Oral dermatitis: the causes and how to treat the disease?

Пероральный дерматит: причины появления и как лечить болезнь?We are glad to see you at our site about leather, dear readers!

When was the last time you caught yourself thinking about the state of the interlocutor’s face? Statistics says that when communicating, we often pay attention to the mouth and eyes of the opponent.

What happens when the skin around the mouth the affected by the inflammation? The desire to continue the conversation quickly disappears. Our story today is about what oral dermatitis.


Develop dermatitis around the mouth, usually due to various disorders in the intestine and hormone levels.

Here are the main factors that affect the condition of skin near the lips and on the chin:

  • hormonal imbalance;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • incorrect operation of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the development of infections in the body;
  • allergic reactions.

Rarer to see a reaction to cosmetics, on the eve of menstruation in women, when exposed to wind and sun in this area.


Пероральный дерматит: причины появления и как лечить болезнь?The first manifestation of oral dermatitis is redness and flaking of the skin near the nasolabial folds.

If no action is taken, the skin begins to itch, and may cause ulcers. Also the area of inflammation increases in size.

Oral dermatitis on the face is primarily in the corners of the mouth, chin, and around the nose. If it is not treated eczema can affect the entire area of the face.

Usually the disease does not bring pain and discomfort except for aesthetic effect, but in rare cases there may be thickening of the skin, itching, and even cracks.


Пероральный дерматит: причины появления и как лечить болезнь?There are several different ways to treat inflamed areas. Basically it is the use of external means, such as creams, ointments, lotions.

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Traditionally to get rid of dermatitis you can use the integrated approach, which is based on getting rid of the source of the problem.

  • Food. Proper nutrition is the basis of good operation of the organism as a whole. Once you manage to adjust the menu, you will notice an improvement before the application of the ointment and pills. Therefore, the diet should include more lean meat and plant foods. From food, saturated animal fats and fast carbs will have to give.
  • Hygiene. To wash your face, we recommend using tar soap. It perfectly removes dust and dirt, and the medium for pathogenic bacteria creates uncomfortable. It is not necessary to run to the pharmacy for expensive foams, they may be at least useless, and at best to harm and aggravate the situation. The fact that not every product is suitable for therapeutic purposes, and especially struggling with the fungal medium.
  • Immunity. At this factor also need to pay attention in the first place because the weakened body most vulnerable to skin problems. According to statistics, due to reduced immunity possible dermatitis in the mouth area, inguinal dermatomycosis, anal dermatitis and other.
  • And to increase the body’s resistance need to live a healthy lifestyle:

    • fresh air daily for at least one hour a day;
    • to do morning exercises;
    • not to forget about the procedure of hardening, such as a contrast shower and cold water;
    • to follow a proper diet, do not overeat;
    • to avoid stressful situations;
    • may, after consultation with the doctor, make the immune system of the body.
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  • Ointment. Today, there are a lot of different topical treatments from skin diseases. But rosamet with perioral dermatitis has proven itself the best. This antimicrobial ointment fairly quickly relieves inflammation and helps early recovery of the damaged place. Particularly good reviews about it in advanced cases, aggravated ulcers, and acne.
  • Pills. When referring to a dermatologist first is a series of tests that help to pinpoint the source of the disease and rule out more serious illness. In addition to topical treatment your doctor may recommend a course of treatment with metronidazole. Internal antimicrobial drug that helps fight infection body as a whole. It should be noted that this tool is also fast enough helps to treat perianal dermatitis.
  • Folk remedies

    Пероральный дерматит: причины появления и как лечить болезнь?General medicine oral dermatitis is a complex of measures, which kill harmful bacteria, relieve inflammation and heal redness on face.

    It is important to note that the treatment of folk remedies also have a beneficial effect on skin condition and can significantly expedite the healing process.

    At home you can prepare a decoction of medicinal herbs or several plants at the same time:

    • a decoction of chamomile succession;
    • a decoction of aloe juice;
    • the infusion of oak bark and others.

    In addition to the usual wiping of medicinal lotions that you can apply a mask of egg white mixed with a few drops of castor oil and chopped leaf aloe.

    A mixture, pre-mix thoroughly, and then apply for fifteen minutes and rinse with warm water.

    What not to do?

    At the first sign of problems with the skin is necessary to completely stop using makeup and to touch, to scratch, to dig the affected areas.

    You can post infection and the result will be an increase in the area of inflammation. It is also important to buy products from the supermarket marked «from dermatitis», «inflammation» and the like. Funds need to buy at the pharmacy and only on the order of a physician.

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    Summarizing the above it can be noted that oral dermatitis disease is simple, if it does not start, and when the first symptoms to pay attention to them and begin to take action.

    At the end of the article suggest a video where the girl talks about how she got rid of this disease:

    Systematic approach is what will help for sure and will not give any chance for recurrence of the disease. Health to you!