаратовTetracycline ointment is a bacteriostatic antibiotic. As you know, antibiotics help to get rid of pathogenic bacteria.

Therefore, to use this tool is useful if the herpes was joined by a bacterial infection. The drug inhibits the reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms on the protein level.

Some experts argue that Tetracycline acts on viruses, namely herpesviruses. Perhaps this is true. At least the reviews of people who have tried the remedy of herpes primarily positive.

How to use antiherpetic ointment?

Regardless of what ointment choose, you should be able to properly handle a herpetic rash, otherwise a rapid effect not achieve. How this is done will tell you detailed instructions:

  • Before applying the ointment on herpes rash wash your hands thoroughly. On hand there are many bacteria, most of which are pathogenic. Unwashed hands you will bring infection into the wound, causing it to inflame and fester. To wash hands not necessarily with antibacterial soap. Can use a normal, most importantly, wash carefully.
  • Apply the ointment with your fingers, a cosmetic stick or a cotton swab, if nothing else at hand was not. In the contents of the herpetic rash is the virus in large quantity. Using the ointment with your fingers, you take the virus from the rash and carry him up and bring him to other parts of the body, if does not wash hands after handling. In addition, the nails, you can injure rash, causing it will take longer to heal.
  • In any case, do not use a cotton swab or q-tip several times. It will remain the herpes virus, which, by the way, in the external environment can isnegative some time. In addition, the instruments used can adhere the bacteria as you are clean and not disinfect it fully. For each application of the ointment take a new cotton wool or a cosmetic stick, which should be stored in tightly closed containers.
  • After applying the drug can not be washed. It should be absorbed by. It will take from 30 minutes to an hour. All this time, you can have the feeling of the film on the wound. Some ointments have a greasy texture, so create significant discomfort after application. Even in this case, wash the cure from the lips is not worth it.
  • Track from applied ointments will be noticeable. He may look like a white spot or like a shiny glossy surface. If you need to go anywhere, you apply on the cold sore an hour before the release. This time is enough for complete absorption and disappearance of the traces.
  • Choosing antiherpetic drug for external use, consult a dermatologist. Be sure to check whether you have individual intolerance. To do this, apply a small amount of the drug on inconspicuous area with a thin and sensitive skin, for example, on the inner surface of the elbow. If after 10-15 minutes the skin will remain intact (free of redness, inflammation, burning, etc.), you can safely apply the ointment to the selected problem area.
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    That’s all the information about an effective ointment against herpes lesions in the mouth. I hope I answered all your questions and fully satisfy your curiosity.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)