Pimples on penis: causes, types, treatments

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  • What are the pimples on the penis is the types of rashes
  • Causes of pimples on the penis
  • Prevention of rashes
  • Treatment of pimples on the penis
  • Video pimples on the hollow member. Educational facts for everybody!
  • Pimples on the penis, that is, on the male genitals and the testicles may not cause the patient any discomfort and is not painful. However, the absence of such symptoms as itching and burning – is not a reason to ignore the problem. Inflammation of this kind cannot be taken as a safe heat rash or hives, as discomfort will increase and the area of destruction is expanding.

    Rash provoke itching, pain and burning, which leads to disruption of sexual functions of the penis, and also causes disorders of the sexual type, up to the loss of erectile function. The man is in a constant state of stress develops into depression.

    Прыщи на половом члене: причины, разновидности, способы лечения

    What are the pimples on the penis is the types of rashes

    Pustular rash on the skin differ not only in size but also color. This is usually small papules, white or pink hue. At the base of the body, the pimples appear as a result of improper shaving and ingrown pubic hair. The follicle becomes inflamed from-for got in it of the infection. This is ostiofollikulit.

    Pink pimples of small diameter appear on the head of the penis in adolescents and is due to hormonal surges at puberty. The base of the penis education can be dyed more intensely than closer to the head, the pimples are smaller and paler.

    Pustules with whitish knobs – the result of bad hygiene. If the pimple bright red or bluish-pale, but from it grows hair, it most likely is about the wart.

    Red, maroon, black, and yellow acne is a direct symptom of a dangerous disease. To clarify which you want as quickly as possible to get on reception to the venereologist.

    Causes of pimples on the penis

    If the penis there are small eruptions with whitish head, they can be considered as a sign of neglecting personal hygiene. However, when a single and larger pustular formations – should refer to the venereal diseases, since in most cases it is a symptom of an infectious disease.

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    Infectious and bacterial pathogens are the cause of acne with typical pathological signs of inflammation:

  • The rash causes severe itching and burning.
  • Male experiencing discomfort in any position of the penis.
  • Felt obvious pain in the body and in the groin.
  • Прыщи на половом члене: причины, разновидности, способы лечения

    Important:to determine the cause of acne with absolute precision – going to the doctor, where it will be assigned a set of relevant tests, identifying the type of pathogen.

    If no infection is present, we speak of the influence of an external stimulus, for example, a rash could be a allergic reaction to washing powder or synthetic fabric underwear. In this case the problem is easily solved, simply change the detergent and start wearing cotton clothes.

    Прыщи на половом члене: причины, разновидности, способы лечения

    Much more dangerous if the penis appear red, pink or maroon spots. With high probability it can be called a manifestation of an STD. First, it is one of the symptoms of candidiasis in male pattern. On the surface of the prepuce can be observed not only inflamed pus formation, but the conglomerate and flaky patches of red. Many STDs along with pimples cheesy discharge from the urethral canal settling on the skin of the foreskin and the glans of the penis.

    If the red inflamed in appearance similar to the watery papules, then this is a characteristic symptom of herpes. Alas, but to get rid of genital herpes is impossible, but to have regular preventive treatment courses is necessary. Herpes pimples are the consequence of the decline of immunity, exposure to cold, stress or reinfection with other types of virus. The appearance of papular acne require treatment.

    Important: the red spots need to be differentiated from papillomavirus person.

    Since genital warts and warts that appeared on the skin of the penis, do not treat by traditional means, and must be immediately removed surgically or using cold exposure. Besides, warts and genital warts tend to grow, which is dangerous not only to the constant discomfort, but the man is a carrier and spreader of the virus.

    No less dangerous is the syphilis, in which the penis is also the formation of large pimples, eventually transforming into ulcers. They usually red, but related infections can buy white, yellowish and even bluish tint. After the stage of acne and ulcers – the formation of hard chancre.

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    Important: syphilitic acne needs to be differentiated to chancroid (soft chancre) at the reception of venereal diseases.

    Прыщи на половом члене: причины, разновидности, способы лечения

    In most situations, red spots with syphilitic lesions appear on the skin of the penis in the first 2-3 months after infection, and if this problem is ignored, the rash will begin to merge, forming extensive zones of destruction. They apply not only to the penis in the inflammatory process involves the groin, anus, surface of the hands and feet.

    Less dangerous but no less unpleasant cause of pimples on the penis – mycotic defeat. Fungal infections, usually trihofitii, cause the appearance of a single large pimples bright red. The fungus attacks the penis due to excessive sweating, wearing underwear made of synthetic materials and neglect the rules of personal hygiene. By precipitating factors include heat rash, hives, obesity and diabetes. The appearance of the areas affected by the fungus often indicates the presence of pubic lice or tick-borne borreliosis (Lyme disease).

    Important: in addition to all the above reasons, pimples on the penis may be the consequence of malnutrition.

    In any case, the sick man should give up the idea to self-treat and to go to the clinic.

    Prevention of rashes

  • Stop wearing synthetic underwear.
  • To pay due attention to hygienic procedures.
  • To avoid shaving intimate areas conventional machine.
  • Change the diet diversified it, adding fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Try as little as possible in contact with the common spaces: saunas, pools, and so on.
  • During sex, use barrier contraception.
    Прыщи на половом члене: причины, разновидности, способы лечения
  • Treatment of pimples on the penis

    To start treatment – you need to establish the correct diagnosis. Because of the characteristics of the pathogen will be to build the physician in the prescribing scheme. Candidiasis can be cured easily with the help of protivodiabeticheskih funds. They are available in the form of ointments, creams, and compresses for local application. The entire course of treatment takes a maximum of 7 days and does not cause the patient any significant discomfort.

    Genital herpes cannot be completely cured, in this case, the therapy aims to eliminate overt and covert symptoms, getting rid of painful acne and depression of disease before remission. Treatment consists of antiviral agents and immunomodulatory drugs. Also patients should avoid hypothermia and colds. As additional drugs venereologists recommend the use of local antiviral effect.

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    Important: it is strictly forbidden to attempt mechanical removal of acne.

    At strong squeezing purulent contents spread on healthy skin, which will inevitably lead to the spread of infection. It is likely that in this way the pathogen gets straight into the bloodstream.

    Прыщи на половом члене: причины, разновидности, способы лечения


    If small rash appeared as a result of irritation from pubic lice, the treatment is quite simple and the problem is solved very easily. The pharmacy was advised to buy a vehicle, coping with the parasite. Usually for the complete destruction of vast colonies of pubic lice does not require more than one treatment. Acne is treated with an antiseptic solution to treat them this is enough.

    The ringworm is treated with antifungal drugs. If the cause of acne is an allergic reaction, it is necessary to accept funds-antihistamines. Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) – requires enhanced hygiene in the groin area and genitals.

    Прыщи на половом члене: причины, разновидности, способы лечения

    In any type and form of acne is not recommended to engage in the self-test. This usually only leads to a deterioration of the situation in General, and in particularly severe cases – to the loss of erectile and genital function. If time does not reveal any infectious or viral pathogen, the disease transformirovalsya chronic, and the man will become contagious and dangerous, not having any external symptoms.

    Video pimples on the hollow member. Educational facts for everybody!