Pink zoster: recommendations of the best specialists in the treatment of disease

Розовый лишай: рекомендации лучших специалистов по лечению болезниGood day! Dear readers, our next article is devoted to the treatment of pink lichen, a fairly common disease in man in different age groups.

About the disease

Pityriasis rosea is also called scaly roseolas or ringworm Gibert. So what is it? Pityriasis rosea is an acute form of dermatosis, which has a peculiar course and often tend to cure itself.

That’s what makes him special, with or without treatment shingles not will be informed 6-8 weeks.

Noted that zoster occurs in immunocompromised persons who have suffered from SARS, and other diseases, especially with chronic, which undermine the immune power of the body.

The causes of the disease

Розовый лишай: рекомендации лучших специалистов по лечению болезниExperts consider this form of dermatosis to infectious-allergic, that is, give the disease a variety of reasons, to determine exactly what the disease appears, it is not possible. Here are the most likely of them:

  • Bronchitis;
  • Acute respiratory infections;
  • Foci of chronic infection;
  • Tonsillitis and sinusitis;
  • Herpes virus 7 and 6 type.

Ill more often than persons of middle age, to 35 years, but may be a manifestation in children and older persons.

This marked seasonality in spring and autumn, when outbreaks of the disease on the background of hypovitaminosis and frequent colds.

In the study of the disease failed to detect the herpes virus in its active form, and also streptococci, which may indicate their active participation in the development of lichen.

Which indicates the infectious nature of the dermatosis?

Розовый лишай: рекомендации лучших специалистов по лечению болезниThere are several signs, the presence of which specialists give a large role of infectious agents in the development of the disease: the beginning of a rash with the appearance of a large single parent plaque, the seasonality, which is typical for any infectious diseases, cyclic flow, between the development of the first plaque and spread all over the body, there is another incubation period, after recovery in patients remains a strong immunity, so the recurrence is extremely rare.

Contagious or not ringworm Gibert to others? In most cases, there is rarely passed on weakened individuals.

What is ringworm?

Розовый лишай: рекомендации лучших специалистов по лечению болезниRingworm Gibert progresses in spring and autumn, when the body of a patient for the first time, you receive one large plaque pink.

It is called the parent. Its color is bright, and the size range is from 3 to 5 cm Then the hearth becomes a yellow-pink, appears on the surface peeling, the skin wrinkled and cracked (see photo above).

Such a spot exists from 7 to 10 days, after which there is the second stage of podsypanina. On the patient’s body appear multiple pockets, a subsidiary of spots.

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They are of smaller size (1-2 cm), their contours precise, on the skin is exalted at the expense of the periphery.

Their sizes increase, and within a few days the skin in the center of the spots becomes yellowish and also flakes.

When all the flakes will disappear, the stain becomes like a medallion, as on the periphery remains a «collar» of scales, which surrounds the brownish-yellow of the Central part of the hearth.

Around the skin a little erythema, towering.

Розовый лишай: рекомендации лучших специалистов по лечению болезниSometimes there is an atypical course of the formation of maculopapular rash, spotted urticaria, multiple maternal plaques or no.

Further, the recovery on the ground of the spots remain the lesions are Hypo and hyperpigmentation. They independently disappear.

An important characteristic that helps in the differential diagnosis, are the lines of Langer. They correspond to the places with the maximum tension of the skin, and that their direction is the rash of lichen Gibert.

It looks like branches of the spruce, the items are scattered on one axis.

Disease characterized by jerky cyclic course, so for 14-21 days for the body of the patient there are more outbreaks of the rash.

Podsypanina accompanied by the General symptoms: a slight fever, poor overall health, headaches and muscle pain, itching, swollen lymph nodes submandibular and cervical groups.

The itching appears a quarter of patients, with half of them it reaches a high intensity.

A quarter of patients in the ass does not appear at all. Parent there is a plaque in 80%, reaching 2-5 cm, Sometimes to different parts of the body, you notice a few primary foci.

And in this video dermatologist also tells in detail about the disease:

Rash has favorite places: the trunk and the proximal part of the leg, hands, neck and face, she appears very rarely.

Ringworm Gibert has an atypical shape. First and foremost, it is a disease with the absence of primary stain-parent plaque, and the formation of lesions in the head and neck, it is called irritated.

It occurs in places of the greatest friction of skin on clothes, excessive sweating and pressure and also as a result of irrational treatment.

Different Lychen irritated form severe itching, the appearance of mišenevidnye spots of different shapes. In rare situations, the rash is hemorrhagic, vezikulezny and pustular.

It is essential to distinguish this disease?

