Periungual warts: causes and treatments

Околоногтевые бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияHello, dear guests of our portal. Many of us in life at least once faced with the warts.

Everyone knows that they can appear throughout the body, however, there are abnormal skin growths – periungual warts.

Often they are located under the nails on the hands and feet. Causes of such neoplasms papillomavirus.

It is diagnosed in almost 80% of the world’s population, but not all carriers of this virus suffer from warts. Usually the human immune system suppresses the HPV and it is dormant.

Why there periungual growths?

Околоногтевые бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияAs mentioned above, all warts caused by HPV. He, in turn, aktiviziruyutsya due to the weakening of the immune system, any stress situation or chronic disease.

In addition, periungual warts may form due to microtrauma skin around the nail. Most often this disease affects people who are constantly biting nails, carelessly removing cuticle and working without gloves in the aquatic environment.

Also, such growths may appear in children who are constantly sucking fingers.

As the disease manifests itself?

Околоногтевые бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияPeriungual warts are varieties of vulgar (common) tumors. Their distinctive symptom is the location under the nail or around it.

They can be flat, in the form of a hemisphere with a rough surface. In the photo you can see the periungual wart.

The most unpleasant are considered to be subcutaneous the nail warts, as their roots are deep under the nail. Such formations are quite difficult to remove.

Usually tumors of this kind do not deliver their medium much physical suffering. It’s more a cosmetic problem.

People often avoid contact with those who have on your fingers are warts. Still consider them harmless and not worth it.

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The presence of such nodules may lead to:

  • The destruction or depletion of the nail plate;
  • To a secondary infection. This is due to falling into the cracks of the tissue of the wart viruses and bacteria. Such damage is easy to while working and wearing tight shoes.

How to diagnose and treat disease?

Околоногтевые бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияTo diagnose periungual warts may experienced doctor. Moreover, only he can carry out histological examination of tissue build-up for exclusion of malignancy and to assign the appropriate treatment.

To cure periungual warts is harder than the tumors of other species, as they may reside under the nail plate.

Because of this, there are some difficulties in the application of specialized treatment ointments.

Often the doctor prescribes the clinical wart.

How to remove periungual growths in medical institutions?

Околоногтевые бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияAfter your diagnosis of tumors in the hospital, you will be offered several methods to remove them:

  • Surgical excision.

This method is used in the case that the outgrowth of the affected area under the nail or occupies a large area of the skin. In this case, you may require removal of the nail.

Don’t worry – he’ll grow, and the warts will disappear. The efficiency of this method is 50-60%, but it is possible relapses.

  • Electrocoagulation.

Thanks to this method, the build-up is removed by a loop of wire that is under high-frequency current. The effectiveness of this method reaches 95%.

  • Laser removal.

Periungual warts through laser beam are removed in layers. This happens under local anesthesia. The former site will remain a small indentation that will disappear over time. As a rule, after the laser treatment, relapse does not occur.

  • Cryotherapy.
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During this procedure, the wart removed with liquid nitrogen. Thanks to the influence of the cold virus is killed, the wart is frozen and subsequently disappears. This is quite a gentle method, but it should not be used for children up to 4 years.

Folk remedies to remove nail tumors

Околоногтевые бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияUnfortunately, many people do not like to go to doctors and prefer self removal of skin growths. We do not recommend this.

Improper treatment can cause serious problems and relapses. However, we want to highlight a few effective methods to treat warts at home.

In any case, before beginning these procedures, go to the doctor and just ask him about your favorite way.

So, how to get periungual warts folk remedies.

Fortunately, in our time sold in pharmacies many medicines which are very fast and effectively fight skin growths of this kind.

According to the reviews one of the most effective drugs is Superchatel. This tool is available in the form of a liquid and a special token.

Note that should be used with great caution as it is possible to earn severe burns. To remove nail wart it is also possible with the help of the juice of Celandine.

In addition, you can try more gentle methods, Apple cider vinegar, aloe juice, potatoes, garlic ointment. I have to say, if you remove warts with these methods, then tune in for a long treatment, which usually takes several months.

If you expect more than a quick getting rid of warts, you can help the funds on the basis of salicylic acid (ointment, patches).

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Carefully read the instructions before using them, as they have contraindications.

Together with all these drugs it is advisable to take immunomodulating medicines to boost your immunity.

How to avoid the appearance of these warts?

Околоногтевые бородавки: причины появления и методы леченияDo not use other people’s towels, hygiene products, someone else’s gloves and manicure accessories.

Do not wear someone else’s shoes. The store in the fitting, use a nylon or sock imprint.

Avoid formations around nails on the skin sores. To do this, take care of cuticle and lubricate it smoothing cream.

In the nail salon ask to only use sterilized or individual tools. If during the procedure of circumcision cuticles you cut yourself, treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide.


Usually the treatment of periungual warts is successful. For self-treatment and manipulation of relapses. Degeneration of these tumors into malignant tumors happen, but only in exceptional cases. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)