Oxolinic ointment for warts: effective and absolutely safe remedy for the ailment

Оксолиновая мазь при кондиломах: эффективное и абсолютно безопасное средство против недугаWe welcome you, our readers! Our topic today will be about warts, you will agree, a rather unpleasant disease that is transmitted, in addition, sexually.

And about the discomfort and appearance and can not speak. But before you find out how to treat the disease, we recommend you to obligatory reading the book «the Treatment of warts folk methods.»

In it you will be able to read as their causes, and the different treatments available at home, as well as General recommendations.

What is condyloma?

Pointed education, pink color, small in size, resembling a pyramid, and towering above the surface of the skin is warts.

Their appearance can cause frequent urination, pain, itching and burning. Genital warts are caused by a virus human papillomavirus and is one of the most common diseases, sexually transmitted.

What danger can bear education?

Оксолиновая мазь при кондиломах: эффективное и абсолютно безопасное средство против недугаAs research of this condition that anxiety in patients increases. This is due to the fact that patients with cancer formations of this virus is detected almost ninety percent of the time.

Mostly, patients are diagnosed with education in the area of the genitals, anus or cervix, had untreated the human papillomavirus.

Many scientists acknowledge the fact that this pathology can cause cancer.

Where may receive the illness?

This is one of those viruses that for years in the body can be in a latent state for years and decades. Sick about it no idea and no symptoms are observed.

Symptoms appear only when the human immune system fails or is reduced for any reason.

The risk of infection exists in every man who lives a sexual life. Trigger factors may well serve as a venereal disease, and acute respiratory infection and other problems. And also during pregnancy.

How is the infection?

Оксолиновая мазь при кондиломах: эффективное и абсолютно безопасное средство против недугаThe classical scheme of transmission – through sexual contact. Moreover, rash on mucous may appear in three months.

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A condom protects against such infections, but does not give an absolute guarantee. During childbirth the mother can pass the virus to their children. It was during the passage of the birth canal to the newborn transfer the virus.

Thus, it becomes clear that a particular risk exists in people, often changing partners and not using protection.

Pools, communal showers, baths and saunas may also cause infection, so hygiene when visiting such public places should always be respected.

If the virus is detected in a pregnant woman, this may be an indication for cesarean section, to minimize the risk of infecting the baby.

Treatment of pathology

In order to get rid of warts used combined therapy that includes:

  • surgical method;
  • therapeutic, which is characterized by destruction of HPV on a cellular level;
  • biological, as a result of reduced activity of the virus in General.

Оксолиновая мазь при кондиломах: эффективное и абсолютно безопасное средство против недугаAlso a great success at all times is cryotherapy – removal of liquid nitrogen. Using the applicator, freezes the warts for a couple of seconds. It disappears after a few days, and the trail heal in about a week.

Widespread topical therapy of genital warts. Helps oxolinic ointment, which we used to use to prevent possible infection with the flu.

The oxoline has excellent antiviral effect and due ointments the propagation of virus is violated. 3% ointment is usually applied on the mucous membranes and on the rash. No irritation, no trace in the form of scars on the skin it does not cause.

Used against warts it several times a day for three months, as a rule, this period is sufficient to completely get rid of the virus.

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In General. This treatment is suitable for those who cannot attend the reception and to remove all lesions at a time with a laser, or other devices.

The main positive aspect is the absolute safety of this method and the absence of contraindications. Judging by what we found reviews, external therapy helped very much.

What else is used oksolina?

Externally a drug copes with the following ailments:

  • viral keratitis;
  • adenoviral conjunctivitis;
  • rhinitis;
  • containany clam;
  • herpes zoster and others.

It should be noted that almost always used the medicine with a concentration of active substance of 0.25%, whereas applying it to the papilloma is mostly a three percent concentration.

I enclose also a video where Dr. Komorowski says about the drug:

General recommendations for the treatment of warts

Оксолиновая мазь при кондиломах: эффективное и абсолютно безопасное средство против недугаYou need to be aware that while the patient will not result in the entire body in the procedure, the treatment may not produce a positive effect or not to destroy education completely.

In order to have the result, you need to first strengthen the immune system. Go to healthy food, to start hardening and exercise.

Drinking regime should not be violated, if you want to cure the disease. You need to drink at least two liters of water per day.

If you fully rebuilt your life in a proper and healthy, avoid alcohol, Smoking and other bad habits, pathology may begin to recede on their own.

Moreover, treatment of warts is not to begin until they are in the active phase. Whether local treatment with the ointment or should I see a doctor and undergo the procedure of burning will become clear after the first consultation of a dermatologist.

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Оксолиновая мазь при кондиломах: эффективное и абсолютно безопасное средство против недугаWhichever method you eventually choose, you should always look to the positive result and methodically to fulfill all the requirements of the attending physician.

Don’t forget about the mandatory therapy is not only his, but also his sexual partner. As we already know, the likelihood that the partner has the same problem almost a hundred percent of the time.

Oxolinic ointment for warts is the best treatment option for people who can not afford to visit the clinic and simply delete all of education.

But when deleting, and when local treatment ointment, the risk of recurrence is large enough. This is because the virus, by restoring the immune system can only translate into the sleeping condition, to completely get rid of it very difficult.

In order to avoid complications and more serious ailments that are preceded by papillomavirus, warts, and education required to be treated.

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)