Pimples on the forearm: reasons for rash, drug and popular treatment

Skin health depends on many factors. Any rash on the body cannot be ignored, because it will not pass independently. To quickly and effectively eliminate pimples on forearm, need to know why they are there, as well as time to seek medical help.

The content of the article

  • The reasons for the appearance of lesions on the forearm
  • Violation of the sebaceous glands
  • Adolescence
  • Bad skin care
  • Allergic reaction
  • Fungal diseases
  • Clothes made of unnatural fabrics
  • Infection
  • Changing hormone levels
  • Keratosis
  • Common causes in adults and children
  • Acne in women
  • Rash men
  • Acne in adolescents
  • Skin diseases in childhood
  • How to recognize the rash
  • Hormonal failure
  • Allergy
  • Infectious diseases
  • To what doctor to address
  • The choice of methods of treatment
  • Medicines for skin
  • The popular treatment
  • Useful bath
  • Clay for acne
  • Chloramphenicol
  • The reasons for the appearance of lesions on the forearm

    In adults and in children different causes of rashes on the skin of the forearm.

    Violation of the sebaceous glands

    One of the most common causes of lesions on the forearm there is a problem with the sebaceous glands.


    Pore blockage due to large amount of sebum occurs in puberty. In addition to the common acne on the face, acne can appear on the hands, forearms.

    Bad skin care

    The simple cause contamination of the skin, clogging the pores and various rashes have poor personal hygiene. The conditions for the breeding of bacteria on the skin and pimples appear quickly. Clean the skin and proper care is the key to her health.

    Allergic reaction

    Cosmetics, washing powders, food, synthetic clothing can cause an allergic rash in the forearm.

    Fungal diseases

    Through small cuts or cracks easily penetrates fungal infection that causes a characteristic rash on the shoulders and on other body areas. A symptom of this rash is watery pimples below the elbow. Self-treatment in this case is impossible.

    Clothes made of unnatural fabrics

    Daily skin contact with synthetic disrupts the normal access of air to the body. As a result, the pores are clogged, accumulated sweat, dirt and pimples.


    Increasing the temperature of the patient and a number of other symptoms with a rash on the forearm is often the cause of infectious processes in the body. The rash in this case, it is gradually spreading throughout the body. Among these diseases is most common chicken pox, rubella and measles.

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    Changing hormone levels

    In addition to the changes in adolescence period, the hormone levels fluctuate during pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. Any change in the number of hormones in the blood many people causes problems with the skin.


    Disorders of keratinization of the epidermis leads to follicular keratosis, when the body appear small pimples. The rash is a lot like goosebumps and are often localized on the forearms.

    Common causes in adults and children

    Rash on forearms appears in different ages.

    Acne in women

    Hormonal changes during pregnancy in adolescence often cause acne on the forearm. Causes women also are PMS, menopause.

    Rash men

    Hard physical labor in men, causes excessive sweating and clogged pores, because they have pimples on the back, at the forearm appear very often. Poor hygiene, and malnutrition are among the factors affecting on men’s skin.

    Acne in adolescents

    The hormones in the blood affect the skin condition of many teenagers. Not all pimples are with age, in most cases you will need expert advice.

    Skin diseases in childhood

    Various infectious diseases, such as measles or chickenpox accompanied by rashes in forearms, hands and entire body. On the skin of babies is also affected by improper diet, hereditary factors. Contact with chemical substances, cosmetic products causing allergic rash.

    Прыщи на предплечье: причины сыпи, медикаментозное и народное лечение

    How to recognize the rash

    The appearance of the rash depends on the cause of skin diseases.

    Hormonal failure

    During hormonal changes in the body on the forearm have small white pimples. Usually the rash isn’t bothering the person and if it does not squeeze, it does not appear itching and discomfort. Man hard to wear revealing clothes, because the pimples and rash on the forearm immediately noticeable.


    Little pimples on arms may be a sign of an allergic reaction, as well as accompanied by itching. Inside of pimples is often watery liquid.

    Прыщи на предплечье: причины сыпи, медикаментозное и народное лечение

    Infectious diseases

    Varicella is manifested in the form of small bubbles in the forearm, but, as a rule, such formations are from other parts of the body. High temperature has a non-replaceable companion of the windmill.

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    Scarlet fever manifests with a symmetric rash on the hands. Noticeable swelling of the skin in areas with acne, and then there is the peeling. Rubella is characterized by small spots, which except arms are formed on the lower limbs.

    Прыщи на предплечье: причины сыпи, медикаментозное и народное лечение

    To what doctor to address

    If any skin lesions should consult a dermatologist. If the cause of pimples is an allergic reaction, need consult an allergist. If the rashes are connected with the malfunction of the digestive tract, it is better to apply directly to the therapist and then to a gastroenterologist.

    The choice of methods of treatment

    Many people are not in a hurry to go to the doctor and try to treat the rash at home. Of course, the correct diagnosis can only install specialist, but in order not to harm their skin use drugstore or means-tested folk recipes.

    Not without a change in diet. Sweets, fatty, salty, smoked food need to be excluded and not at least at the time of treatment from alcohol and cigarettes.


    To improve the condition of skin need complex therapy depending on the cause of the disease.

    Medicines for skin

    In the treatment of rashes prescribe vitamin complexes. From the pharmacy means suitable salicylic acid, which dries the pimples. If the cause of the rash was an Allergy, will help pill suprastin or tavegil. The inflammatory process, the cause of which fat is a bacterial infection, eliminate with antibiotics.

    A body rash can be a symptom of a serious disease, because every pimple on his forearm to better show the doctor. Some ways of home treatment will help to reduce the number of pimples before visiting a doctor’s office.

    1. You need to give up clothes made of synthetic fabrics, because they do not leak air, the skin sweats and dirty and the pimples are not.
    2. Strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene, choose a sponge made of natural material, soft or of medium hardness so as not to damage the skin.
    3. It is not necessary to be under direct sunlight in the sunroom.
    4. Skin shoulders to prevent treated with hydrogen peroxide.
    5. For disinfection suitable calendula tincture, which you can find in any pharmacy.
    6. Any wound or scratch should be immediately treated with antiseptic.
    7. The diet should be complete and varied. Fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish should always be on the table.
    8. To clean the skin, remove Horny layer, dirt and opening pores will help regular exfoliation with special cosmetics.
    9. It is prohibited to squeeze the pimples of any size, because it leads to infection or scarring.
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    Прыщи на предплечье: причины сыпи, медикаментозное и народное лечение

    The popular treatment

    In addition to masks out of clay on the affected area of the skin caused crushed potatoes, juice and pulp of the aloe. Dry skin with small pimples, peeling wipe using cotton pad in a decoction of chamomile, and then apply a softening oil.

    Useful bath

    In the water you need to dissolve a few crystals of potassium permanganate to a faint pink color. The duration of the bath 20 minutes a day. Wiping with a weak solution will also benefit the skin.

    Instead of potassium permanganate used herbal decoctions of chamomile, celandine, nettle and succession.

    Clay for acne

    White or blue clay is applied to the affected area of skin previously connected with water in equal proportions. The clay has to dry on skin, then wash off with warm water.


    Take calendula tincture and dissolve it in 5 tablets chloramphenicol. This mixture apply on all night, on top of the gauze covering the cut or bandage.

    The rash on the forearms in the form of acne occurs in both adults and children. On acne affected by external, internal factors, infectious diseases, improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle and diseases of internal organs. To forget about unpleasant pimples, you need to seek help, it’s not always popular recipes will be able to solve the problem.

    Прыщи на предплечье: причины сыпи, медикаментозное и народное лечение