Panavir from warts: a drug with proven effectiveness against disease

Панавир от кондилом: препарат, доказавший свою эффективность против недугаGood day, dear readers of a blog about the warts! Today we will talk about how to use the gel Panavir from warts, but first I want to introduce you to the book «the Treatment of warts folk methods.»

In order for the human papillomavirus moved into the sleeping phase, you need to calm him down. This should greatly enhance your immune system, like low immunity to fight against warts is a waste of time.

To make it simple enough. Just a few months of daily treatments based on folk medicine, and the growths will disappear on their own.

They will dry out and fall away, thus not leaving behind on the skin track. These folk methods are focused on cleansing the body, allowing the virus will go into the passive form.

The use of the drug

Панавир от кондилом: препарат, доказавший свою эффективность против недугаMany people who have never dealt with sexually transmitted diseases, do not know what tests, if nothing no worries and everything is normal.

However, inactivity can lead to bad consequences. In our days there is a huge variety of viruses that are in the body and don’t make themselves known. HPV is one of them.

This is the most popular pathology, infection which occurs through sexual contact. At the initial stage of the disease clinical manifestations are absent.

When there are the first signs, this suggests that the pathology of the crossed active. The first step is to consult a specialist and determine the right treatment.

Today the most popular ways of dealing with warts is antiviral combination therapy, which is used in conjunction with sparing methods of destruction: removal of genital warts.

Such a choice is individual and is prescribed only by a doctor. Unfortunately, after the removal of often scars: the scars, the healing of which is very long.

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Moreover, they can contribute to secondary infection, because after this procedure the skin is still the virus.

Панавир от кондилом: препарат, доказавший свою эффективность против недугаTo increase the effectiveness degradation shown by local treatment with Panavir – a modern product, which has shown excellent results in treatment and preventive measures of the virus.

According to the results of clinical trials, it was determined that Panavir provides the synthesis of a protective protein produced by cells in response to virus.

Due to this, the cells become insensitive against the virus. The mechanism of action of the tool is based on limiting the penetration of the virus into healthy cells, prevents the disclosure of the virus and suppresses the synthesis of its DNA.

In addition to the strongest antiviral effect, characterized by strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

This action is stored for several hours after the first application. Has a different form of output:

  • Spray;
  • Gel;
  • Vaginal and rectal suppositories;
  • Solution for intravenous injection.

Applied about five times during the day thinly on the skin and mucous membranes that have been damaged warts, and also to the surface after their excision.

Scientists have proved that daily use of the gel Panavir during and after excision significantly reduces the process healed surface.

Experts recommend to use it for 4-5 days. If the growths more complex and numerous, then it is necessary to use the gel until the complete elimination of growths and healing the places of intervention.


Панавир от кондилом: препарат, доказавший свою эффективность против недугаPanavir also reduces inflammation, eliminates discomfort, burning and pain, prevent secondary infection and bacterial infection.

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Carefully protecting the affected area, the tool provides a full operation of skin and mucous membranes.

Using the drug every day, you can rest assured that you are protected effective innovative tools.

The preparation is convenient in application and quite economical. Patients tolerate it well, side effects are virtually absent.

Gel designed for long term use. This is a high quality drug, which is intended for the combined treatment of human papillomavirus in addition to the primary operation and is characterized by great prospects in modern pharmacology.

Therapeutic action of Panavir:

  • Immunomodulatory;
  • Antiviral;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Analgesic;
  • Antipyretic;
  • Neuroprotective;
  • Wound healing.

Many positive reviews of patients confirm the effectiveness of modern drug Panavir.

You can buy it in any pharmacy without prescription or online store. When you purchase should pay attention to the expiration date and preserve in a dry and dark place. Good day to you, dear readers, be well!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)