Pimples on face in newborns first month of life; to treat or not to treat?

How do you want to newborn son or daughter was healthy and beautiful, delicate skin of the crumbs was so smooth and clean. But, unfortunately, in a week there are pimples on face in newborns in a month, the skin becomes covered with white or red spots. Pimples cause anxiety in parents. And stretches hand to creams, ointments, powders, antiseptics, and I want to squeeze out the ugly pimples. But it is impossible! First you need to establish the cause, get expert advice and work with him to decide what to do and what is strictly prohibited.

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  • What is a rash
  • Hormonal acne
  • Milium white pimples
  • How to distinguish neonatal pustules from allergies and heat rash
  • The sweating sickness
  • To treat or not to treat
  • Acne in the newborn, which should be treated
  • Vesicopustules
  • Treatment vesicopustules
  • Varicella
  • Rubella
  • Measles
  • Scarlet fever
  • Goiter in the newborn
  • What is a rash

    Pimples appear on the face of many newborns. The origin and types of rash:

  • hormonal;
  • white;
  • allergic;
  • prickly heat in case of overheating;
  • as a manifestation of dysbiosis;
  • reaction to the change of climatic conditions;
  • the symptoms of infectious diseases or skin infections.
  • Hormonal acne

    Hormonal acne, neonatal cephalic pustules, acne on the head, chin, cheeks, nose – the name given to the pimples caused by hormonal changes in the body of the newborn. The reason is the intake of the child through the placenta or breast milk maternal hormones of the placenta, ovary, and pituitary. It is the high hormones ensures that the appearance of such trouble on the body of the baby.

    The disease is non-contagious, usually begins at the end of the first week of life the child is usually 3-4 months. Pimples usually reddish in color, with white head, not bothering the child, do not cause itching. Characterized by a «floating» character – in one place disappear, other appear.

    Pustules – small pustular rash.

    Прыщи на лице у новорожденных первого месяца жизни; лечить или не лечить?

    Milium white pimples

    Zits with yellowish or white head like little shiny beads ‒ pearls. Arise not only when hormonal crisis of the newborn. One reason may be the immaturity of the sebaceous glands. Curing is not necessary, as the maturation of the sebaceous glands pimples go away on their own.

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    How to distinguish neonatal pustules from allergies and heat rash

    Neonatal pustules differs from allergic reactions that require treatment.

    Allergic reaction:

  • virtually does not occur in the first two weeks of life a child receiving only breast milk since the immune system is not yet activated;
  • characterized by red pimples (small and large), without white heads that occur on the cheeks (food diathesis), buttocks, back;
  • causes itching, discomfort, and so the child becomes restless, cries a lot, sleeps badly;
  • changes the General condition of the baby, broken chair, you may see vomiting.
  • Newborns may have an allergic reaction in response to food eaten by the mother. If after 18 hours after eating the mother of the child on the cheeks rash should be suspected contact allergens in breast milk in the baby’s body. What to do? Stop taking foods containing possible allergens that are dangerous to the child’s health, consult a doctor.

    Parents often repeat that their child diathesis. Diathesis – not an independent disease, but the tendency of the organism to the manifestation of allergic reactions on the skin of the body, cheeks. If the family has allergies, you need to carefully treat the appearance of red pimples on the cheeks of the child after violating the mother’s diet, use of certain medications.

    Noticing the first symptoms of an allergic reaction in a newborn, you need to go to the pediatrician or call an ambulance. Procrastination may be hazardous to health and life of the baby.

    The sweating sickness

    Small pimples with vesicles filled with liquid, most occur in the overheating of the body with warm clothing or a high room temperature. When pachnicke the skin becomes red, inflamed. If you do not observe hygiene and to overheat the baby’s body, small, harmless pimples can move into ulcers. Miliaria often occurs on the buttocks, in the groin, on the neck. On the face is rare, the appearance associated with a temporary imperfection of the sweat gland or hormonal instability. Does not require treatment.

