Perianal dermatitis: what’s the first thing you need to do to get rid of the disease?

Перианальный дерматит: что прежде всего необходимо сделать для избавления от недуга?Good day, dear readers! Itching groin area, which often affects children, can be a symptom of several diseases.

Among them, and perianal dermatitis. This is essentially inflammation of the skin around the anus, characterized by redness, swelling and itching.

It should be noted that dermatitis is, in principle, can develop anywhere, but appearing in the field of the priests, he brings serious discomfort.

The main symptoms

As you know, the first signs of the disease is itching and redness in the groin area. There may also be swelling and pain at the touch.

If the dermatitis is caused by bacteria or any pathogenic microflora, the skin may be covered with vesicles, ulcers, and other spots.

In the case of fungal lesions will be visible white patches and flaky areas. In the photo you can see the main symptoms of dermatitis.

Causes of

Перианальный дерматит: что прежде всего необходимо сделать для избавления от недуга?Like any other skin disease, anal dermatitis itself appears rarely. As a rule, it is preceded by precipitating factors:

  • the lack of hygiene;
  • synthetic underwear, thongs;
  • helminthiasis;
  • diarrhea;
  • immunosuppression;
  • violation of the intestinal microflora;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • cancer of the rectum;
  • weight;
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • the wrong detergent for washing linen, and others.

All symptoms are usually significantly worse after defecation.


Перианальный дерматит: что прежде всего необходимо сделать для избавления от недуга?Usually the treatment and diagnosis of such problems has been a dermatologist, but also be sure the patient receives a referral to a proctologist.

After the survey, the doctor prescribes a number of tests. It is necessary to exclude a number of pathologies, such as worms, goiter, and others.

Visual inspection is aimed at checking the status of the anus: fissures, hemorrhoids, prolapsus of the rectum.

Scraping is taken for studies on fungi, pinworms, and pathogenic bacteria.


Перианальный дерматит: что прежде всего необходимо сделать для избавления от недуга?Therapy perianal dermatitis is primarily aimed at trying to cure the root cause of the disease, namely, a number of measures to address those problems in the intestines, which were found in the diagnosis of the disease.

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In different cases, the treatment will also different.

  • Fungal dermatitis necessarily require antifungal therapy. This based ointment clotrimazole, and the pills are inside.
  • Diaper dermatitis in a child requires more frequent diaper changes and careful care of crotch. Well help ointment such as bepanthen or any cream.
  • Contact dermatitis, caused by poor quality or incorrectly selected detergent, requires the exclusion of substances harmful and should be replaced by cotton.
  • Allergic – first of all, the scheme of treatment consists of antihistamines, and this pill is definitely a healing ointment on the affected area. The treatment will require a strict hypoallergenic diet.
  • Traditional medicine against the disease

    Перианальный дерматит: что прежде всего необходимо сделать для избавления от недуга?Good various decoctions of herbs: chamomile, celandine, sage, oak bark.

    If the child is small, it is better to choose one herbs for cooking, but if it’s an adult — you can make a collection of all.

    Effective ointments on the basis of sea-buckthorn, aloe and flax seed. For cooking, you should grind the ingredients into a slurry and mixed with small amount of butter.

    Home remedies are good for their cheapness and availability, but in applying them it is important to exclude an allergic reaction on the components, so as not to aggravate the situation.

    Additional rules

    First and foremost it should be noted that the affected area should be bigger to keep the air and sunshine.

    It’s easy enough to hold the baby, but the adult task can be difficult. Also take into account the following factors:

    • we should avoid excessive sweating and promptly take a shower in the hot season;
    • if possible, you should reduce the temperature in the room during sleep;
    • means for washing clothes needs to replace soap;
    • wash the sore place is better children’s or tar soap;
    • well dry the affected area after a shower;
    • water should not be too chlorinated.
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    What not to do?

    Перианальный дерматит: что прежде всего необходимо сделать для избавления от недуга?It is important to remember that some things can contribute to the spread of the disease to a larger area.

    To avoid this, you can’t let it go and think that ever goes away. The fact is that if the dermatitis on the face can be a little smoothed due to the sun and air, when a similar disease appeared on the skin, to treat it is necessary very carefully.

    As we all know, fungus and various bacteria love moisture and darkness. Still, you should not scratch the affected area, palpating it and try to squeeze it the pimples, if any. In General, the basic rule in the treatment of anal dermatitis should be drying.

    If there are cracks of the anus, and they can also cause itching, they must be treated with the help of candles, which put after defecation in the morning and at night. Itching gradually subsides, and the wound will heal.

    Other possible ailments

    Перианальный дерматит: что прежде всего необходимо сделать для избавления от недуга?This place can also occur and elsinoe spot. Usually it is localized pink, pityriasis, and lichen planus.

    If the treatment is pink and there are no difficulties, pityriasis is a serious relapsing fungal disease.

    The body of it does not constitute inflammation, but in the perianal area may redden and cause itching. Therefore, the treatment shall be as this area and all the places affected by the fungus.

    Lichen planus is treated in a completely different way because of its nature caused by autoimmune factors.

    It can occur anywhere on the body, including around the anus, and the mucous membrane.

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    As a rule, the disease develops after the age of forty years and it is preceded by a serious communicable disease.

    Offer useful video where the doctor says about the disease:

    As a conclusion, we stress that the dermatitis on the priest is very common issue.

    It is because the patient is embarrassed to see a doctor, the disease can progress, and all sorts of ointments, appointed by yourself, will not help.

    Therefore, it is important the appearance of this disease have to take him to a doctor, to pass the necessary tests and receive treatment, preventing its spread.

    The main thing in therapy is to eliminate the underlying causes of dermatitis. When each problem is assigned its own scheme, it’s usually pills, or restoring the intestinal flora, or antiparasitic program, or remove hemorrhoids.

    As a rule, already at the beginning of treatment causes, activity dermatitis, itching and redness is slightly reduced.

    But despite this, healing antibacterial ointment applied still need. Do not run the disease and you will see that early on cure all easy! Take care of yourself!

    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)