Pimples on the legs of women, causes shedding

Harmless pimples appeared on the skin of the legs, feet or groin – takes a woman a lot of discomfort and may cause embarrassment. Despite the fact that the skin of the feet are not very sensitive to external stimuli, these factors in most situations provoke rashes. And rash, in turn, begin to peel, become inflamed and inflamed that causes discomfort. Before treatment should determine the cause of the disease.

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    Pimples on the skin surface of the legs appear excessive annoyance when the factor acts a catalyst temperature of the external environment. Large subcutaneous formations occur with hypothermia in wet and windy weather. The reason lies in the abundance of warm things on the feet of women, pantyhose, underwear (tights), pants: they skin not can functional to «breathe» and sweating constantly.

    Rash, consisting of numerous small papules, is the result of the sweat and the result of the hot climate. It is the result of blockage of the excretory pores of sebaceous glands and inflammation that develops against this background. Prickly heat is itchy, so the woman feels pretty awkward. The skin appear reddened and swollen areas. The calves acne can be seen very rarely, as the skin there is less sensitive to any kind of stimuli.

    But on the surface of the calf can occur small watery pimples that appear as a result of close skin contact with synthetic material of tights or boots. In any case – the culprit becomes excessive sweating.

    Not less common cause of pimples on the soft parts of the legs – hormonal disruptions and seasonal deficiency. In some cases, small pimples appear as a result of hormonal imbalance and failure in the apocrine glands. While the rash may appear not only on the inner surface of the thighs and calves, but also on the pubis, buttocks and lower back. Treatment topical agents are not effective to get rid of itchy problems – you need to consult a dermatologist and immunologist, to establish the true causes. Rash, provoked by seasonal vitamin deficiency, in most cases similar with the usual irritation from the friction of skin against the clothing.

    Прыщи на ногах у женщин, причины осыпаний

    Important: it is not quite typical reason for acne can be considered allergic to cosmetic products: body lotion, cleansing scrub, anti-cellulite cream. Pustules will, if you refuse the use of allergen funds and to take antihistamines.

    In rare cases, acne on legs be the result of intoxication, prolonged colds.

    In what place can appear pimples

    Watery pimples on the skin of legs and thighs usually appear in winter and autumn. Part of the rash permanently hidden by clothing, so patients are not in a hurry to start treatment, considering the problem is not too significant.

  • But in fact, the appearance of the papular rash is a sign of more serious malfunctions in the body. In most situations, it is a sign of allergic reactions or a manifestation of infection. So, the watery papules will serve as sufficient reason for going to the dermatologist. From the self-treatment little use, while the rash will capture more and more areas of the body.
  • Pimples on the inner thigh and in the groin area: it is very painful and takes serious discomfort, as the skin in these areas is too thin and sensitive. Often, the rash begins to itch and cosplays, to merge into conglomerates ulcers. Pimples as a consequence of the unreasonable choice of underwear, Allergy to washing powders, the increase in blood sugar levels due to molluscum contagiosum. The latter – a dangerous infection, it can be «caught» in the sauna, the pool or even after trying on things in stores.
  • Genital herpes: cause of extensive foci of bubble type rash in the groin area and inner thigh. Whatever reasons have not led to the formation of pimples between your legs – we need urgently appeal to dermato-to the venereologist.
  • Pimples on the outer surface of the foot: in this situation, consultation of the doctor should be immediate.
  • Important: the acne, the appearance of which is caused by the blockage of apocrine glands on the feet not arise never!

    So, the rash is a sign of one of three diseases: disgidroticescoy of eczema, dyshidrosis or itchy dermatitis.

    Прыщи на ногах у женщин, причины осыпаний

    Treat pimples on the legs of women

    Dermatologists recommend the use of preparations of salicylic acid, is usually this specific ointment that can be purchased at any pharmacy. With strong itching superficial use of antibiotics. For example, «Zener» or «Dalacin». But you can’t exceed the dosage, both drugs strongly desiccate the skin’s top layer. If the rash does not pass, and in this way the skin covered with dead skin flakes – attempts of self-medication should stop and consult relevant doctor.