    Прыщи на лице у новорожденных первого месяца жизни; лечить или не лечить?

    To treat or not to treat

    Allergies treat, acne babies – no! But good hygiene can not be undone:

    1. To avoid heat rash, you need to maintain optimum room temperature, not overheating too warm clothes.
    2. The skin is well dried and healed from time to time to give the baby the opportunity to lie down naked.
    3. Often to clean and ventilate the room in which the child is.
    4. Bathe and wash the body of the baby with clean water. In the water you can add a decoction of chamomile, succession. Folds of skin can be treated with a solution prepared from a glass of warm water and teaspoon of baking soda.
    5. Boiled water should be used only when ill, damaged skin.
    6. To support baby’s skin clean and dry. If the skin is sensitive after each toilet buttocks and genitals should be washed with boiled water and well to dry.

    Rule: Dry the baby’s skin need to moisturize (you can use baby oil), wet – dry.

    Acne in the newborn, which should be treated

    The reason for the rash in newborns can be an infectious disease: varicella, rubella, measles. The treatment of these diseases should be aimed at addressing the root causes – viruses and bacteria. Treatment appoint a doctor.

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    Прыщи на лице у новорожденных первого месяца жизни; лечить или не лечить?


    Vesicopustules – bacterial lesions of the skin, pustular inflammation of the sebaceous glands caused by Staphylococcus, staphylococci, E. coli. Rash vesicopustules like small millet seed, pustules often appear on the head, face.

    Treatment vesicopustules

    Hygiene, treatment of abscesses leads to recovery within 2-3 weeks:

  • abscesses should be treated with brilliant green 2-3 times every day prior to their disappearance;
  • bathing in a decoction of chamomile, succession or two times a week;
  • every day to change, wash, boil bed linen, well steamed and ironed;
  • to handle the buttocks and genitals of zinc ointment (by prescription).
  • To treat vesicopustules a must, as the pustules can be reborn into the abscess, to cause otitis media and other large complications.


    The disease is caused by a virus infecting the skin cells. On the skin there are multiple redness, pinkish papules filled with fluid and viral particles. After opening the papules develop ulcers and erosion on the surface formed a crust. Brushing wounds resulting in scars. The pharmaceutical industry produces a series of antiviral drugs to successfully treat chickenpox.


    Rubella is caused by a virus. Body rash appears as spots, turning into knots. The child has a fever, enlarged lymph nodes. Treatment is symptomatic.


    The disease is caused by a virus. Affects the mucous membranes, fever, conjunctivitis develops, a rash appears on the body or face. The disease is insidious, causing a lot of complications in the respiratory system and circulatory system.

    Scarlet fever

    The disease is caused by hemolytic Streptococcus. On the body, the face appears bright red rash. Newborns rarely get sick.

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    Goiter in the newborn

    Dysbiosis is one of the causes in newborns white spots ‒ lesions on the body, face, even the language. The little pains in the intestines, violation of the chair (with slime, foam, odor). A child does not eat, becomes restless, often losing weight. What to do? Definitely a treat, but not to self-medicate! Only a pediatrician can select the scheme of drug therapy for the individual child.

    Noticing the appearance of acne in baby, you should not start self-treatment. Some pimples do not require medication, others are symptoms of serious pathology. But to establish the cause of the pimples on the face of the child can only specialists – pediatricians, dermatologists, allergists.

    Прыщи на лице у новорожденных первого месяца жизни; лечить или не лечить?

    Regardless of the causes of acne, you need to carefully and systematically to care for the body of a child, use clean water, hypoallergenic wipes, and hygiene products, not to percutiat and not SuperCool kid. After bathing be sure to rinse baby’s body with water and dried with a cloth. Mom needs to follow your diet to exclude foods that contain allergens: At the onset of acne to seek the advice of a doctor.

    It is necessary to prevent the appearance of acne is easier than to treat them.