Oxolinic ointment will help you to get rid of herpes

Оксолиновая мазь поможет вам избавиться от герпесаHello, dear friends! For example, you are pregnant or breastfeeding and you suddenly jumped up herpes. What to do?

As you know, in that position you cannot take the standard antiviral medications, but do not want to hurt, besides it is dangerous.

The treated? In fact, a safe drug even for pregnant women with potent antiviral there is Oxolinic ointment! Want, learn to use it? Let’s see.

My experience with medication

When I was pregnant, I was afraid to get sick, so use this ointment for the prevention of common cold – apply it on the mucous membranes of the nose 2 times a day during outbreaks of colds.

She helped me perfectly and did not cause any side effects. Approximately in the second trimester (it was summer) I jumped up the herpes on the lips, and my doctor advised me to try the above remedy against the infection.

I tried it, the result surprised me – after 5 days, the sore vanished without a trace!

How to treat viral disease, such a drug?

It’s very simple: we need 3% Oxolinic ointment for cold sores, since it is such a concentration of active substance needed to effectively fight the virus.

The drug should be applied on cleansed skin (a problem) 2 times a day thin layer. The duration of treatment may be different, need to be treated until the symptoms until the infection disappears completely.

The drug is allowed for use against the common herpes viruses:

  • 1 like – illness on the face;
  • 2 like – genital infection.

More complicated types of diseases require additional therapeutic measures. If you decide to try this remedy, then you first consult your doctor because he might find you have contraindications.

Why a simple drug as effective?

Оксолиновая мазь поможет вам избавиться от герпесаThis ointment has almost no contraindications, except individual intolerance and side effects (if you will not go, then you will likely just start allergic to it).

Why then is she so effectively cope with the rash? And because she is composed of a special substance – the oxoline. It is a synthetic antiviral substance that inactivates the acids included in the composition of the herpes viruses.

This material practically does not penetrate into the body when applied externally, and therefore, will be absolutely safe even during pregnancy. It acts only locally in the place where it struck.

The tool data of the active substance helps you to get rid of only the symptoms of girisindeki. As is known, the disease is not excreted from the body completely so, and is intermittent again.

So why, then, are generally to be treated? And then, to prevent complications:

  • without treatment the wound on the lip or somewhere in other place will get bacteria, causing it to suppurate;
  • the duration of the disease depends on the treatment – if you treat a rash, then it will be much faster;
  • and Oxolinic ointment will stop the process of reproduction of herpes viruses, so they will not spread throughout the body and does not cause systemic complications.

Features of drugs: what price, in what forms available?

Today in pharmacies can find two types of this medication:

  • ointment, 0,25% (amount of active substance in the composition) is designed for the prevention and treatment of SARS;
  • a similar form of release, but 3% is exactly what you need to take if you have herpes.

Most notably, the drug can be applied to any areas of the skin. If you are breastfeeding, then do not apply at the chest, because the baby may accidentally eat a product.

Is it possible to smear with mucous membranes such means as you think? And I’ll just answer – you can, but not 3% and the 0.25 percent ointment, as it is more concentrated and can provoke an allergic reaction.

The price of the medication with the oxoline very affordable from 50 to 100 rubles. It is much cheaper than all the currently known specialized antiviral medicines such as Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, etc.

Side-effects: what can be?

Very rarely the drug causes a side effect in the form of allergic reactions, namely:

  • itching of the treated area of skin;
  • redness;
  • burning;
  • swelling.

If you feel something similar after applying the ointment, then immediately rinse it under running water and take an antihistamine, for example, Diazolin.

And ointments have a strange feature – it can stain the skin in a bluish color. If this happens, do not panic, as the blue trace rinse well and won’t hurt your skin.

Do you have medicines similar?

For example, it the above means you did not like or did not fit. Can it be replaced by something, and the same safe?

It is possible, as Oxolinic ointment, there are analogues: Oxonation and Tetracaine. For the treatment of girisindeki choose the most concentrated forms of release.

What people are saying about this treatment?

My opinion you read in the beginning of the article, and now let’s examine the other reviews to evaluate the remedy complete. Below are some comments from my friends and acquaintances who also tried this treatment.

For example, Anna wrote:

«Great tool! At the first symptoms of the disease of the lips immediately applying it! For 5 days the disease passes, and sometimes does not appear if I apply the cream in time.


No negative effects, I have never been! I am very satisfied with this drug, so I will use it in the future.»

And here’s a review of Catherine:

«Jumped up sores on face in early pregnancy due to the weakening of the immune system (at least I think so). Asked the doctor to prescribe something as safe as possible and he recommended this ointment.


At first I could not believe that such a cheap medicine could be effective, but then decided to try and, you know, not wrong. Medication is a great help for a week the rash completely removed and nothing bad not provoked!»

Not always the reviews are positive, for example, a negative review of one of my cousins:

«And I thought this medicine is absolutely useless! That smeared, not smeared effect one! 2 weeks the rash was present on his lips, and then standard healed in a few days. You can use them more I will not, because they do not want to waste time!»

You see, not everyone Oxolinic ointment is suitable. Try, if you want, but first consult your doctor if you are pregnant, or with a dermatologist if you have introduced herpes.

Do not self-medicate, and if you do, then at least read the instructions and follow the dosage!

That’s all, dear readers! Subscribe to updates of the portal, share information on social networks with your friends and write your opinion about the above medicine in the comments. Up to new meetings!

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