Pimples on laskah: main causes and treatment

Not only where these hateful eruptions on the face, back, buttocks, thighs. Any localized discomfort and psychological problems. Another option, which should be paid attention to pimples on laskah. How to prevent them and what to do if they already exist?

The content of the article

  • Etiology
  • How to recognize the types of rashes
  • The choice of treatment
  • Medication
  • Local therapy
  • Hardware treatment
  • Folk remedies
  • How to prevent acne
  • Etiology

    Skin is the largest human organ that is in constant contact with agents in the external environment. The result of most of such effects is the appearance of rashes and other skin reactions.

    The main reasons for development of acne in the hip area are the following factors:

    1. Using the wrong sized underwear and clothing. Synthetic fabrics have the ability to restrict the flow of air to the skin, which causes a greenhouse effect and is the best breeding ground for microorganisms. These include and unsuitable clothing size, which increases the friction between fabric and skin.
    2. Shaving the lower limbs is one of the main reasons for rashes have women that arise due to violation of rules of removal of hair.
    3. Allergic reactions. Often combined with other manifestations, allowing to differentiate the condition.
    4. Genital herpes is an infectious viral disease that occurs when direct contact or household infection.
    5. The administration of steroid drugs. This reason is typical for men trying to increase their muscle mass anabolic drugs.
    6. Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, puberty, thyroid disease.
    7. Violations of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract (dysbiosis).

    Прыщи на ляшках: основные причины и особенности лечения

    How to recognize the types of rashes

    This files most often on the thighs receive the following types of acne:

  • punctate red rash;
  • white solids;
  • eruptions with watery contents;
  • red carpet;
  • single inflamed pimples large sizes.
  • The appearance of the rash will allow the dermatologist to undertake a differentiation of status and to determine the root cause of the problem.

    Small red elements are a manifestation of contact dermatitis, herpes infection, insect bites (fleas, lice). If such a rash accompanied by a concomitant clinic, this may be indicative of infectious viral diseases (measles, rubella).

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    When the bark of the pathological elements arise after a few days of onset. First a rash appears on the scalp, face, behind ears. Accompanied by hoarseness, increased temperature, fear of light, runny nose, headaches.

    Rubella is characterized by rapid spread of the rash throughout the body. Formations are round or oval, not rise above the skin, do not tend to merge with each other.

    Прыщи на ляшках: основные причины и особенности леченияRubella

    Hard white bumps – Milia are a result of the blockage of the sebaceous glands. They do not squeezed without puncture of the skin. Have the individual elements are not merged.

    Watery pimples can be a symptom of the following conditions:

  • allergic reactions;
  • chickenpox;
  • scabies;
  • herpes infection;
  • cold.
  • Прыщи на ляшках: основные причины и особенности лечения

    Allergic rash accompanied by redness of the skin, itching, peeling. Chickenpox is characterized by the distribution of the elements throughout the body. Pimples scabies severely itchy, especially in the evening and at night. The inspection zone to determine the presence of subcutaneous itch moves (in the form of a slightly pink or gray stripes) with two exits at the ends in the form of more obvious points.

    The choice of treatment

    Following the inspection and differentiation of the disease, the dermatologist makes the choice of treatment regimen is aimed at eliminating symptoms and causes of the condition.

    Use the following therapies:

  • medication;
  • ozone therapy;
  • vaporization;
  • mesotherapy;
  • folk remedies.
  • For acne treatment, which does not require specific medical therapy, it is possible to use a combination of methods. It will increase the efficiency and accelerate the process of achieving the result.


    Choice group of drugs rests with the specialist in skin diseases (not a beautician!). Depending on the causes of acne and other rashes, apply the following groups of drugs:

    1. Antiallergic drugs eliminate the body’s reaction to the allergen. Representatives – Suprastin, Zodak, Diazolin. Available in cutaneous drugs, tablets, injections.
    2. Immunotherapeutic tools used in viral infectious diseases such as measles (Leikinferon, gamma globulin measles). Help to strengthen the specific immunity.
    3. Antiviral drugs for integrated management of herpes infection. Representatives – Zovirax, Acyclovir, Genferon®, Interferon. Applied in the form of tablets, ointments for external application, suppositories and injections. Combined with immunoglobulins.
    4. Protivozastojnye funds – Benzyl, ointments based on sulfur or tar, Permethrin, Lindane. Have a precise scheme of application and duration of treatment. Are selected individually according to the age of the patient.
    5. Probiotics and prebiotics are a group of drugs aimed at the restoration of the intestinal microflora using live bacteria and organic substances that stimulate the growth and reproduction of normal microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Most used – Lactobacterin, Linex Bificol, Bifiform.
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    Прыщи на ляшках: основные причины и особенности лечения

    Local therapy

    Presented in the form of gels, ointments, creams. Used drugs of the following groups:

  • with antibacterial effect (Zener, tetracycline ointment Levomekol);
  • hormonal (Advantan Celestoderm);
  • retinoids (Differin);
  • tools zinc (zinc ointment, Centeral);
  • salicylates.
  • Drugs can arrest the inflammatory process, eliminate the itching and redness, have a drying and regenerative effect. Contribute to the improvement of local metabolism and trophic tissue.

    Hardware treatment

    Ozone therapy is used for deep impact on the skin layers, cleaning the pores and sebaceous glands. This allows you to stop inflammation. The ozone is aimed at the revitalization of the red blood cells. Blood cells more efficiently deliver oxygen to tissues and cells in the body. The procedure is performed using a special apparatus or syringes for injection, injecting the substance in the required areas of the body.

    Прыщи на ляшках: основные причины и особенности лечения

    Skin brushing – a procedure that is performed by the beautician or a dermatologist, using vacuum, ultrasound or chemical active substances.

    In the vacuum cleaning pores are opened by special means, and then using a vacuum machine pulled surface all pathological elements. Ultrasonic treatment allows you to enter in the deeper layers of the skin, the preparations improving trophic and metabolic processes.

    Hardware techniques have a number of contraindications, so before you visit the beauty parlor will not be superfluous to consult a dermatologist or other specialists as needed.

    Folk remedies

    There are a number of methods that are used in parallel with traditional medicine. The advantage of this treatment is hypoallergenic, availability, and lack of toxic influence on the liver. Here are some examples of recipes:

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    1. Aloe leaf juice. Several leaves of washed, dried and milled. Squeeze out the juice, which needs to be cleaned with problem areas 2 times a day. It has a drying, bactericidal and healing effect.
    2. 4 full tablespoons of chopped parsley, pour a glass of water and boil until then, until reduced the liquid volume by half. Once cooled you should strain and mix with petroleum jelly or a regular body cream in the ratio 1:4.
    3. Healing potion: a pack of Bay leaf, pour 2 liters of boiling water. To drink on an empty stomach on 100 ml three times a day.

    Прыщи на ляшках: основные причины и особенности лечения

    How to prevent acne

    The following tips will not only prevent the appearance of rashes, but is the prevention of relapse:

  • avoiding harmful habits;
  • correction of the diet;
  • preference natural fabrics in clothing and underwear;
  • personal hygiene;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • timely treatment of chronic diseases of the body.
  • Easier to prevent the appearance of pesky «residents» at the hips, than to spend a lot of time and resources to deal with their treatment.