Pills herpes on the lips: what to choose?

Таблетки от герпеса на губах: что выбрать?Good day, my beloved readers! Today we will talk about the pills herpes on the lips.

Yesterday went to the pharmacy for painkillers (due to temperature changes very bad headache), and I met a man who chose pills. As I understand it, he didn’t know what he wants.

The pharmacist also could not understand what the client wants, because he begged anything from a rash on the lips. In conversation it was clear that the pharmacist does not know what is grist, and has no idea how to treat it.

I approached the man and said that he had herpes, to which the man replied, «and what do I do now»? I advised him the pills for herpes on the lips, which, by the way, I recommend to all my patients, if necessary.

And you know what the pills treated for herpes? If you do not know, then welcome, because you came to the right place.

What kind of tablets are taken for herpes and how do they operate?

Against the infection are appointed by antiviral drugs in tablets, in the form of ointment or of solution for injections.

The maximum popular is the pills because they are easy to make, and for efficiency, they are not worse than injections. Ointment inferior to them in speed actions, therefore, are assigned less frequently.

Таблетки от герпеса на губах: что выбрать?In the composition of such drugs is necessarily present antiviral substance that inhibits the activity of virus-provocateurs infection.

The sooner you get drunk the pill, the less pronounced will be the symptoms.

If you take the drug before the rash appears, with the initial symptoms, then a rash you can do to prevent with, but it turns out not all and not always, as many of us simply ignore the primary symptoms of herpes.

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That’s why it’s so important to monitor their health and to start drinking antiviral pills as soon as possible.

And what to take?

In modern time herpes labialis best fight following medications:

  • Acyclovir (price is about 200 roubles for 20 tablets) – medication first generation;
  • Valacyclovir, or rather the medicine with him in the squad – he needs therapy with valtrex (cost 1300 rubles per 10 PCs);
  • Famvir (1500 roubles per 10 PCs) is the most modern drug acting quickly and safely.

The man from the pharmacy, I recommend he needs therapy with valtrex, as in his case is the best option. But other drugs are also worthy of attention, so let’s look at all of herpes medication list in more detail.

Acyclovir – excellent, time-tested

Таблетки от герпеса на губах: что выбрать?This is the first drug of its kind, effective against cold sores. It is produced in Russia, it has the most affordable price. Personally, I like its foreign analogue Zovirax.

To be honest, in the structure of the analogue, except Acyclovir, and almost anything medical there, so to save you can use cheap original.

The sooner you take Acyclovir, the less pronounced will be the symptoms of herpes, and it is taken one capsule five times per day for seven (high) days.

If you have a recurrent sores on the lips, then drink one tablet 4 times a day or two twice a day, as you prefer.

The above medication cannot be taken:

  • lactating breast milk women and women in position;
  • children up to the age of twelve.

By the way, the same contraindications apply to all other similar medicines, so to list them again, I will not.

If the medication does not suit you, then because it on the skin can appear allergic rash. The other side effect is unlikely, and only appear after a severe overdose of.

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Acyclovir is frankly outdated and therefore does not act on all strains of herpes viruses. If it does not work for the first 3 days, then it is better to refuse and find a more modern tool.

He needs therapy with valtrex on the basis of Valacyclovir, is worthy of attention and a more modern version of Acyclovir

This drug acts even on the strains of viruses that could not overcome the previous one.

Таблетки от герпеса на губах: что выбрать?He needs therapy with valtrex tablet bigger – they are already 500 mg of active ingredient, making are taken in smaller numbers, namely, 1 twice a day for weeks (10 days if the infection has arisen for the first time, 5 days if recurrence).

With the help of he needs therapy with valtrex is effective in preventing herpes sores on the lips. Want to know how to use the drug for such purposes?

It’s very simple: take 2 PCs 2 times a day only one day and it was then when I felt the first signs of herpes, such as inflamed, itching and swelling of the affected area, which in the future will appear rash.

The reviews mostly positive he needs therapy with valtrex. Doctors say its heightened safety and patients high efficiency. I always get the he needs therapy with valtrex, if you see that cold sores in humans standard and fresh.

This medication side effects are the same as the previous one. It is different, perhaps, only to those that can cause an allergic reaction if the person individual intolerance to Valacyclovir.

Famvir – benefits and features

The main component of this medicine is Famciclovir, an antiviral substance of the latest generation.

Its impact on the human body has not had time to study until the end, that’s why they prescribe the drug with caution and not always. Personally, I think he’s too aggressive acts on the virus and, consequently, on the organism being treated.

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Таблетки от герпеса на губах: что выбрать?The main advantage of Famvir is it effective against all currently known strains of herpes viruses. The medicine is available in form of tablets with different content of active substances from 125 to 500 mg.

The average dosage is: 500 mg/three times a day for weeks.

Side effects of Famvir is not fully understood, but we already know that if you exceed the dosage, there will be different types of allergic reactions and intestinal disorders. Contraindications it is similar to other antiviral drugs.

Now you know how to treat herpes sore on lips recommend modern dermatologists.

I hope you will not self-medicate! If you want to try a certain medication of the above, then contact your doctor and ask him.

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Author: Victoria Omelchenko (dermatologist)