Pimples on the arms from shoulder to elbow: causes and features of therapy

The appearance of pathologic lesions on different parts of the body are not rare. When pimples occur on the face, it gives a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. But in the case of their occurrence in other parts of the body, most people try not to notice the inflammatory cells, starting treatment on the course. Pimples that appear on the arms from shoulder to elbow are the same indicators of internal disturbances in the body, as well as other pathological lesions.

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  • Why popping a pimple in the shoulder area?
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Metabolic abnormalities
  • Infectious diseases
  • Stress and heredity
  • How and what to treat?
  • Popular recipes
  • Tools for intake
  • Preventive measures
  • Conclusion
  • Why popping a pimple in the shoulder area?

    Before using specialized tools, it is necessary to determine the etiology of acne in these areas.

    Be aware! Related to the formation of pathological elements in the region of the shoulders shall not remain indifferent.

    The main causes of rashes and acne on the hands are reduced to the following factors:

  • Allergy symptoms;
  • a metabolic process;
  • diseases of fungal or infectious Genesis;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • stressful situation;
  • hormonal changes in the body.
  • Acne with an allergic etiology, occurs against a background of prolonged treatment with sulfa drugs and antibiotics. In the case of items first on the hands and then the forearms and shoulders, you should think about the metabolic processes in the body.

    If the hands appear watery pimples, then there are papules, with watery contents, it indicates the development of infectious diseases. It can be manifestations of rubella, measles or chickenpox. All the pimples that have appeared in these diseases have specific appearance, however, they look quite similar. To differentiate the elements can be a doctor.

    Прыщи на руках от плеча до локтя: причины возникновения и особенности терапииRubella

    Hormonal changes are present in women during pregnancy, feeding of the child and in adolescence can also be etiological factors of acne. The fact that high levels of steroid hormones present in the body, strengthen the sebaceous glands and the production of their content.

    Important! Squeeze pimples on the hands is prohibited. This can lead to the spread of infection to healthy tissue.

    Allergy symptoms

    Manifestations of lesions of allergic nature has several types. In the case of atopic dermatitis inflammation is a certain limited zone. They can go from one place on the skin to another.

    Прыщи на руках от плеча до локтя: причины возникновения и особенности терапии

    Dermatitis of the contact type appears when exposed to a synthetic garment, touch the skin with allergic cosmetic preparations for body. In the specific area of the skin above the elbows appear limited to redness and swelling. Pimples resemble blisters with clear fluid that itch.

    Development of urticaria is accompanied by a pink-red pimples having a flat shape. Their appearance is accompanied by severe itching and peeling.

    Metabolic abnormalities

    Acne, etiologic factors which are changes in the metabolic processes, have a characteristic upward appearance. First, they manifest themselves on the hands, then the forearm raised to the shoulder area.

    These rashes resemble small pink or red dots. Usually occur during the development of dysbiosis, deficiency or other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Infectious diseases

    The infection of measles is accompanied by the appearance of pimples on the body that allows to make a differential diagnosis. Acne – large, are maculopapular in nature. The skin in areas of lesions does not change. The rash may merge with each other.

    Прыщи на руках от плеча до локтя: причины возникновения и особенности терапии

    Manifestations of rash in scarlet fever resembles small dots on erythematous skin inner surfaces of the hands. The rash has a symmetrical character. Pimples are transferred to the peeling. In place of development residual effects are observed.

    Rubella appears small pale pink spots that appear not only on the hands but throughout the body. The spot size can reach 1 cm in diameter. After a few days the rash completely disappear.

    Important! Spread specific rash on large areas of the body, accompanied by a concomitant clinical picture, evidence of infectious process. The patient is isolated and called the doctor.

    Stress and heredity

    Acne in areas above the elbow may be a sign of developing problems with the nervous system. To determine this causes of acne the doctor should thoroughly discuss all issues concerning the anamnesis of life and illness of the patient.

    Genetic predisposition is manifested by the development of subcutaneous pimples. To define this etiological factor can only be a dermatologist.

    How and what to treat?

    Doubt that you need to treat acne, absolutely not. But how to do it?

    1. In the case of allergic etiology necessarily breaking the contact with the factor causing rash. Given oral antihistamines – «Suprastin», «Pain», «toothache», «Tavegil». Topically apply the bath or a lotion with decoction of herbs. It can be a succession, chamomile, clover, rosemary, oak bark.
    2. In the case of lesions against the background of folliculitis, appointed by local treatment of the skin with antiseptics. If the disease is chronic, it given oral antibiotics tetracycline, macrolides, cephalosporins.
    3. Appointed vitamins, if pimples were the result of Hypo — or avitaminosis. Often used vitamins, A, nicotinamide, ascorbic acid, vitamin D.
    4. Against the background of dysbiosis used drugs that restore the intestinal microflora – «Laktiale», «Linex».

    Be aware! Self-medication leads to negative consequences. The use of medication must be under the supervision of a physician.

    Popular recipes

    Dry rash will help body mask on the basis of white or blue clay. The clay powder purchased in a chemist or cosmetic stores, added a little water to a creamy consistency.

    Weight is not applied to the entire surface of the upper arms, but only those areas that are covered with rashes. After drying the mask, it is necessary to rinse with warm water. Then the skin is treated in any decoction of herbs.

    To reduce the feeling of dryness and itching to help bath with the addition of potassium permanganate. Like tub make for babies, to disinfect water and to decontaminate from transient pathological microorganisms skin. In ½ glass of warm water diluted with a few crystals of potassium permanganate. Then, the resulting solution was poured into a container for holding the bath and add a few liters of water.

    Tools for intake

    For the treatment of acne on the body is effective not only for local therapy but also the use of infusions and decoctions from medicinal herbs inside. Immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory effect nettle has. Its infusion take half a Cup before each meal.

    A decoction of dandelion helps to cope with the accession of bacterial flora. In this case, acne appears purulent contents. The root of this plant are crushed, a tablespoon pour a glass of water and boil it. The resulting broth strain and take 3 times a day for the third part of the glass.

    Also effective is a decoction of burdock roots. Preparation and reception is the same as in the case with a decoction of dandelion. But don’t take 3 or 4 times a day, regardless of meals.

    Preventive measures

    Like all rashes, the appearance of spots in the shoulder area can be prevented. For this you need to follow certain guidelines.

  • Normalization of the diet includes the restriction of marinades, spices and alcohol, sweet and starchy foods. To increase the amount of fruits and vegetables, fish and meat dishes. The preference for boiling, braising, steaming. Increase in the diet foods rich in vitamin D.
  • Прыщи на руках от плеча до локтя: причины возникновения и особенности терапии

  • Select clothes made of natural fabrics. Synthetic fabrics do not allow air to pass through the skin excessive sweating and increased bacterial growth. Also focus on strengthening the immune system, the functioning of the digestive system.
  • Conclusion

    The appearance of rash is evidence of violations on the part of the body. Defining the nature of acne and their localization, it is possible to eliminate serious pathology at the initial stage of their development. Therapy of this zone, as well as other other areas completely depends on the reason for the appearing elements.

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