    The pharmacy can buy alcohol tincture of calendula to treat the affected areas twice a day. Or mix equal proportions of acetylsalicylic powder and glycerin. This mixture to treat acne affected area several times a day, causing the composition to clean skin.

    You need to take vitamin A, it promotes rapid tissue regeneration. You can drink a multivitamin complexes or to opt for a retinol. However, the dose and course of treatment can be prescribed only by a doctor.

    Important: the overdose of vitamin A leads to dangerous consequences, such as blood thinners, bleeding and bruising.

    A very effective method of ozone therapy, which in beauty salons help women to get rid of small pustular eruption on the skin of the feet. This procedure is often combined with taking various drugs. Through this procedure the blood is oxygenated, the body better assimilate dietary macronutrients. Ozone therapy significantly speeds recovery

    Прыщи на ногах у женщин, причины осыпаний

    Damage to the hair

    Shaving and ingrown hairs – typically female problem. Small pimples on legs is often persecute those who use a razor, not professional tools and apparatus. To avoid these unpleasant consequences, it is necessary each time to change the razor. Best of all, if the device is equipped with a head with several floating blades that will protect the skin from minor wounds and protect from infection. It is likely that atilirovanie using the shaver does not fit a particular woman due to the sensitivity and inborn dryness of the skin. You should go for wax or laser treatment.

    But pimples after shaving not as dangerous as ulcers formed in the place of in-grown hairs. First, there is a red inflamed bump, and then, with the maturation of suppurative rod, begins intense itching. By the friction of the clothing and combing – the wounds are open and weeping. Penetrate into the body of pathogenic agents, leading to severe inflammation, bruising and swelling.

    Important: to prevent ingrowth after shaving you need to use a scrub with large particles cleaning.

    Already appeared and inflammatory cells are treated with spot application of hydrocortisone ointment.

    Прыщи на ногах у женщин, причины осыпаний

    Caring for the skin properly

    It is necessary to control the temperature in the living room. Best of all, if it does not exceed 22-23C. Thus it is possible to regulate the process of sweating and to reduce the secretion of apocrine glands. Excess sebum is the cause of clogging of pores. With sufficient attention to the microclimate in the room – the symptoms of hyperhidrosis will disappear quickly. This is important because acne is only the surface of the «iceberg» of problems due to the blockage of the pores, the body is unable to get rid of accumulated toxins.

    Avoid the use of chlorine agents for cleaning the bathroom and wash underwear, clothes and bed. The appearance of pimples on the skin dermatologists recommend to switch to hypoallergenic detergents, they are more expensive, but it does not affect the skin.

    Прыщи на ногах у женщин, причины осыпаний

    If you are allergic the skin after shaving machine can process not scrub, natural fine salt, or ground black coffee. You should not wear clothes made of synthetic fabrics, it is the skin ceases to breathe and self-clean.

    Expert advice

    If, despite all efforts and measures to prevent – pimples still continue to occur and become a chronic problem – it is better to abandon self-treatment and contact the clinic. Where scraping will be taken from the skin of the feet, assigned a blood test and, possibly, carried out functional studies. There is a big chance that rashes are a result of diseases of internal organs or thyroid. So to treat this case in the first place should not acne.

    Прыщи на ногах у женщин, причины осыпаний

    Rashes on the skin of the feet can be almost every person, regardless of gender. The causes of this problem lie in various provoking factors, but the heightened sensitivity of the skin. And since these pimples are practically invisible-man, many ignore the fact of their appearance. And this is the wrong approach to their own health. Any inflammatory lesion suspicious and requires treatment, because if the barrier function of the skin will disappear, it will lead to serious disruptions of the entire body.

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