Розовый лишай: рекомендации лучших специалистов по лечению болезниMany diseases have similar clinical picture. Lychen Gibert looks like a drug toxicodermia, secondary syphilis, guttate psoriasis and parapsoriasis, Lyme disease (chronic erythema migrans rash), erythema multiforme and mycosis of a smooth skin.

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Diagnosis is based on clinical manifestations. If the current exceeds 12 weeks, a biopsy is taken to exclude parapsoriasis.

Important for the differential diagnosis of serological syphilis testing, swabs of stains on athlete’s foot, examination under wood lamp.


Розовый лишай: рекомендации лучших специалистов по лечению болезниWith the appearance of spots on the body immediately raises the question «how to cure them?» According to modern views of leading dermatologists, pityriasis rosea, which is without features and complications, requires no active intervention and treatment.

This is because the shingles go away on their own without residual effects.

The first advice you will give any person is the diet. This is due to the allergic factor, who is credited with a role in the development of the disease.

Diet implies the elimination of allergenic products that all of us are familiar: chocolate, citrus, dairy (for some patients), sweets, pickles, smoked meat, pickles and condiments, strong drinks which irritate the gastrointestinal tract.

During the eruption the patient should limit water treatments short shower.

Розовый лишай: рекомендации лучших специалистов по лечению болезниYou can’t RUB the body with washcloths, wipe hard with a towel, as all this contributes to the spread of the infection to a large area of the skin and the development of irritable pink lichen.

Do not wear synthetic underwear, tight clothing, wool products. You cannot go to public places, such as bathhouses, saunas, pools.

Now let’s talk about drug therapy, in particular on local drugs.

First and foremost, remember that self-medication is unacceptable, because many patients before visiting the doctor begin to use common local media, some of which are contraindicated with pink lichen.

It is salicylic acid, solution of iodine, all medications that contain alcohol, ointments with these components.

They are annoying and without that allergic skin, dry its surface, although pockets depriving themselves are characterized by pronounced scaling.

You cannot assign treatments with ultraviolet light, in contrast to pityriasis versicolor, pink when the patient’s condition and the leather is deteriorating under its influence.

Розовый лишай: рекомендации лучших специалистов по лечению болезниLocal drugs recommended ointment adrenal hormones. For example, Flucinar, Elokom, Berlicort, Lokoid, Cutivate, Dermovate, Clove and many others, which differ in composition and degree of activity.

I recommend you to read this article where we wrote about ointments and creams against the disease.

Quickly relieves ointments combination with erythromycin and solution. They should be applied to the lesions of lichen alternately, and at night to take the ketotifen.

To soothe the skin, use oils of plant origin: citrus, sea buckthorn, St. John’s wort and rose hips.

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If there is a threat of infection with (secondary bacterial infection), prescribed treatment with chlorophyllipt, ointment Romazulan.

Common drugs for itching and allergies is desensitization and antihistamines are also useful calcium.

Розовый лишай: рекомендации лучших специалистов по лечению болезниFrom antihistamine drugs are recommended third generation, for example, side effects of the drug, Cethrin, and Zyrtec which do not cause drowsiness, relieve itching.

You can use the old drugs as Suprastin, Diazolin, claritin exclusively to relieve itching. The usual cosmetic creams and lotions should cancel at the time of treatment.

There are studies that prove the significant efficacy of certain drugs, if applied in the first days of the disease.

This is a high doses of erythromycin antibiotic and antiviral drug Acyclovir. According to reviews, the disease will be easier, faster recovery will come.

Examples of drugs for the treatment of pink lichen:

  • Antibacterial drugs: chloramphenicol 0.25-0.5 g, 3-4 hours a day. Erythromycin 0.25-0.5 gr., the multiplicity of reception 2-4;
  • Calcium Pantothenate 0.1-0.2 gr., from 2 to 4 doses per day;
  • Ethacridine lactate 0.01-0.02 gr. be taken two times per day in capsule form;
  • As a possible anti-allergic in severe cases, prescribe hormones of the adrenal cortex;
  • Locally administered indifferent ointment, mash, zinc paste, ointment with acetylsalicylic acid. Corticosteroid creams and ointments try to apply it rarely, because the disease with or without them itself passes through 6-8 weeks.
  • Treatment of shingles with traditional methods should be discussed with the doctor as dangerous to overdry the skin during this period, and most of the tools are homemade based on the alcohols. In particular allowed the preparations of celandine.

    We wrote a whole article on household methods of fight against this disease, to read it you can here.

    The prognosis of pink lichen is favorable, after the disease formed a strong immunity, so rare to find a recurrence.

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)