Pimples on the hands of the child, their types and quality prevention

Rashes on the hands of a small child are quite common and bring a lot of discomfort in the child’s life. As the children learn about the world and come in contact with sand, earth, which can be bacteria, they are much more likely to get an infection that causes a rash. In addition to pathogens pimples on the hands of a child cause various chemicals, allergies, ticks and other environmental factors.

The content of the article

  • The causes of acne
  • The importance of seeking medical attention
  • Recognize rashes on the hands
  • The types of diseases accompanied by pimples
  • Allergy
  • Keratosis
  • Scabies
  • Urticaria
  • Chickenpox
  • Molluscum contagiosum
  • Disgidros
  • Photos of rashes in children
  • How to treat rashes on the hands
  • What rash do not touch
  • Not dangerous manifestations
  • Prevention
  • Tips for moms
  • Video — What rashes occur in babies?
  • The causes of acne

    Many diseases accompanied by a rash on the hands of the baby during his growth. An accurate diagnosis can be set only doctor after careful examination of the baby. The most common cause of pimples are allergic. Almost every child at least once in my life had an allergic rash on different foods or external factors. Today is often found skin irritation in infants on different means for washing baby clothes.

    The reason for the rash of the newborn can be diaper rash or prickly heat when the skin folds bad air circulation. Sensitive skin reacts with a rash when weather changes, after a long walk in too hot clothes. Another common cause of acne in newborns is dysbacteriosis. Simultaneously with the rash in such cases there is a violation of the chair. Rashes in children can occur due to chicken pox, measles and other infectious diseases.

    The importance of seeking medical attention

    Any skin rashes in children require professional treatment, especially in newborns. At the first sign of a skin disease, you should limit the child’s communication with other people, because the cause of acne often becomes an infection. To make a correct diagnosis without a doctor is very difficult, and self-treatment may end in tears. Watery bubbles on the body can be eczema or other serious disease that needs urgent treatment.

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    Recognize rashes on the hands

    If the rashes look like tiny bubbles and are in addition to hands on other parts of the body, perhaps a child’s dermatitis. Pimples can be even between your toes and hands on the face and on the ass of the baby.

    Small small pimples with watery liquid inside can be eczema. Rashes in the knees and elbows psoriasis is sometimes, exactly what can define only a dermatologist. When the baby rash on the palms and on the soles of the feet, the body is likely to have an infection, for example, measles.

    If the pimples are localized between the fingers and accompanied by severe itching in the body has penetrated the parasite. The disease, which most often occurs in children who have brought an infection from the garden or school, is called scabies. The characteristic of allergic rash there are a large number of pimples, not a single rash.

    The types of diseases accompanied by pimples

    A healthy baby’s skin looks even and smooth. Infectious and other diseases cause lesions on the body of the child of different sizes and shapes.


    One of the common causes of rashes in children of different ages are allergic. Pimples appear after application of different cosmetic products for body care, after washing clothes. A newborn baby is very commonly seen in allergic small rash.


    The disease has also the popular name of pimples. The skin appear small dense formations, it becomes hard and unpleasant to the touch. Small papules flakes, they usually do not cause itching. More likely to disease children with frequent allergic reactions.


    Small red dots on hands and between fingers that itch called itch. The disease is caused by cessationism mite, which aktiviziruyutsya in the evening and at night. In infants the rash is even on the face and hands. Treatment of scabies should be started immediately.


    Bubbles of pink color, which itching may be hives. Skin in the affected location a little swollen. The disease occurs due to the reaction of the skin to eliminate excess histamine. Frequent stress leads to the fact that the disease becomes chronic.

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    During chicken pox on hands and on the rest of the body the rash occurs simultaneously with the increase in temperature. The infection is transmitted by airborne droplets.

    Molluscum contagiosum

    If the child got the virus through everyday objects, developing molluscum contagiosum. On the sensitive skin of children pop the bubbles with a white center inside.


    The hands and sometimes the feet affects small rash also due to dishydrosis. On the body visible transparent bubbles, which becomes allergic to medications, foods, environmental factors.

    Photos of rashes in children

    Each type of rash can have different shapes, color and number of pimples on the body depending on the cause and stage of the disease.

    Прыщи на руках у ребенка, их виды и качественная профилактикаAllergic rashes

    Прыщи на руках у ребенка, их виды и качественная профилактикаMolluscum contagiosum

    Прыщи на руках у ребенка, их виды и качественная профилактикаChickenpox

    Прыщи на руках у ребенка, их виды и качественная профилактикаThe sweating sickness

    Прыщи на руках у ребенка, их виды и качественная профилактикаDisgidros

    Прыщи на руках у ребенка, их виды и качественная профилактикаScabies

    Прыщи на руках у ребенка, их виды и качественная профилактикаKeratosis

    How to treat rashes on the hands

    The skin of babies is very delicate and sensitive to various bacteria. Even a single pimple on the skin of infants should be cause for visiting the doctor. In addition to visual inspection need testing for more detailed pictures. For each type of rash is assigned to a different treatment, but there are General guidelines that will help ease the child’s condition.

    1. You should always keep in the home medicine Cabinet antihistamines to relieve allergic rash, itching in urticaria or other diseases.
    2. Against scabies using modern drug spregal and emulsion benzilbenzoata.
    3. Against chickenpox today use acyclovir, fenistil.
    4. For the treatment of pimples due to dishydrosis appointed fukortsin, anti-Allergy.

    What rash do not touch

    The rash of keratosis in young children it is better not to treat. With age, the pimples completely disappear, it is important to monitor the hygiene of the skin and to moisturize hands and body of the baby.

    You can’t touch education with molluscum contagiosum because squeezing pimples leads to scars and the scars on his hands.

    Not dangerous manifestations

    Young children sometimes body acne can indicate hormonal changes in the body. Non-hazardous to health there is also a sweat, but if you do not follow rules care for delicate newborn skin, rashes give your baby great discomfort.


    To prevent many types of lesions on the hands should follow simple rules of prevention. An important point is proper nutrition and vitamin complexes. If the child is fed with breast milk, mother needs to avoid foods that can cause allergies. The mixture for the artificial feeding is better to pick together with your pediatrician in case of an allergic rash on the body. All baby clothes need to be washed with special means. Most useful walk in the fresh air, especially in summer.

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    Tips for moms

    Small children can’t say that they are worried and they can only cry. If mom saw at least one pimple on baby’s gentle skin, immediately contact the doctor because of a weak immune system to fight skin diseases newborns is much more difficult. You can avoid many diseases by adhering to simple rules:

  • you can’t coddle the child, it is always better to dress him for the weather;
  • older children need to tell that after coming from the street should wash their hands;
  • to carry out hardening from childhood to strengthen the immune system;
  • vaccinations for prevention of infectious diseases;
  • to prohibit the use of another’s towel or toothbrush.
  • The skin of children is very gentle and responsive to external stimuli. She needs special care, daily cleansing and moisturizing. You need every day to inspect the children’s hands and the whole body in order to detect the early signs of skin disease. Special treatment, diet and proper hygiene will help to get rid of the threat to health and unpleasant for a child pimples on my hands.

    Video — What rashes occur in babies?